BlazBlue Radio Wide #3 ~TGS 2011 Special~

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Lol @ Sugita's face

Name: ブレイブルー公式WEBラジオ 「ぶるらじW 第3回 ~TGS2011ぶるらじW公開録音すぺしゃる~」
Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guests: Isomura Tomomi, Kakihara Tetsuya, Ueda Kana (+ Faylan as another special guest to come sing the theme song)
Event Date: 2011.09.21
Broacast Date: 2011.10.13

This episode is actually recorded from the event held at the Tokyo Game Show 2011 on September last month. As you can tell from the picture above, the four girls, Isomura, Kana, Kanako and Imai cosplayed as their characters for the event. Sounds like a fun event :D

– Sugita comments that the people in the audience in cosplay there look amazing :D

– Apparently Toshimichi Mori(The produce for BlazBlue) drew that picture on Kakihara’s t-shirt :O

– They have them split into two groups, the radio hosts and the guests, to play a game where each group had to guess who would be the top three characters in a survey to the audience. The first survey question was “Who would you like to take with you to the Tokyo Game Show?”

– Kakihara started dancing while they were writing their answers lol

– Guest Team’s answers:
3. Kokonoe
2. Makoto
1. Sugita
Lol Kakihara was the one who wrote Sugita’s name in ahaha.

– Host Team’s answers:
3. Valkenhayn
2. Kokonoe
1. Makoto

– The survey’s results:
3. Noel
2. Ragna
1. Makoto

– Second question was “Who would do the best in a school’s culture festival’s activities?

– Guest Team:
3. Jin
2. Bang
1. Makoto

– Host Team:
3. Taokaka
2. Noel
1. Arakune

– Results:
3. Tager
2. Kokonoe
1. Bang

– At this point the only team that had scored points were the host team making it 1:0. They then had the two teams choose the person who they joke  “We don’t need in our team!” and trade them with the other person. Sugita chose poor Kanako with her squealing “Waah I’m the unwanted child ;_;” while Kana chose to get rid of Kakihara lol. This makes the two new teams as
Sugita, Imai, Kakihara
Kana, Kanako, Isomura
Imai laughs that in the end she’s the one who suffers since the girls get to talk with one another on their own team while she’s stuck with the boys on this side, Sugita laughs and tries to make things difficult for her by saying some vulgar things to her ahaha.

– The next game they played was a game where the teams had to put their hands in a box and feel what was inside it and guess at what it is.

– For Sugita’s team the box held a plastic golden card, a Mahjong tile and an Arakune cushion.

– All three of them are to put their hand in the box at the same time and…

Sugita: Ah.. this soft and warm hand.. Must be Imai’s hand~!
Imai: I think you’ve got that wrong…

It turns out it was Kakihara’s hand and they were fondling one another’s hand for a while ahaha.

Kakihara: Ah… This hand… Such a warm feeling… This is my first time…

– Sugita then reached out and grabbed Imai’s hand and she screeched “KYAA STOP DON’T TOUCH ME!” LOL Sugita continues to grope her hand and she keeps on screeching and screaming for him to stop ahahaha. “I’LL GET MY AGENCY TO SUE YOU”

– Imai then tried to pass the card she was holding to Kakihara but Sugita blocked them and stopped the pass lol. The both of them screamed at him “OI YOU! STOP GETTING IN OUR WAY!” ahaha.

– In the end they couldn’t find the third object lol. Imai guessed “Cushion” but they asked her for more details, she then reasoned that it should be Arakune and got it right \o/.

– Kakihara guessed the golden card right as well, leaving Sugita who didn’t even find the third object lol. Yeah he’s done for haha.

– Next was the guest team’s turn with the three items being a SNES game cartridge, Kinnikuman soldier rubber eraser and a fish sausage lol.

– Kana guessed kinda right, though she was a bit lost deciding between it being Kinnikuman and Ultraman. In the end they didn’t let her score because she had to guess the “Soldier” part as well haha, that’s harshh.

– Isomura guessed right with the game cartridge and they made Isomura guess the game as well.

– Kanako guessed right with the “Fish sausage” lol.

