Random Radio Scribbles 10

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Random radio scribbles! I’m surprised I haven’t put these on here yet :o

Itou Kanae goes to a pitching centre for her solo radio, 伊藤かな恵の夢かな?ラジオ #7, to try and throw a ball at 60 km/h.

The goal was originally 50 km/h but last episode, upon hearing that nano.RIPE’s vocalist Kimiko could throw at around 80, Kanae said that 50 was probably too easy and raised it to 60. She gave the reason that she had been in the Softball club too.

And so this episode when she actually went to measure her pitching speed she managed to reach… Only 43 km/h lol. She didn’t even reach the original goal of 50! Let alone her revised goal of 60 ahaha.

– From “ラジオ腐りかけ”/Radio Kusarikake.

The radio is normally hosted by Seki Tomokazu and Paku Romi but they were absent for the episode and KitaEri and Shintani Ryouko were brought in to host the show. This was just something I found amusing from the episode. A bit of back info, the “Kusari” uses the same kanji as the “fu” in “Fujoshi” meaning rotten or corrupted.

KitaEri: The reason why they called us in is because we’re “fujoshi”. What do you think about that?
Shintani: Hmm well, I’m not really sure what it means to be a fujoshi anymore. I’ve always thought it was a girl who was really in to BL but lately it seems to refer to any girl who’s an otaku. When it’s put that way I guess I’d be a fujoshi… But I’m not that into BL…
KitaEri: Yeah that’s right! Rather than BL WE PREFER GL!
Shintani: Yeah!…. ??! Eh??? *laughs*
KitaEri: *laughs* That made you pause for a bit!

From Sugita’s Anigera Dedooon #100 on 2013.01.24:

Sugita: Kanemoto-san[Kanemoto Hisako] said this to me before, Nakamura, you call her “Ika” or “Ika-chan” don’t you?
*Tanaka laughs*
Nakamura: Actually, the other day she came up to me and said “Do you even know my name?!”
 *Sugita and SP Tanaka laughs*
Nakumura: And I was like “Of course I know your name! Kanemoto-san right?”

Sugita Tomokazu no Anigera! Dedoooon #77

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Name: 杉田智和のアニゲラ!ディドゥーーン
Host: Sugita Tomokazu
Assistant: SP Tanaka
Guest: Hayami Saori
Date: 2012.03.08

It’s been about a year since Hayami’s come on to guest. As a bit of background information, SP Tanaka is normally a writer under the name of “Mafia Kajita” but Sugita brought him on to to talk on the show when the radio started and he’s pretty much become a co-host rather than an assistant at this point heh.

– Mail from a listener refers to the guest as a “Misao-san”.

Sugita: Misao?
Tanaka: Who’s that?
Sugita: Misao…? Ahh! It’s from that radio she’s doing with Yuuki-san.
Tanaka: Ahh…
Sugita: It’s from parts of her name, “HayaMI SAOri”.
Tanaka: Ahh! Really?
Sugita: And Yuuki Aoi became “Oi-chan”.
Tanaka: *laughs* “Oi-chan”??
Sugita: Yeah I told her “It’s because people call out to you with “oi” isn’t it?” and she got really mad at me.
*Tanaka laughs*

– Sugita mentions that he saw Yuuki Aoi’s gijinka(human version of a non-human object/thing) cellphone drawings.

Sugita: I saw Yuuki Aoi’s drawings of her cellphone gijinkas. They were amazing. She was like “This is Misao’s cellphone~” to me.

For those who haven’t seen them: 

Top left is Aoi’s cellphone, top right is Kotobuki Minako’s, bottom left is Toyama Nao’s and the bottom right’s is Hayami’s cellphone.

– Hayami was given New Love Plus and she’s currently playing it lol, she still hasn’t gone to the dating stage yet in the game though.

– When talking about her Freestyle radio, Hayami mentions that they ordered pizza and had the delivery guy stay and talk on the show for a bit lol. That’s…. Really random orz ahaha.

Sugita (as well as SP Tanaka) was doting on Hayami the whole time throughout the radio as expected lol. He must’ve called her cute more than 20 times over the course of the hour haha. Hayami was squirming underneath all the praise and compliments they showered on her haha :D.

