Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #06

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Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2010.10.22

In the opening script, the two of them joke about the anime being renamed to “My older brother can’t be this cool!” due to how nice of a brother Kyousuke is lol.

– The anime has just started airing around this time, Ayana says she hasn’t seen the first episode yet, but Kana has.

– Kana x Ayana
Kana: “Ayachi’s so cute… Can I lick you?”
Ayana: “What? No!”
Kana: “I bet if I licked you you’d definitely taste like chocolate”
Ayana: “As if I would! I wouldn’t be human!”

LOL the love is stepping up with each episode :D

– Ayana says that she’s been told that her stare looks a bit flat/dead in photos and such, especially by her manager :O

– Apparently the live event last episode was the first time Kana’s been in charge of the MC, Ayana’s surprised saying that she did a great job.

– Ayana and Kana both agree that they want an elder brother like Kyousuke :D

– About Nakamura Yuuichi
Ayana: “And the voice is Nakamura! That’s such a nice voice. I’ve pretty much made Nakamura = Kyousuke in my mind. Just hearing him say his lines make me go “Aaah~~!””
Kana: “You should say these things to Nakamura!”
Ayana: “I’d be way too embarassed to tell him”
Kana makes fun of what his reaction would be if she told him, saying he’s a tsundere and would probably say something gruff back lol.

– One of the internet lingo they had to guess the meaning for the episode was “dgsks” the two of them have no idea but Ayana makes a blind guess yelling out “だがしかし” (but, however) and gets it right to their complete surprise.

– Another internet lingo had the meaning “Lets kiss~” They wonder if they would ever use it.
Ayana: “Who would I use it on?? Oh I’ll use it on you randomly maybe. Lets kiss~(in a really lazy slow monotone voice)”
Kana: “Ehh Say it in a cuter way”
Ayana: “Le— I don’t want to say it. Maybe not now. In the future maybe”

– About Lupin
Kana: “I liked Goemon”
Ayana: “I loved Lupin the most, I wanted to be Fujiko~”

– The two of them talk about Cinderella and how painful it would be to walk with glass slippers, and if it broke… IT’D CUT YOUR FOOT UP D:

– It seems like Ayana loves topics to do with space and astronomy and stuff like that :O

The two of them have started teasing each other and making fun of each other, which they comment on saying that it’s probably proof that they’re getting closer as friends <3. Kana warns Ayana that the things she’ll say will get worse though lol, but encourages Ayana to say something back whenever she does :D. I love how close these two are becoming <3

Seiyuu and Radio Shows I’m Currently Following

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<————– I’m adding a little page on the side bar to list what seiyuu and shows I’ll most likely blog about. I’ll update it whenever my favourites change :)

Asumi Kana Hoshizora HinataBokko #21

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Host: Asumi Kana
Guest: Iguchi Yuka
Date: 2011.01.04

Asumi Kana’s Hoshizora HinataBokko airs right after Muuun ends it differs in that it isn’t a live broadcast.

– Asumi didn’t invite Iguchi until 20 minutes in to the show lol.

– Iguchi was wearing a rabbit hat, for the year of the rabbit :D.

– Hoshizora HinataBokko is a pretty relaxed and slow show, which Iguchi notes and say’s it’s completely different from her own one. When Asumi asks what kind of show Muuun is Iguchi screams, stands and slams the table lol. Yeah Muuun is kinda crazy lol.

– Asumi says that Iguchi is normally more relaxed outside of work than on Muuun. She says “Well when you’re on Muuun I don’t really want to be friends with you” lolol

– Asumi and Iguchi went to karaoke and instead of singing, they spent more time talking to each other lol.

– A listener asks them to list good points about each other

Iguchi about Asumi:



“Even if you ask me what part of her I like, I can only say that I like all of her <3”

“Ever since meeting her I’ve become a nicer person”

Asumi about Iguchi:

“I admire how serious she is about her work”

“Also her knowledge about beauty products.”

– Apparently they’ve known each other for over 6 years now.

– They play that game where you stab a plastic sword into a barrel and if the guy pops out you lose, basically a chance game and Iguchi loses on the first round lol.

Iguchi invites her to come on Muuun again, this time alone though. I look forward to it :D They made many plans to meet up and go skating plus many other activites. You can really see how close these two are from this episode <3

A&G Request DigiStar #30 – Term 3

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Hosts: Hikasa Youko, Oogame Asuka
Guest: Toyosaki Aki
Date: 2009.10.31

This radio has been airing weekly since April 2009, what’s surprising about it is that the radio show goes on for 3 hours from 5PM to 8PM, with each hour separated into “Terms” meaning Term 3 is the third hour of the show at 7PM to 8PM. The show gets plenty of different types of guests varying from singers like Shimokawa Mikuni to seiyuu (such as Nakahara Mai, Nakajima Megumi, Nonaka Ai; seems to be a quite a variation in the seiyuu they get, but I don’t think they’ve had many, if any, male seiyuu come on), though each of them only stay for an hour. I can’t imagine how tiring it would be to host a talk show for over three hours OTL. I think there have been only two guests who’ve stayed for the whole three hours, Taketatsu Ayana and Yahagi Sayuri.

