OreImo Talkshow Event Dialogue Translation

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This isn’t from radio but it’s still Ayana x Kana~ This was from an event that took place at Wonder Festival on 2011.07.24 at the Sega booth. The event was mainly to promote the new OreImo figures that were being released at the time. I didn’t attend the event, nor was there any recording of it but I found the dialogue parts amusing enough to translate in the event report done by KoePota at http://www.koepota.jp/news/2011/08/22/0203.html It looks like it was a fun event~

– Ayana talking about cosplaying as Kirino and Kana as Kuroneko. The Kuroneko costume Ayana refers to is her summer sleeveless clothing.

Ayana: Do they sell the uniform as well? If Kana-chan wears the Kuroneko costume then I’ll wear the uniform as well!
Kana: No way!
Ayana: But you wore that goth-loli clothing on December last year didn’t you!
Kana: There were sleeves on that costume last time!
Ayana: Everyone wants to see Kana-chan’s arms don’t they?!
Kana: Dont underestimate my arms! I could fly with them! *laughs* There are dreams stored within these arms! *laughs*

– About the new figures that will only be available if won from the UFO catcher/crane game machines.

Ayana: They’re wonderful! They make me think “Is it really alright to leave these in the game machine?!”. I wonder if you can see Kuroneko’s underwear? *laughs*
Kana: Don’t look! She’s definitely wearing those pumpkin panties, but it’s made so you can’t see them!
Ayana: “Pumpkin panties”? She’s got her goth-loli clothing theme on everything doesn’t she? *laughs*
Kana: How about Kirino?
Ayana: I don’t know if they are but, they might not be visible? *laughs*. Oh her hair color gradient has been properly colored.

– The event then had the two of them try and retrieve a figure from the game machine. To spice things up they had Kana play the boyfriend role and Ayana as the girlfriend in a situation where the two of them were on a date at the game center.

Kana: Hey theres a game center right there wanna go in?
Ayana: Yeah let’s go let’s go! There’s something I want from there!
Kana: What is it?
Ayana: Kana-chan can you get it for me?
Kana: Alright, if you really want it!
Ayana: There’s this thing I want from the really popular “OreImo” series..
Kana: “Oreimo“? What’s that? Imo? [Imo means potato in jp]
Ayana: No! It’s from that show “Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii wake ga nai“. One of the characters is “Kuroneko” and she’s super cute. Hanazawa Kana’s voicing her character so she’s adorable! Kana-chan can you get her character for me?
Kana: Alright. I’m really good at these sort of games too!
Ayana: Really?? I’ll watch over you from here~! <3
Kana: Okay then, Aya watch this! If I get it for you I want a hug!
*And so Kana’s first attempt at the game machine is a fail*

Ayana: Ah looks like I won’t get to hug you. Lets try again!
Yamaken[MC of the event]: Ah what an uncool boyfriend!
Ayana: Kana-chan is the best boyfriend in the whole wide world so don’t say that!
Kana: Aya… I’m going to get this for you even if it costs me three months of my pay!
Ayana: Three months of pay on this?!
*And Kana’s second attempt is another fail*
Kana: Aya… It’s alright you can go play somewhere else until I get it…
Ayana: I’ll stay by your side Kana-chan! Keep at it!
*And with Kana’s third attempt she manages to barely, and unsteadily, grab the figure*
Ayana: Yay Kana-chan!
Kana: I got it Aya!
Ayana: Kyaa~! I really wanted it!!

And so in the end Kana was rewarded with a hug from behind by Ayana <3

– Closing impressions of the event.

Ayana: I had alot of fun. I didn’t do much other than flirt with Kana and play with the UFO Catcher *laughs*. It didn’t really feel like a normal event! I didn’t expect so many people to be in the audience as well and that makes me really happy. Thank you for today!
Kana: I was really excited about the event today but I didn’t imagine I’d be able to have such a wonderful experience *laughs*. Playing with the UFO Catcher with a cute girl is really fun isn’t it? *laughs*

More Kana x Ayana! I really wish they had streamed this event though ;_; Oh well, the event report was still plenty amusing :D

Iguchi Yuka no Mu~~~n ⊂( ^ω^)⊃ #51

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Name: 井口裕香のむ~~~ん ⊂( ^ω^)⊃
Host: Iguchi Yuka

Guest: Asumi Kana
Date: 2011.09.19

Asumi Kana started off hiding underneath the desk lol. In the end Asumi stayed on for 30 minutes then she had to leave :( Incidentally the scribble was drawn by Asumi Kana, which was the first time they had someone other than Iguchi doodle for the show.