– In the end Sugita’s team won by one point and the prize to Sugita’s team for winning was:
Imai: Arakune Cushion
Sugita: Noel Dakimakura (lol)
Kakihara: Jin Dakimakura (LOL)

– Apparently this is Sugita’s 5th dakimakura haha.

Ahh more BlazBlue radio~ I want moar! I laughed so hard at the part when Sugita was fondling Imai’s hand while she screamed ahaha.

BlazBlue Radio ~Blue Festival 2010 Haru -SPRING RAID- Special Part 4

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guests: Isomura Tomomi, Ueda Kana, Koyama Tsuyoshi, Kakihara Tetsuya, Matsuura Chie
Date: 2010.2.20

– For this episode’s Noel Poem they have everyone writing a different stanza of the poem again.

– Matsuura Chie comes again for the second part of the event :O

– New corner for the event, the 7 of them are given a theme and they have to write down what they think is important to that theme. If two or more people have matching ideas then they take a batsu game. The theme was “Arc System Works’ feelings as a company” lawl. Boring theme :( And they all pretty much gave pretty serious answers.

– They needed to decide someone to recieve the Batsu Game though and Tsuyoshi was chosen due to his harassing hah.

– The batsu game was to stand out in front and say their good points. Tsuyoshi started with “Well a good point? My **** (censored) is big!” ahaha Sugita comments [“You can’t take that lightly D:”]

– Next theme was “What’s essential to a heroine in regards to characteristics”

– Sugita wrote “Your favourite character voice” lol

– Kakihara made a Marmalade Boy reference hah.

– Tsuyoshi and Kana were this round’s batsu game takers. Tsuyoshi because he’s Tsuyoshi, and Kana because Matsuura wanted to have Kana take it lol.

– The next theme was “What’s important to life”

– Sugita wrote “Friends” and drew a picture of Nakamura lol

– Kana wrote “[Game Console] Controller” Ahaha as expected from Kana-sama! “I’ve probably held a controller for 1/3rd of my life…”

– Tsuyoshi’s was censored but I’m pretty certain he wrote “Sex” lol Well that fits I guess ahaha

– Since no one had matching ideas again Matsuura just chose all the male members to take the batsu game lol.

– Sugita said “My eyelashes are long” for his good points lol

– Sugita pretended to be Kakihara’s grandfather backstage after the event hah.

And so ends the live audience Blazblue radio event. Another season of BlazBlue radio starts up a bit over a month after part 4 was released and almost 4 months after the event happened so there’s still that to listen to \o/.

BlazBlue Radio ~Blue Festival 2010 Haru -SPRING RAID- Special Part 3

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guests: Isomura Tomomi, Ueda Kana, Koyama Tsuyoshi, Kakihara Tetsuya
Date: 2010.2.20

Looks like this episode was recorded later in the evening and is a previous event to the one in the last two parts. There were two seperate live audience events that happened during BluFes it seems.

– First corner is Uro Boe Madou Sho.

– Tsuyoshi is still harassing the poor staff girl lol.

– Kanako stuffs up her japanese and Sugita makes her apologize for it lol

– When talking about everyone’s drawing ability Imai references the time Kana drew something on the show. Kana says that she’s been practicing though :O We’ll see how she goes.

– And here are her practice drawings lol:

– Isomura says she’s good depending on what she’s drawing.

– The theme for the corner was “Bang’s character seen from behind.”

– Kanako as always draws really well :O

– Kakihara draws Bang from behind pretty well… Except naked lol.

– Imai tells Kakihara that she’ll punish him later, to which he replies “Ah gladly”

– Isomura also draws Bang’s bare backside, this time with a fundoshi though lol.

– Tsuyoshi drew him normally except with the fundoshi on top of his clothes :O

– Tsuyoshi starts saying all this dirty material to Imai’s despair though it was all censored :(

– Sugita drew Bang’s behind normally except instead of the nail(kugi) that Bang has he drew an Al Dakimakura (As in the Kugi in Full Metal Alchemist’s Al’s seiyuu Kugimiya Rie lol)

Matsuura Chie wasn’t present in this part, I’m guessing she was only at BluFes for a while and didn’t come to the evening event.