– Question to Aki:
What song do you often sing seriously at Karaoke?
Aki: “‘Don’t say lazy’ maybe?*smirk*
Hikasa: “OI!! Are you making fun of me?!?”

– Aki says she loves going to karaoke on her own and putting in her own songs or K-ON songs for practice to lift her mood and energise herself, such as before events and stuff. Hikasa agrees that she loves doing that too. Oogame doesn’t seem to like the idea of going to karaoke alone though lol.

– Talking about scribbling and doodling.
Hikasa: “Aki seems like the type of person who loves doodling.”
Aki: “Yeah, I do doodle a lot, I’ve scribbled your face plenty of times~”
Hikasa: “Ehhh Stop doing that”

– Hikasa and Oogame mentions that they went to the Sphere concert around this time :D

– Hikasa compliments Aki on her singing and she gets embarrassed, in turn making Hikasa embarrassed as well and it becomes pretty raburabu <3.

– Aki says that the art for the cover and booklet in “Love Your Life” was drawn by her. Well even if I write it here, I guess it’s public knowledge especially since she’s credited as the illustrator on the jacket.

Aki was promoting her new single ‘Love Your Life’ which was released 3 days prior to the show. This episode aired about 1 month before QuaRaji aired. Also if anyone keeps track of my Soup, this is the episode I mentioned that, after Aki left, they had Hikasa do a certain batsu game involving a convenience store and the purchase of a few “other items” lolol. OTL

Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #05

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Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana
Guests: Satomi Satou, Hayami Saori, Nabatame Hitomi
Date: 2010.10.08

This was a recording of a live audience event, you can hear the [all male crowd] going crazy at the background lol. I remember hoping for Nakamura Yuuichi to guest but he didn’t :(. Oh well.

– Nabatame wore makeup to the event, since she felt left out as being the eldest(by far lol) out of the girls but when Kana saw her the first thing she said was “Wow, Nabatame’s wearing makeup~~~!” teasingly lol Kana’s so mean sometimes~

– Hayami talking about Ayase.
Hayami: “Ayase’s a pretty girl who’s nice and kind and friendly and all… At first… Then she’s…”
Ayana + Kana: “Spoilers! Spoilers!!”
Hayami: “Ah well, she becomes a bit ‘cheeky’… Let’s just say she loves Kirino a lot!”

– Apparently ClariS (the singer of the OP) is currently in middle school, they speak a bit about it and the 4 of them were really surprised. Well I’m surprised too lol
Kana: “Ehh… Her voice is so mature, feels like we’re losing to a middle school student in that regard”

– One of the corners have the seiyuu fill out a “Ore no ___ ga konna ni ____ wake ga nai!” phrase, Taketatsu wanted to put something talking about how cute Kirino was but didn’t in the end, but Kana said it was alright, she wrote something like that for hers. What she wrote:
“My Taketatsu Ayana can’t be this attached to me!”, she explained that the other day she was with Ayana the whole day, from 9 AM to 9 PM or so, with OreImo related work, and they were holding hands and other lovely things lol. My guess is that she’s referring to one of those photoshoots she’s done with Ayana?
Kana: “Ayachi’s hand is so small~ <3”
Kana also fawns over the way Ayana does those angry sighs for Kirino infront of the microphone to Ayana’s embarrassment lol <3.

– Satou says she tried to put a “grandmother” feel in the way she voiced Manami, since Kyousuke kept saying she was like a grandmother in the original novels.

Ahh Kana and Ayana are so raburabu now~ <3

Satomi Satou’s Sugar Pot #1

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Host: Satomi Satou
Date: 2009.10.09

Radio hosted by Satou Satomi. The radio show ended rather quickly for a solo radio at its 13th episode, but it seems to be rather popular in it’s own right.  Sugar is wonderful~~

– This seems to be the first time Satomi has hosted a radio show on her own though she’s been on many other radio shows with other people before. She mentioned she was a bit nervous.

– Apparently her grandfather was the one who named her “Satomi”

– The name of the radio “Sugar Pot” came from when she and Hikasa were brainstorming ideas for the name while in a taxi together, and building from the name of her blog “Osatou Kan” (Sugar Can) they came up with “Sugar Pot”.

