Zoku BlazBlue Radio #02

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Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guest: Nomura Kenji
Date: 2010.06.17

This episode’s guest is Tager’s seiyuu Nomura Kenji. I haven’t actually heard him on radio before so I’m unsure what to expect.

– Sugita makes a Railgun reference at the very start heh.

– Sugita mentions that he was with Nomura in his very first debut role in Cybuster on 1999. (As a side note, Sugita isn’t credited there on ANN so I guess he was a minor character)

– Kanako misread one of the words last time in the description of Kagutsuchi Dojo and the staff changed the script to include her stuff up on paper this time lol. She got teased about it again hah.

– Sugita and Imai whispers “Precure! Heart Catch!” in the background of Noel Poem lol

Nomura Kenji didn’t talk as much in the second half lol, the three of them started talking about other games like Final Fantasy and stuff hah. Nakamura Yuuichi guesting on the next episode. I might listen to it again for fun heh.

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