– The two of them attended Sphere’s live concert together the night before :D

– Asumi had forgotten her wallet on the night and had to borrow money from Iguchi… Which Iguchi asked her to pay her back for on the show lol.

– Asumi had just finished working on a radio show called “2h” which lasted over two hours and then…

Iguchi: Asumi had just done a great job with the 2h radio show so as a reward we let her come on the show!
Asumi: …I was forced to come here… ;_;

Asumi’s actually enjoying herself though and she seems to be in a great mood :D
…In fact she seems kinda drunk lol, I don’t think I’ve seen her this energetic before :O

– Iguchi about the Sphere live.

Iguchi: They’re just getting prettier and prettier! And they’re all so busy but the quality of the live concert was amazing! It must take so much hard work to do that! As a co-worker I really admire them for that.

– Marry me Asumi!

Iguchi: I was thinking this yesterday when we went out together but… I’d love to date someone like Asumi!
Asumi: Er… I wouldn’t…
Iguchi: But Asumi wouldn’t you want to marry me! Wouldn’t you??
Asumi: Huh?! What are you asking me?!
Iguchi: Wouldn’t you want to marry me??
Asumi: What are you saying?! …Do you mean like if I was a boy?
Iguchi: Either— I mean, if you were a boy. Or if I was a boy! I wouldn’t be that attractive would I?
Asumi: …Yeah.
Iguchi: Then as a girl!?
Asumi: *snickers*
Iguchi: *smirks* Wouldn’t you want to look after and care for me!
Asumi: …That would be tough…
*They both break out laughing*
Iguchi: *extends her arm as if to put her arm around Asumi* I’ve got a space available for you here~

– They mention that they’ve known each other for over seven years now, from when Iguchi was 16 years old :O

– A listener asks Iguchi which seiyuu she would marry if she could and she says “Asumi Kana!” to which Asumi straight out refuses lol

– About the RO-KYU-BU photoshoot in Nagoya

Iguchi: About Nagoya…? There were a lot of crabs! A LOT of crabs! That was really surprising! We were walking barefoot on the beach so when we saw the crabs we were pretty scared of stepping on them. And there was a time when [Hanazawa]Kana-chan was intensely staring at a crab on the side and the staff called out “Hanazawa-san look at the camera please” *laughs*

– Iguchi has seen and is a fan of Onegai/Please Teacher lol.

Asumi was really fidgety this episode heh, these two are wonderfully close <3


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Hosts: Ono Daisuke, Kamiya Hiroshi

Guest: Hirohashi Ryou
Date: 2011.08.24

Err I’ll just modify and reuse what I wrote about the new WORKING radio last time: ONOKING!! & SOKING!! AKA. Working’!! Radio Season Two #3 with (Ono)Satou and Souma. A new radio episode of YAMAKING for the second season of WORKING. It says Hirohashi’s a guest… But the episodes that has been released has just got members of the cast + Hirohashi as a guest so it’s pretty much just Yamaking under a new name lol. Also most people probably know this already but Ono and Kamiya is a popular combination that has worked with one another pretty often on radio with their very popular radio “Dear Girls Stories” that continues to air today at its… Err 230th episode? I don’t know the exact number but it’s been going for a while now.

– As a nickname, Hiroshi’s known as “C” and Ono’s known in that regard as “D” so they decide to name the combination of the three of them as “CD-R” lol.

– Amusingly they used Ono Daisuke’s name for the title instead of his character’s name ahaha. This was from when Fukuyama Jun guested on the previous episode where he laughed that if they bring on Ono they’d have to use his name lol.

– They say that Hirohashi couldn’t make it but left them a prerecorded message. After listening to it they say that she’s a pretty random person… And that she’s just sitting in front of them eating cake lol. Liesss she’s right there ahah.

– Apparently Nakamura Yuuichi was a surprise guest at the second WORKING!! event they held and he came up from the audience seating lol. The event seemed like it lasted three hours :O They commented that it was really long. It was originally planned to last two and a half hours but they accidentally went over :O. They were told that they were running out of recording tape/space and they needed to finish up the event near the end.

– Kamiya laughs that even though the screens on stage were communicating to them to finish up the event, the rest of the cast seemed to ignore it and kept talking leisurely haha.

– Kamiya says that Ono has a bad habit of being able to speak more when he finds out they need to finish up soon and Ono agrees heh.

– The cast had gone out to dinner together after the event ended.

