Hidaka Hikasa radio “Campione!” Is not I worship #8

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sambaName: ラジオ「カンピオーネ!」 ~日笠・日高はまつろわず~
Hosts: Hikasa Youko, Hidaka Rina
Guest: Ogura Yui
Date: 2012.09.27

Radio for the Campione anime hosted by Hidaka Rina and Hikasa Youko. Amusingly Hidaka is co-hosting even though her character barely appears on the show, which they’ve commented on a couple of times haha.

And now there’s something I want to get out of the way first… You might have noticed that in the past year or so that the blog has been pretty stagnant… Well I’ve come up with a solution for that! A lot of time is taken by me translating the conversation myself, so how can I speed things up? Get something else to do it! To overcome this I’ve set up an automatic speech recognition program to transcribe and my good friend Google Translate-sensei here to do the job for me! From this post on I will no longer be translating these myself!

– Something about a photoshoot with Yui!

Hikasa: You, say you’ll be able to see various kinds of Yui
*The other two laugh*
Yui: Huh?
Hidaka: Hey, it’s not a good thing! However, since all people have expectations of you it does Yui!
Yui: What? ! Are you sure? … “Will be able to see the different types of Yui”…
Hikasa: I want to eat you!
*They laugh*
Hidaka: Oh so cute!!
Yui: It isn’t justified!
Hidaka: It’s cute how much you’re crazy!
Yui: Stop it, please go to the following e-mail!

Yes Google Translate-sensei! This is definitely worth the time saved!

– Sleepover!

Hikasa: Do you have a sleepover with?
Yui + Hidaka: We did!
Hikasa: Oh was perfectly in sync there!
Yui: We got really close to each other in the summer vacation~
Hidaka: Yeah it’s great!
Hikasa: What you guys do? Please tell more!
Hidaka: Oh we ate rice together. We spend a lot of time together.
Hikasa: … why I was not invited …?
Hidaka: Well … it’s all you busy and!
*Hikasa laughs, the other two join in*
Yui: Did not have the courage to call out to you!
Hidaka: Yeah, to call all five of us.
Hikasa: For Campione Oh, I should have included the Hanazawa


– Sleepover 2

Yui: It was fun!
Hidaka: It was so
Hikasa: What are you guys? What is this?
Hidaka: We talked about a lot of things!
Yui: A lot of serious as well
Hikasa: Serious?
Hidaka: Work, school, such as
Yui: Yeah ~
Hidaka: But we had to work the next day. Check the script for both of us, so we had to practice our lines.
Hikasa: Be able to work together is a lovely thing that sounds nice ~ Ah
Hidaka: It was fun ~!
Yui: And we was sleeping together in the same bed too
Hikasa: Did you do it on the bed with two people
Hidaka: Yui-chan is sooo cute!
Yui: Huh? What? What are you going to say?
Hikasa: What is this
Hidaka: Yeah, Yui and I went into bed so that, when you are done viewing through the script I was told to go first through her. When done with the script reading, she came into the bed gently so as not to wake me! I thought it was so cute!
*Yui laughs*
Hidaka: I was awake, she came into the bed was so cute!

Well Google Translate-sensei I don’t know what’s happening here but it sounds lewd!

– Sleepover 3

Yui: No no! Rina-chan was super cute in the morning!
Hidaka: What is this about?
Hikasa: Hm? What?
Yui: Touch the head, I was beneath you, when I woke up in the morning and you were Hnnnn ~ ~ ~ and Rina has been stretched! It was so cute!
*They laugh*
Hikasa: What are these two * Laughs *
Hidaka: It is so much fun, was it not!
Yui: It was!
Hikasa: You two dating!
*They all laugh*
Hidaka: But it was so much fun, we will need some time to do it again!
Yui: Yeah
Hikasa: I want to come too! I want to come too!

Google Translate does a way better job at this than I do!

So that’s how you have it! From now on I’ll be leaving Google Translate-sensei to take over for me, look forward to some great translations in the future!

As you can probably tell by now… April fools hohoho. But seriously, google translate really turned the yuri subtext transcriptions into something… Different haha. I was kinda lost over whether to post this or not due to how google translate kinda lewdified the content ahaha. Well it’s not too bad I guess, unless you start reading too deep into it ;) There were actually much worse ones (go google translate “にゃんにゃんビーム!” lol) but yah I didn’t want to go that far lawl.

Oh and for those who still remembers what happened last year, thanks for following for another year! …I would’ve made it follow in the same vein as the last couple but… Joking about quitting the blog wouldn’t be very funny with how the blog is right now ahaha orz.