Sugita Tomokazu no Anigera! Dedoooon #58

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Name: 杉田智和のアニゲラ!ディドゥーーン
Host: Sugita Tomokazu
Assistants: SP Tanaka, Asakura, SP Satou, Takeshi
Guest: Isomura Tomomi
Date: 2011.06.16

Did I mention that Sugita’s been paired with a lot of female seiyuu on radio recently? :D
Also I dont think I’ve said this before but SP Tanaka is a writer for 4Gamer.net among many other game staff related things… I think so at least.

– Tanaka mentions that he read a piece done by Hoshino Lily, the mangaka for Zakuro. Sugita asks about it cautiously:

Sugita: It… Wasn’t Zakuro was it?
Tanaka: Nah it’s not Zakuro. It was one with cute boys in it.
Sugita: Okay I’m going to stop you right there now.

Lol One of Hoshino’s old BL works I’m guessing ahaha OTL

– They mention how nice a person Hoshino is :D

– Sugita says that when he first met Isomura he thought she was a model rather than a seiyuu and she laughs saying that she doesn’t have THAT nice a body.

– Sugita mentions that he’d love to have Hayami Saori come guest again. He then says

Sugita: In fact I’d like to go to her Freestyle and show her the real meaning of “Free”

LOL yeah Sugita’s known for not considering the time and place he has his ‘moments’ :D

– Tanaka mentions that he’s recorded Sugita singing in karaoke on his iPhone before ahaha.

– Isomura mentions she’s gone to karaoke with Tanaka and Mori P, Toshimichi Mori the producer of BlazBlue. Tanaka had sung one of Sugita’s character songs at the time lol.

– They start playing a Wii game where Isomura voices a character in it…. And her character makes ero sounds loooooooooool. Poor Isocchi~

– LOL It’s not an H-game but the sounds her character makes iskjdalfkjas ahaha Poor Isocchi. Oi isn’t this sexual harassment?!

Sugita: I didn’t expect to hear so much from your character. It was great.
Tanaka: Yeah we got to hear Isocchi’s moaning.
Sugita + Tanaka: Thank you!
Isomura: *laughs* This is really weird!

In case anyone is interested, the game they played was Osouji Sentai Clean Keeper.

– Isomura commented that when she found out she was going to be playing games on the radio she was looking forward to playing NeoGeo and all that but then they had that game instead lol.

Isomura is pretty otaku-ish as well and the two of them have always connected well whenever she came on to BluRaji to guest so she was a great addition to the group :D.

…I’m still reeling back from the ero game they played with her there lol. She was pretty flustered throughout the whole experience, it was showing in her voice ahaha.

Random Radio Scribbles 5

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More random radio scribbles, not so Hanazawa Kana filled this time though!

Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #89 on 2011.05.25.

– Hanazawa Kana woke up at 4 am for the shooting of the Roukyuubu PV lol

– Kana had shared a room with Hikasa on the location filming of the PV and they talked with each other all night long :D

Sugita Tomokazu no Anigera! Dedoooon #56 guesting Nakamura Yuuichi on 2011.05.19.

– Situation of what excuse would you say if you broke your friend’s limited edition Ranka figure while trying to pose it in in impossible positions.

Sugita: “What would you say in that situation ‘Alto‘?”
Nakamura: “Huh… She broke so easily…”
Sugita: “Whaat Nooooo! I’m sorry for calling you Alto!”
Nakamura: “And then I’ll add “I guess I’ll go with Sheryl then””
Sugita: “You’re terrible!”

Lol Sugita and Nakamura as great as ever :D

Hayami Saori’s Freestyle #2 on 2011.04.12. Hayami Saori’s weekly solo radio.

Which seiyuu are you close to?

Hayami: “I’m probably the closest with Kotobuki Minako. We speak to each other a lot and I often go out to eat with her”

Hayami: “One day I was out with my university friends in a pasta shop… And I thought I saw someone familiar entering the shop. She was wearing a flu mask but I realised it was Minako, and right next to her was Tomatsu Haruka! Apparently they were out together outside of work as well. I was like “Aah!” and she also went “Aah!” when we recognised each other. I guess things like that really do happen~”

– Younger seiyuu you’re close with

Hayami: “I haven’t met many seiyuu younger than me… There really aren’t that many, but I’ve gone out to eat with Hidaka Rina a couple of times. I’m not a scary senpai to her~”

Sugita Tomokazu no Anigera! Dedoooon #54

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Name: 杉田智和のアニゲラ!ディドゥーーン
Host: Sugita Tomokazu
Assistants: SP Tanaka, Asakura, SP Satou, Male AGRS
Guest: Hayami Saori
Date: 2011.04.21

Sugita likens Hayami coming on the show to a girl coming into a boy’s highschool club room lol. I… Don’t think Hayami plays many games so she probably won’t be able to follow their game talk.