– Apparently Ono had worked at a publishing firm before :O

– The next episode is planned to have Hirohashi on her own but Ono offers to come after she laments on how lonely it’ll be. I wonder if they’ll actually have him come on again? :O

They spoke a lot about the event. I realllly want to see it now. When is that DVD getting released anyways? :D

Aoi, Saori’s New Show (`・ω・´) #16

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Name: あおい・さおりの新番組(`・ω・´)
Hosts: Hayami Saori, Yuuki Aoi
Guest: Kotobuki Minako
Date: 2011.09.15

A recent episode of Yuuki Aoi’s and Hayami Saori’s radio show guesting Kotobuki Minako. I’ve mentioned before that the three of them are pretty close but this is the first time the three of them have been together on radio if I recall correctly. (EDIT: And it looks like I was wrong. Minako had guested on the first episode of the show making this the second time they’ve been together on radio) Hayami and Aoi had met each other for the first time when the show started, though they were already pretty friendly with Minako but it looks like the three have gone out together in their leisure time ever since and have interlinked their friendships pretty nicely <3. Incidentally they celebrated Minako’s birthday on the episode, despite her birthday being on the 17th of September, a couple days after the broadcast of the episode.

– The two of them refer to Minako as “Our wife” lol.

– They pretend that they don’t have a guest but…

Hayami: We forgot to mention something VERY important!
Aoi: Oh?
Hayami: That!
Aoi: That, right?
Hayami: Yeah that! …Wait do you get what I’m referring to?
Aoi: Yeah that? That.
Hayami: You’re making a face that says you have no idea! *laughs*
Aoi: *laughs* No, no! It’s that, right?
Hayami: So with that… September the 17th is… Our wife, Kotobuki Minako’s birthday!
Aoi: Yeah! That’s it! It’s Mina-chan’s 20th birthday! I want to have a birthday party for her! Lets have one now!
Hayami: Right now?
Aoi: Right now!
Hayami: That’s pretty sudden. What should we do? Should we phone her?
Aoi: How about we all just call out to her. Everyone join in with us! Everyone all together now!
Hayami: Everyone yell out “Mina-chan!” One, two!
Hayami + Aoi: “MINA-CHAAAN!”
Minako: “Did you call~?”
Hayami+Aoi: She’s here!!

Aoi: Sorry for the little act at the start for your intro *laughs*
Minako: *laughs* No, I’m glad you made such a fuss about it!

– They brought in cake to celebrate Minako’s birthday \o/

– Minako and Hayami say that they were both 14 when they entered their respective seiyuu agencies.

– Aoi is the youngest of the three, making her the last of them to reach 20.

– Hayami’s a great listener!

Minako: My image of a mature and elegant lady? When I see a girl who’s good at listening I think that’s great. I’m the type of person who talks a lot so someone who listens well is wonderful.
Aoi: For that image Hayami would be the ideal!
Minako: Yeah that’s right isn’t it?
*Hayami goes all modest and denies it*
Minako: When the three of us go out it’s always me and Aoi doing most of the talking *laughs*
Aoi: Yeah! *laughs*
Minako: She’s the one who listens, directs the conversation and starts the topics!

Hayami was all modest and denied the praise throughout the exchange <3

– Minako spoke about her photobook and brought it in for the two of them and they fangirled over her for a bit at the end heh.

I find it amusing how they refer to Minako as “Our wife” <3

Hayami Saori’s Freestyle #18

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Name: 早見沙織のふり~すたいる♪
Host: Hayami Saori
Guest: Kotobuki Minako
Date: 2011.08.02

Although this is the first time we’ve heard Minako on the radio show, it seems like the two of them recorded a special episode for the release CD of the show with Minako guesting there as well, making this actually the second time she’s come on Freestyle. Apparently they spoke for over one and a half hours when recording for that episode lol. The two of them are really friendly with one another, with Hayami mentioning on a previous episode that the seiyuu she was the closest to was Minako. Incidentally Minako’s also really close with Yuuki Aoi, who is of the same age as both of them, though Hayami on the other hand had just gotten to know Aoi recently on their new radio show. It looks like ever since then the three of them have been pretty interlinked though <3

– Hayami mentions that she’s attended a Sphere live performance before :D

– Random trivia: Minako dislikes tomatoes.