Oh and don’t worry, I’ll make a proper post about this episode sometime lol

AKB48 Konya wa Kaeranai… #121

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Name: AKB48 今夜は帰らない・・・
Hosts: Takahashi Minami, Kashiwagi Yuki, Kuramochi Asuka
Guest: Watanabe Mayu
Date: 2009.07.20

“AKB48 I won’t go home tonight…” is a long running radio that changes hosts every now and again. What I’m interested to hear about here in this episode is the guest, Watanabe Mayu, nicknamed Mayuyu.

And now there’s something I want to get out of the way first… You might have noticed that in the past few months, especially the months of January and February I haven’t been updating the blog as much as I used to. Why is that you ask? Well the reason is simple…

I can’t be bothered to write about Seiyuu radio. I’m announcing here that I am no longer writing about Japanese seiyuu and all that pointless stuff! I’m now all about…  You may have guessed it with the post, AKB48! Idol industry banzai! What’s with all these Seiyuu putting out photobooks recently?! I’m going for the real idol experience with my new idol fandom! Toyosaki Aki?! PFFT! NO! MAYUYU IS MAI WAIFU!! I won’t delete the posts I’ve done till now but you won’t see me talking about seiyuu radio anymore, only AKB48 from now on!

And so with that I’m announcing that I’m renouncing the seiyuu part of my blog name and am now changing the name of the blog to “Ambi’s Kickass Blog For [err…] Eight years and over” abbreviated to “AKB48+“!! I’ll look forward to your support from here on out! I’ll be changing the layout as well, I won’t be needing this seiyuu sketch there anymore!

– Takamina x Mayuyu??

Takamina: Mayuyu…
Mayuyu: Yes?
Takamina: If anything happens I’ll keep you company no matter what~
Mayuyu: …Huh?
Yuki: Don’t worry, when she’s like this you can just ignore her.
*Takamina laughs*
Mayuyu: Ah I see…
Yuki: She was definitely panicking there.
Takamina: She sure was!

Oi Takamina what are you doing hitting on Mayuyu! SHE IS MAI WAIFU I SAID
( ゚ Д゚)

– Mayuyu’s current anime recommendation and a quick quiz.

Takamina: Mayuyu! What’s your current anime recommendation??
Mayuyu: Umm Zetsubou-sensei!
Takamina: How are you feeling right now?
Mayuyu: Right now?? It’s SO FUUUN! AKB48!!
*The three of them laugh*
Takamina: She was pretty panicky there!

I was so amused that when she asked how she was feeling Mayuyu had started pretty calm but then started screeching when she went to the “SO FUUUN” part ahaha. THAT RANDOMNESS ABOUT YOU IS WHAT I LOVE SO MUCH MAYUYU

Also… Zetsubou-sensei! That’s some good taste you have there~ <3

– What you’re currently into…

Mayuyu: What I’m really into lately…? Well, I said something about it earlier but…. Anime.
The other two: Ahh anime….
Mayuyu: My recommendation this time is an anime called Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei.
Takamina: Ah, Ito… Itoshiki.
Yukirin: Itoshiki something.

Mayuyu: It’s interesting! Please watch it!

I’m a fan of anime and Zetsubou-sensei as well~ I’M SO HAPPY OUR INTERESTS MATCH MY LOVE (*´д`*)

I’m glad that Mayuyu’s such an otaku as well~ Man, switching to the AKB48 fandom is going to be the greatest! I look forward to filling this blog with only AKB48 info from now on. MAYUYUUUUUUUUUUUUUU I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUU OH IT RHYMES (・∀・)

As you can probably tell by now I’m just having fun here on April Fools~ Happy April Fools day!

I’m not tired of Seiyuu! …Not yet at least ;)

Amusingly though, I actually have pretty much zero interest and know next to nothing about AKB48 lolol. Other than Mayu’s name(and just her nickname at that lol, you can blame Hikasa, Hanazawa, Taketatsu and Hayami for that haha), I had no idea about anything regarding the fandom. To tell the truth I had to do quite a bit of research into their radio shows and into who these people are and what their nicknames were ahaha orz. I have nothing against them though, they’re actually surprisingly more normal than I expected after hearing them… I don’t know exactly what I was expecting though now that I think about it haha.

Also, I actually wanted to touch on the fact that January and especially February had been pretty sparse in updates though. As some people already know from my twitter, I had taken a trip to Japan/Korea/Malaysia during the month of February (It was fun!) which explains the sparse updates for February, but for January, I grabbed a couple of posts from that month and placed them into February instead, which is why January had a reduced number of posts as well.

Oh and for those who thought this post looked a bit familiar and still remembers what happened last year, thanks for following for a year! o/

About Post Formatting…

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The previous OreImo post was probably the longest post I’ve written so far and I’m wondering… Do people mind long posts or are they too bloated to read at this point? I usually try not to get my word count too high per post since a long post in point format may be a pain to read but if people would prefer to read more I might just stop worrying about the word count.