It looks like she owns a Gameboy, Nintendo 64 and a Gamecube though.

– Sugita tells Hayami that when he found out she was voicing the role of Hsien-ko/Lei-Lei from Marvel vs Capcom he thought he’d only play Lei-Lei, and the other guys in the booth laugh that Sugita’s being creepy. This is where they start a counter for the times Sugita’s acted creepy to Hayami lol.

– Sugita had said that he found out about her after hearing her voice a lot in a certain game. Well he doesn’t say the name outright but everyone knows it’s Love Plus lol.

– Hayami had come to know Sugita from Nakamura first, upon hearing this Sugita winces and wonders what he told her about him lol.

– They mention that the first time they’ve worked together was in a recent Tales game. It looks like they’re talking about the upcoming Tales of Xillia game. He then mentions that they met after in the MM! recordings, meaning… Xillia had recorded it’s lines over a year before it’s release :O

– Sugita says that when he was talking to Yuuki Aoi one time, she mentioned Hayami and how she’s the same age as her but Hayami’s so mature and calm :O. She also added “Which is completely different from you Sugita! *smirk*” to Sugita lol. Aoi~ Looks like these two have become pretty friendly with one another :O

– Sugita comments that Aoi’s been taunting him ever since she’s realised that he can’t bring himself to get angry at young people, he mentions the first time that happened she hid behind Nakamura[Yuuichi] and stuck her tongue out at him ahahah.

– Sugita’s nickname for Aoi is “Kodomo Sensei” lol.

– Hayami says she hasn’t had the chance to actually talk to Aoi properly.

– Hayami was in the announcement broadcasting club in middle school and the “Go Home”(AKA. Did not join a club) club in high school. She laughs that there was another nickname for it in her school which was “GHQ”, an abbreviation for “Go Home Quickly”.

– Sugita tells her she’s cute for being bad at sports and the like lol, and up the creepy counter goes!

– Sugita says that he’d love to join a broadcasting club with her in it~ <3 OTL

– Sugita found MM really funny, and the two of them remember a time in the recordings when Yonaga Tsubasa voiced a girl for the background noises lol. Yeahhh with that voice, I guess I can see that happening ahaha.

– Sugita comments that everyone at the recordings were amazed at Fukuyama Jun’s work as Tarou in MM. I agreeeeeee he was amazing as Tarou :D

– Sugita asks Hayami what was it like voicing for OreImo at the same time as MM and Hayami replies saying that it was really weird and she mentioned Taketatsu Ayana as well.

– When Sugita saw Ayase explode on OreImo he says he was pretty scared of her lol.

– Hayami’s a fan of CardCaptor Sakura and she requests that Sakamoto Maaya’s Platina be played on the radio <3

– Sugita asks Hayami out of nowhere if her room is neat or messy, which earns him another creepy point ahaha. He tries to explain himself saying that if her room’s clean that’s wonderful, and if it’s messy then that’s a cute side of her… Which doesn’t help his situation lol.

– Sugita’s spoken about how his mum likes watching bishoujo anime before when he was talking about Shuffle, and he mentions it again on the show, except he talks about her watching OreImo and MM ahaha. Hayami adds that her mum has also been watching MM lol, not only that, her mum recognised Sugita’s voice when she heard him on MM ahaha.

– Sugita thanks Hayami over and over again for coming on to guest, and she says she really enjoyed her time on the show :D

I think I’ve mentioned this before but I really like how well Hayami can hold a conversation and she does great here with all these gaming obsessed older men ahaha. Although she still can’t follow too deeply when they start their gaming rants she continued to seem really interested and responsive throughout the show <3

Also, now that I think about it, I remember one time on Tokyo Encount over a year ago when Sugita heard Hayami’s voice on Love Plus he murmured “Ahh that’s a nice voice~”. I think she might be the youngest seiyuu I’ve seen him fanboy and go creepy over lol.