– One of the corners had her making tea.

– Satomi was a cheer girl in middle school and wore a cheergirl out fit \o/

Satomi loves talking about Hikasa, and you can tell :D Her name pops up regularly on this radio too. Other than Hikasa, she’s close friends with Takamoto Megumi as well it seems and she mentions her a bit too.

Random Radio Scribbles 1

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Random radio scribbles done for various shows that I didn’t end up writing a full post about.

Darker Than Black Backstage Pass #6

Radio for the second season of Darker Than Black. It turns out that Hanazawa Kana had a bad cold at the time of it’s recording, she had a mask on as well as that nose-blocked voice and emphasized to the other two, Hidenobu Kiuchi and Fukuen Misato, to stay far away from her so as not to catch it. Also I’m probably being a terrible person for saying this but… KANA WAS SO ADORABLE IN THIS EPISODE <3 <3 OTL

Hikasa Youko about Seikon no Qwaser from Saito Chiwa’s M-Serve Style

Talking about Souma (For those who know next to nothing about Seikon, Souma is breast milk sucked from girls to provide power for character’s abilities[lol])
Hikasa: “Souma is… The overflowing power provided by the lovely girls in the anime!”
lolol OTL

Juuninin no Yasashii Koroshiya SideR #8

Radio hosted by Sugita at around late 2008. This episode had Fukuyama Jun as a guest.

– The first time Fukuyama Jun had met Sugita was when they went to karaoke as a group. At the time he thought Sugita was far older than him and spoke to him using formal speech. Throughout the whole outing he spoke to him this way until another person told him “Hey Sugita’s younger than you, why are you using formal speech with him?” to which Jun exclaimed “WHAT!? Why didn’t you tell me from the start Sugita?!” This was when they were about 20 years old haha.

Iguchi Yuka no Mu~~~n ⊂( ^ω^)⊃ #8

Host: Iguchi Yuka
Guests: Asumi Kana, Gibu Yuuko, Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2010.11.12
Iguchi Yuka’s new radio which started a couple of weeks after her own ChoRaji! Girls had ended. The name comes from something she’s often done, yelling “Mu~~~n” with her arms open wide lol. Another reason why the name is Mu~~~n is due to the show being aired on Monday, which is written as “Moon Day” in Japanese(as well as English incidentally, a random bit of trivia: The english word Monday was derived from the Old English Mōnandæg and Middle English Monenday which means “Moon Day”) This is the first episode that she’s had a guest come on, I’m glad it’s earlier than her previous ChoRaji! Girls which had it’s first guest on it’s 19th episode. The three guests are here as a Tamayura special.

I know next to nothing about Gibu Yuuko; I know Asumi Kana has barely met up with Taketatsu Ayana before, and only during recent recordings; and that Asumi and Iguchi are really close friends but other than that I’m not sure how well the others know each other. Yuuko has guested on Iguchi’s ChoRaji! Girls once as it’s last guest on 2010.8.27, a month before the show ended. Incidentally Yuuko goes on to guest on Asumi Kana’s own radio show soon after this episode.

Ayana, Asumi and Yuuko were jumping around in the window in the other room at the start lol.

Macross F○※△ #17

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Hosts: Nakamura Yuuichi, Kamiya Hiroshi, Nakajima Megumi
Guest: Toyoguchi Megumi
Date: 2008.07.29

Radio for Macross Frontier. The show is mostly hosted by Nakamura and Kamiya, Nakajima only participates in a couple of the corners as well as the ending, which is the same for the guest. The show goes for only 30 minutes and airs 2 or so songs as well so the time for which the guest actually appears is rather short.

– Nakajima’s first words to Toyoguchi on the show is “I’m a fan of yours” :D Apparently Toyoguchi voiced the protagonist in an anime she loved, I think it was “Super GALS”  around 9 years ago :O Incidentally Kamiya also voiced a role in that anime.

– Nakajima tells Toyoguchi that the two of them bully her in the radio, to which she scolds them for lol. They blame the script, saying that they just read it word for word, but Toyoguchi says that the script is empty. Also those two adlib like crazy anyway lol.

– A listener sends in a mail talking about his 9 year old daughter loving Macross Frontier and Kamiya is shocked that he’s the same age as the listener, yet he doesn’t have any children lol. Toyoguchi agrees and laments with him which he then says to her “Megumi, lets get married and have children” LOL. She refuses (of course ;) ).

I’ve heard that Kamiya and Toyoguchi are pretty close friends though I haven’t actually listened to them together myself. Macross F radio continues today at it’s 129th episode. Also Toyoguchi has guested 3 more times after this episode to this date, in fact she was their latest guest on it’s 124th episode along with Endou Aya.

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