On that note, I’m also wondering if people prefer the transcription format or the summary blurbs for the note points. Summary blurb points normally take a lot less room and I usually cover more points of the radio with them, on top of that it may be easier as well as faster to read so I’m not really sure which one to use more of.

You can see an example of a full summary blurb post at this other episode of OreImo Radio. You might notice that I end up writing about a lot more different points of the radio since it takes a lot less space if I use summary points compared to transcriptions where I only cover a few points of the radio. I started with this sorta format and I’ve been gravitating to the transcription format over time but if people find it harder to read I can stick with the notes. Keep in mind that I’ll most likely continue to use a mix of the two, I’d just like to see which one people would prefer to read and I’ll probably just tip the balance of the two within a post more in favor of the dominant choice.

I tried to use the transcription format for the most part of the previous OreImo Radio post but it may have just become a really bloated and long winded post. So once again to reiterate, 1. Which format would you prefer to read? and 2. Are long posts a pain to read?

Which type of post formatting do you prefer?

  • I prefer the summary blurbs, that way there'll be more content and it's easier to read for me. (5%, 6 Votes)
  • I prefer transcriptions, they're easier to read for me and I enjoy reading them more. (68%, 78 Votes)
  • I don't mind either one. (27%, 30 Votes)

Total Voters: 114

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Do you prefer longer posts?

  • I prefer shorter posts which I can read and absorb quickly with no hassle. (1%, 1 Votes)
  • I prefer longer posts so I can read about the radio in more detail. (87%, 104 Votes)
  • I don't mind either way. (12%, 14 Votes)

Total Voters: 119

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DemonFM 107.5FM with Jennifer Hale

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Host: Matt Horn
Guest: Jennifer Hale
Date: 2010.09.03

Jennifer Hale is a wonderful voice actor who’s voiced characters like the female Commander Shepard in Mass Effect, Naomi Hunter in Metal Gear Solid, Samus in Metroid, etc.

I’m announcing here that I no longer care about Japanese seiyuu and all that pointless stuff! I’m now all about English voice actors in games and cartoons! Taketatsu Ayana?? PFFT! No! Jennifer Hale for life! I won’t delete the posts I’ve done till now but you won’t see me talking about seiyuu radio anymore, only English radio from now on!

Demon FM is a radio broadcast in the UK on 107.5 FM. The main thing Matt seems interested in asking about is Jennifer’s role on Metal Gear Solid 4 and MGS: Twin Snakes as Naomi Hunter. This was broadcast in late 2010, about half a year after Mass Effect 2’s release and a couple of months after the English release of MGS Peace Walker. Wait she didn’t appear in PeaceWalker IIRC. Interestingly enough she also voiced a different character, Emma Emmerich, in MGS 2.

– They laugh that Emma Emmerich was Otacon’s sister while Naomi Hunter was his love interest, effectively making her play both his sister and his lover ahaha.

– Matt says that fans will hate him for thinking Naomi should be played by Lindsey Lohan in a live action adaptation of MGS and she says that she would too ahaha. Jennifer doesn’t like Lindsey Lohan?

Jennifer: “She’s a train wreck! You need someone with a brain and a sense of the bigger picture! …Oh sorry I forgot this is for broadcast”


– Matt makes fun of Jennifer for voicing a character in Power Puff Girls lol. She says that working on it was great fun since it was so crazy :D

– On selecting a gender for Mass Effect’s protagonist

Jennifer: “You have got to play Mass Effect with Shepard as a woman. Sorry Mark[Voice actor for male Shepard], but I always tell people, if you’re gonna see your character for hours wouldn’t you rather see boobs than a guy?”

LOL I’m loving that logic >:D

– Matt asks her to say lines from a whole bunch of her own characters, when she gets to Samus she says “Oh, well, that’s just a lot of grunting…. *UGHH*” lol. The way she switches into character voice is so great <3

– How she got into voice acting

Matt: “Why did you get into voice acting?”
Jennifer: “I needed to make a living *laughs* …I guess I have an affinity for it?”

– What’s the weirdest happening you’ve had with a fan?

Jennifer: “Well there was this fan who kept calling Cartoon Network over and over, day after day, they then forwarded him to my agency which he continued to call them instead over and over. Then after that he went and sat in the lobby for two days, which honestly freaked me out. Don’t do that!”
Matt: “Did you ever get to meet him?”
Jennifer: “No, I did not. I didn’t think it’d be a good idea honestly”

As you can probably guess, I’m just trolling here on April Fools lololol. I’m not tired of seiyuu! I still love seiyuu! <3
But really, I do love Jennifer Hale, her voice and her work so much <3 …Though she’s pretty much the only English voice actor I know by name lol.

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