P.S. The creepy counter went up to 8 or so lol.

Random Radio Scribbles 2

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Stuff gathered from my Soup miniblog.

From Iguchi Yuka no Mu~~~n #17, 2011.01.24

A couple of weeks back Iguchi had randomly seen Asumi Kana in a clothing store, but Asumi had not yet noticed her. Iguchi then snuck up behind her and said “Ah! Are you Asumi Kana?? Can I have your autograph!?” lol.
Asumi was surprised at first and when she turned around she was kinda flustered, then saw it was Iguchi and was like “… Eh. Iguchi…” Ahahah I wish I could see that reaction :D
Incidentally, she’s also bumped into Toyosaki Aki randomly in a clothes store recently as well.
These random encounters usually happen right after work, so I guess it can happen often since they sometimes browse the stores near the studio right after a recording.

Speaking of seiyuu bumping into each other outside work…

I remember an early episode of Macross F Radio where Kamiya Hiroshi and Nakamura Yuuichi mentioned that randomly coming across another seiyuu outside work wasn’t that uncommon quoting a time recently (back when Macross Frontier had just started) where Nakamura was greeted by May’n at a train station, before he even knew her.

He was wondering who this random girl who was openly talking to him was till she noticed he didn’t recognise her, she then introduced herself as May’n and then he realised she was the singer for Sheryl.

Nakamura and Kamiya agreed that it happens rather often due to the work times and places they go to being reasonably similar for everyone in the business.

P.S. Nakamura(+Kamiya) was really surprised how easily May’n came up and spoke to him out of nowhere at the station, and admired her courage for being able to speak to someone she hadn’t met before when she randomly spotted them outside of work. May’n sounds like a wonderful person :D


Sugita and Nakamura about Love Plus from Sugita Tomokazu’s Anigera! Dedoooon #13

– Nakamura when he gets a bad end in Love Plus (where you end up with none of the girls)
Nakamura: “That damn girl, she looked at me with such loving eyes, how did I get a bad end!”

– Sugita explains how Love Plus works with real time events.
Nakamura: “Eh? Real time? So if I log on at 2 AM, I might find her sleeping with another man.”
Sugita: “As if that would happen!”
Nakamura: “No, well she’s a girl after all y’know, you don’t know for sure”
Lol Nakamura, that’s a wonderful view to hold right there OTL

Sugita Tomokazu no Anigera! DeDoooon #52

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Host: Sugita Tomokazu
Assistants: SP Tanaka, Asakura, SP Satou, Male AGRS
Guest: Yukana
Date: 2011.03.24

Sugita has a little speech at the start about trying to cheer everyone up with this radio :D. How sweet~

– Apparently Nakamura had intended to come on the show as well, even if he wasn’t gonna get paid for it but he couldn’t make it due to other work :(

– Nakamura has been calling Sugita everyday ever since the earthquake haha. :D

– Sugita has been watching Infinite Stratos :D

– A listener sends in a mail about a dream he had featuring Amagami’s Nanasaki, Yukana’s character and Sugita had her read a line in Nanasaki’s voice <3

– Sugita and Yukana had gone to a staff party to eat yakiniku and Sugita had pretty much only salad on his plate and Yukana scolded him for not eating enough meat haha.

Sugita: “Pretty much the only people who tell me off for that are my mum and Yukana.”

– Lol was that a Cirno Perfect Math Lesson IOSYS reference? Well I’m not surprised I guess, Sugita’s mentioned Touhou more than a couple of times :D

– Sugita didn’t watch Infinite Stratos from the start, but after receiving a lot of mail regarding it he decided to take a look and ended up liking it.

– Yukana plays Monster Hunter :O (Like every(?) other seiyuu lol)

– Sugita asks everyone’s favourite Yukana character

Tanaka: Kuugen Tenka (Wagaya no Oinari-sama)
Asakura: Mashiro (My-Hime/Otome)
Satou: Nanasaki (Amagami)
Male AGRS: C.C. (Code Geass)

– Yukana says she doesn’t know Nakamura very well. They’ve never attended the same work parties due to scheduling conflicts and they haven’t had many chances to work together.