– Ahaha apparently they had FRST Mints as merchandise for the show on sale at Comiket. Note the “HAYA MINT” on the top left of the box lol. – Minako mentions that she’s been growing out her hair :O

– The show has Minako measuring her grip strength on one of the corners. Incidentally, Hayami had done this test on a previous radio episode and her results were:

Right: 19.1 kg
Left: 16.9 kg

 Upon hearing this Minako comments “That’s… *laughs* Really weak isn’t it?” lol. Yeahh if I recall correctly thats well below average for women. Speaking of grip strength in seiyuu, I think Toyosaki Aki’s was at about 35 kg…? I think they had them measure up their grip strength in K-ON’s radio though I’m not 100% sure. Don’t quote me on it!
…Also I seem to recall Sugita being at about 45 kg perhaps? Yeah I’m not sure at all.

– Minako ends up with these results:

Right: 28.3
Left: 25.4

Amusingly her left hand is weaker… Even though she’s left handed lol. It seems like that’s about the average grip strength for women though.

– They did another activity afterwards where they had Minako count up the total of ten random coins and record her time compared to Hayami’s and she beat her in that too. Go Minako :O

– The two of them realise with surprise that this is the first time they’ve been in a radio studio alone together, the two of them are really close and have gone out together and spoken with one another often so the realisation that this was their first time in a radio studio together really shocked them. Incidentally I did mention above that this was Minako’s second time on Freestyle but it seems that the special episode wasn’t recorded in a radio studio booth, which is why this was their first time in a booth together.

Notes on Kotobuki Minako

Though I haven’t ever written anything about Minako, I’ve actually been more interested in her recently. I hadn’t paid much attention to her previously due to… Well honestly, I disliked her voice acting work and I really do prioritise that about a seiyuu before I decide to follow them. Lately I’ve been finding Minako’s seiyuu work to be reasonably more enjoyable though so I’ve let up on her and have started looking up her radio work.
…And on that topic, I’ve just recently gone through the whole Hyakka Ryouran radio with her and Yuuki Aoi which, although I haven’t written a thing about the show, I found really amusing to listen to. So that’s that. I like Mina-chan now <3.

Mizuki Nana no M no Sekai #110

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Name: 水樹奈々のMの世界
Host: Mizuki Nana
Guest: Nakamura Yuuichi
Date: 2011.08.27

Nana mentioned on a previous episode that she might have Nakamura guest on her radio and I had pretty much given up on it since that was over 4 months ago but… It looks like she did end up bringing him on :D The two of them are reasonably friendly and both of them work at the same agency, Sigma 7.

– The two of them laugh that Nakamura does mainly ikemen roles.

– They mention that the first time they were regular cast members together was on Itazura no Kiss. Nakamura voiced her father and they were laughing at how they’re the same age but their roles were daughter and parent haha. Nakamura remembers despairing that he’s playing father roles already when he was only 27 years old at the time.

– The first time they met was on the first episode of Kiba, and only the first episode. Incidentally Nana couldn’t recall the first time they met but Nakamura did heh.

– Nakamura’s character in Nanoha.

Nakamura: After Kiba the next time we met was on… Kiss Dum, and then there was Nanoha.
Nana: Yeah you were that character who’s always watching *laughs*
Nakamura: The one who’s always stalking Nakahara Mai *laughs*
Nana: Yeah *laughs*

 – They laugh that they’ve gone out to eat often together with Sugita.

Nana: We’ve gone out to eat on occasion haven’t we. With Sugita as well.
Nakamura: Yeah always bringing Sugita along. *laughs*
Nana: And you two are always talking about some topic I have no idea about! and I’m like “Huh…? Wait am I interrupting you two by being here? Should I just leave you two be?” *laughs*
Nakamura: Sorry about that *laughs*
Nana: And then at recordings you’re always receiving mail from him saying that he’s done for today and if you want to go eat out with him *laughs* It’s as if you’re dating!
Nakamura: *laughs* Yeah those messages about finishing for the day. Wow hearing it in that way makes it really creepy doesn’t it.

– Apparently Nana got her drivers license when she was 23 years old. A reason she got it was that her dad was really into cars and that influenced her.

– Nakamura asks Nana how many contacts does she have in her mobile phone and she says she can’t say it off her head but it should be around 500+, to Nakamura’s amazement :O. Nakamura on the other hand has around 200-300.

– Nakamura mentions that recently whenever Sugita talks to a girl he always says dirty jokes, which surprises Nana. Nakamura then continues on to say that for some reason Nana is the exception to this.

– Nana mentions that the recordings for M no Sekai when she has guests on has gone over an hour before :O Wow they must cut out so much. Well this is broadcast on the air so they have to follow a strict time and schedule so they can’t really do anything about that :(

– Nakamura laments that although they used to see each other a lot for work, they haven’t been working with one another in recordings at all recently.

As expected, whenever there’s Sugita around, Nakamura’s name pops up and vice versa for Nakamura with Sugita :D

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