BlazBlue Radio ~Blue Festival 2010 Haru -SPRING RAID- Special Part 2

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guests: Isomura Tomomi, Ueda Kana, Koyama Tsuyoshi, Kakihara Tetsuya, Matsuura Chie
Date: 2010.2.20

Everyone from the previous part is present. After a brief introduction from everyone at the event backstage it goes to the stage starting with Noel Poem and then to Battle Battle.

– Sugita makes a Honey and Clover reference during Noel Poem. Wait he voiced Mayama in Honey and Clover didn’t he lol.

– This time for Battle Battle the seiyuu are split into two groups instead of everyone vs Sugita. The two groups are the radio hosts vs the guests.

– The theme for this episode’s Battle Battle is “BlazBlue Quiz” in which they answer questions related to BlazBlue. Err If I recall correctly no one in the guest team has played BlazBlue except for possibly Isomura? Kinda one sided I’m thinking D:

– It was Nakamura’s birthday at the time and they congratulate him…. Too bad he’s not there :(

– In the end the guest team won :O

– The batsu game for the losing team was to speak in Taokaka language which is sticking “Nyas” to the end of their sentence lol.

– Matsuura Chie was there as a surprise guest. She read out the quiz questions and spoke for a bit backstage at the end of part two.

And so on to part 3.

BlazBlue Radio ~Blue Festival 2010 Haru -SPRING RAID- Special Part 1

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guests: Isomura Tomomi, Ueda Kana, Koyama Tsuyoshi, Kakihara Tetsuya
Date: 2010.2.20

Live Audience recording of BlazBlue Radio for Blue Festival (BluFes) split into four parts. They have all 7 people on the stage at once but it’s more like an event with the three hosts as MCs rather than a radio show so it’s not really chaotic.

– Sugita calls out “Kondomu~” after Kanako introduces herself. Imai and Kanako yells at him for doing so lol.

– Imai tells the audience to beware of Koyama Tsuyoshi and whenever he starts to say anything suspicious they are to yell out “ME(h)”

– When Ueda Kana comes on to the stage she greets everyone with “Gokigenyou”. I smell MariMite :O

– Kana is apparently wearing a kimono. She’s worn a kimono to live events a lot recently hasn’t she?

– Imai and Kanako were reluctant to call Tsuyoshi on to the stage and when they finally did he started doing some stripping motions lol

– Sugita says that Kakihara drank many bottles of beer before he came to the event yet looked fine hah.

– First up is Moshimo no BlazBlue.

– Same as the other time they had a live event, they are given comic panels and each of them have to fill in the speech bubbles.

– Incidentally here are what the two panels look like:

– Similar to the previous live event they had, the character seiyuu will be reading out each of their lines. Isomura got really worried about that when Tsuyoshi reacted to that piece of information lol.

First Panel:

# Kanako had Rachel looking at a BL coupling on the screen lol

– The girls start talking about BL and Sugita tells them off saying “Do you think the male audience will be entertained with this material??” lol

# Imai had Rachel hacking into Tsuyoshi’s computer and being terrified of what she saw ahaha. Tsuyoshi’s reaction “Oh you know me pretty well!”

# Lol A lot of Tsuyoshi’s talk explaining his panel was cut out due to dirty material I guess D:

# Sugita did a Hikaru no Go reference lol (when Akira was playing on the computer against Sai I’m guessing. Either that or the other scene when he’s watching Sai play against his father.)

– Tsuyoshi tells Kakihara to dance during the thinking time for writing up the next panel since he “looked free” due to the two of them not writing anything if their characters appeared on the panel, and so Kakihara started pelvic thrusting (I think? lol) Tsuyoshi then comes up and joins him ahaha

– When asked if Kana was an M or an S she replied “M”

– Tsuyoshi kept touching the staff girl whenever she came by to take the panels they wrote on lol. Poor her.

– On the second panel Imai has Bang saying “..So… It’s been 10 years since we’ve married…”

There was only one corner in this part. The rest of the episode was the 7 of them talking backstage for a couple of minutes. It looks like there’s four parts though so there’s still alot more of the event to go \o/

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