– Toyosaki Aki and Sphere’s name popped up a couple of times during the radio heh

Sugita and Yukana has a kinda little brother-elder sister sorta relationship. Sugita has come to her for advice and to be cheered up by her before. How wonderful <3

Sugita Tomokazu no Anigera! DeDooon #37

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, SP Tanaka
Guests: Umino Chika (+ Nakamura Yuuichi as a surprise later on)
Date: 2010.08.26

Guest on this week’s Dedooon is Umino Chika, Honey and Clover’s mangaka. Interestingly enough Kamiya was also there, though not as a guest. He came into the studio but didn’t talk much, probably something to do with pay and other business related things, he came along just to play after all :)

– Sugita says Gatou Shouji (Full Metal Panic’s writer) has one of the coolest voices out of the other creators he’s heard.

– Kamiya starts talking more when the video game playing corner comes on. He goes back to silent after it ends though.

– Sugita asks Umino to draw AGRS there. :O

Incidentally, this was what she drew:

– Nakamura Yuuichi comes in as a surprise guest 40 minutes into the show to celebrate Umino’s birthday! :D

– The three of them sing a really low song for her, it wasn’t happy birthday too lol.

– Umino sounded really happy, how wonderful <3.

Nakamura had work right before coming so he had to come late, it’s nice he arrived as early as he could though.

Also, if anyone was curious, the name of this radio comes from a merge of “Anime, Game, Radio” for “Anigera” and “Dedooon” is just the sound effect for an explosion.

Sugita Tomokazu no Anigera! DeDoooon #36

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Host: Sugita Tomokazu
Assistants: SP Tanaka, SP Satou, Asakura
Guest: Satou Rina
Date: 2010.08.12
Satou Rina guesting on Sugita’s radio show, Anigera Dedooon. The show has multiple regular members, Sugita, SP Tanaka, SP Satou and Asakura. Additionally there’s a recorded voice “AI” thing called “AGRS” that chips in a word or two (such as “Baka baka!”, “Hentai!” etc.) occasionally throughout the show. SatoRina and Sugita had been talking quite a bit on twitter about the show previously to this point so I’m interested to hear how the show went.

– The show’s greeting is “Dedoooon” when SatoRina said it she sounded kinda off and Sugita apologised for the embarassing greeting lol.

– This is one of the rare times that they’ve had a female guest on the show. If I recall correctly, the last time they had one was Yukana, and the only female seiyuu before that was Sanpei Yuuko. I think they’ve had female non-seiyuu guests a couple of times though such as Honey and Clover’s manga-ka among others.
– The two of them talk briefly about a new series that they’re both appearing in together that has alot of pressure being put on them. I wonder what it is? Perhaps Index 2? ….Fractale?

– One of the mail had Misaka’s line “Denki ha Taisetsu ne? BiriBiri” at the end and SatoRina repeated it in Misaka mode :D

– Sugita recalls that SatoRina appeared about two times on Honey and Clover as random characters, to which she’s surprised that he remembers.

SatoRina: “I’m really surprised you remembered!”

Sugita: “Well I can’t not recognise that wonderful voice, me and Kamiya [Hiroshi] were talking about it”

SatoRina: “I’m really really surprised, I just spoke some really small lines… Thanks”

Sugita: “Ah sorry for being kinda creepy”

Lol I love it when Sugita fanboys over other seiyuu <3

– Oh I never realised that Sugita voiced Garfield in the japanese dub of that Garfield Movie :O Lol Apparently he did alot of adlibbing in that recording.

– Sugita makes fun of Haruhi’s Endless Eight lol. [In mock anger]”They’re not the same! There’s differences between each of them!” Also on a more serious note, he mentions that they recorded each episode separately instead of recycling previous recordings.

– Lol Mizuki Nana’s Take A Chance is the BGM for one of the show’s corners.

– Sugita talks about how he laughed when he found out SatoRina’s role in Mayoi Neko was the character “Satou” as well as the combination of her and Arai Satomi as the two maids.

Overall it was a fun episode. They spoke a bit about twitter in the end which was pretty interesting. SatoRina asked to be invited again to which Sugita responded “Oh you don’t want to say that, we actually will invite you again if you do” lol. On top of that there’s SatoRina’s tweet that was retweeted by Sugita:

“ディッシュ!よろしく!!だよー!またゲスト行きたいので…(笑)ディドゥーーン!!” that also asked to be called on again so lets hope they do guest her again :D

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