MoshiDoRadio #11

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Name: 程高放送部~もしドラジオ~
Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2011.07.18

MoshiDoRadio’s eleventh episode, I really like the combination of these two~

– Swimsuits!

Hikasa: All the students are probably going on summer vacations since it’s the summer holidays right now…
Kana: Yeah… *sigh*

Hikasa: We don’t have the chance to go to the beach that often… Do you?
Kana: I don’t. Not at all. I don’t wear swimsuits often.
Hikasa: Same here.
Kana: But they’re selling them right now aren’t they. Really cute ones….
Hikasa: But we don’t get the chance to buy them…
Kana: Yeah…
Hikasa: I haven’t worn one in so long! How about racing swimsuits?
Kana: Racing swimsuits?? *laughs* Actually, that would probably look good on you!
Hikasa: …I’m not happy about that at all!
Kana: Eh?? Really?? But they’re so sleek! You’d look like you’d be a great swimmer if you wore one!
Hikasa: What’s with that! Are you saying that my body is sleek?? Saying that it looks great with my curveless body?!
Kana: You’re taking it wrongly! I never said anything like that!!
Hikasa: …Yeah. Well racing swimsuits huh… School swimsuits?
Kana: …How did you get to school swimsuits?
*Hikasa laughs*
Kana: We weren’t talking about school swimsuits at all!
Hikasa: But either way, I’d like a bikini!
Kana: Ahh bikinis are great aren’t they~
Hikasa: Don’t you think it’s easy to mistakenly say “nikibi/にきび/pimple” instead of bikini sometimes? *laughs*
Kana: Huh…?
Hikasa: You’d be like “Let’s go shopping for pimples!” *laughs*
Kana: *laughs* Hikasa-san… Are you alright? *laughs*
*Hikasa laughs*
Kana: Really… Are you okay?
Hikasa: *laughs* Hey! Don’t seriously worry about me over that! That just makes it embarrassing!
Kana: *laughs* Right.

Hikasa’s complex about her flat chest makes me laugh every time ahaha.

– Oh they celebrated Hikasa’s 26th birthday on the radio, they bring in a cake for her \o/ Amusingly Hikasa cautiously asks if the cake was given unconditionally ahaha, poor Hikasa’s always forced to do weird things on radio for her birthday, off the top of my head there were some terrible(?) happenings on Momonoki’s radio, Digistar and Seitokai Yakuindomo’s radio haha.

– Present!

Kana: And for the adult Hiy0cchi, here’s a present.
Hikasa: Huh? Really?? Seriously?! What’s wrong with you!
Kana: Happy birthday!
Hikasa: Thanks! Seriously??
Kana: Open it~
Hikasa: You know today, I brought the present you gave me last year! The parasol!
Kana: Oh! Wow you really did!
Hikasa: The one you gave me last year~
Kana: You’ve been using it??
Hikasa: Of course!
Kana: That makes me happy!
Hikasa: I wonder what this year’s present will be~
Kana: I wonder~ Actually you can see a bit of it already *laughs*
Hikasa: What is it~ What is it~ Oh you can see it!
*Rustling sounds as she opens the present*
Hikasa: Ahh thank you! I’ve been doing a bit of cooking lately too! It’s a silicon steamer and [something else silicon that I didn’t catch m(_ _)m]!
Kana: I didn’t actually know what you’d want and Satou Satomi-chan was with me one time so I asked her since she’s close with you. She mentioned that you’ve been into cooking lately so it lead to that.
Hikasa: Ahh I see. But really, this present’s for me?! Really??
Kana: Yup.
Hikasa: Thanks so much!
Kana: No problem. Please cook.
Hikasa: Right!
Kana: Using the stove.

Hikasa: Come over to eat sometime!
Kana: Eh?? Really?
Hikasa: Come visit!
Kana: I will!
Hikasa: Come!
Kana: But wait… Eh… Hiyocchi’s floor is soaking wet after all…
*They both burst out laughing*
Hikasa: It won’t be!
Kana: I’ll just have to bring some special socks then!
Hikasa: And I’ll have you sleep on the soaked floor!
*The two laugh*
Kana: That’s terrible! What’s with that!!
Hikasa: You’ll be sleep talking like “Ahh it’s wet… I’m drowning….”
Kana: That sounds horrible!
Hikasa: But really, thanks for the present!
Kana: Happy birthday!

I wonder if she asked Satou Satomi about the present when she guested on OreImo’s radio? But Kana’s really great with her friends’ birthdays isn’t she~ I’m amused she gave Hikasa a parasol for her birthday last year though lol, parasol in Japanese = “higasa/ひがさ/日傘”.

– Hikasa mentions that she cries during recordings often. Ahh Hikasa does cry easily doesn’t she~

– Kana says she doesn’t like watermelon, which shocks Hikasa. On the other hand, her favourite fruit is…

Hikasa: What’s your favourite fruit then?
Kana: Pineapple!
*Hikasa laughs* 
Kana: *laughs* What??
Hikasa: Well that’s came from an unexpected direction.
*The two laugh*
Hikasa: Not strawberries or something girly like that, but a pineapple…
*Kana’s still laughing* 
Hikasa: When someone says pineapple, well she’s not in MoshiDora but you’d expect someone like Takahashi Chiaki to say “My favourite is Pineapple! I luvv pineapple!” or someone like me saying “PINEAPPLE!!”.
Kana: Yeah I know what you mean.
Hikasa: But Hanazawa Kana and pineapples?!? That’s just off! Make it something like cherries instead!
Kana: No! That’s weird!
Hikasa: You should be like “I like strawberries~!” or “I like cherries~!” from now on!
Kana: No. Pineapple.
*The two laugh*
Hikasa: That’s hilarious!
Kana: I see, I guess people don’t list pineapple as their favourite often.
Hikasa: Yup. It’s not eaten that often after all.
Kana: Really? I eat it pretty regularly though?
Hikasa: Seriously? Wait, you mean like with pre-packaged fruit?
Kana: Nope.
Hikasa: Ehhh?! That spiky thing?!
Kana: *laughs* Nah, the ones that’s been cut up already.
Hikasa: Ah I was imagining you getting one of those spiky things and just *slam* cutting it down!


– First meeting.

Hikasa: Time passes really fast doesn’t it~
Kana: When we first met, how old were you again?
Hikasa: Hmm?  Twenty… Two?
Kana: Ah right.
Hikasa: You were in your teens at the time!
Kana: Yeah I was.
Hikasa: You… Might have been attending university at the time too. First year maybe?
Kana: Yeah I was a first year.
Hikasa: That’s scary how fast it’s been!
Kana: And I was thinking  “Ah what a wonderfully considerate woman” at the time *laughs*
Hikasa: *laughs* I was super nervous at the time! SUPER nervous!
Kana: *laughs* I see.
Hikasa: But as time goes by you really do get to meet all sorts of people!
Kana: Yeah really, it’s fun isn’t it.
Hikasa: Seriously, this industry is filled with all sorts of fun people!
Kana: Yeah.
Hikasa: There’s all of these happy go lucky people! *laughs*
Kana: Yep *laughs* There’s lots of high spirited people aren’t there.
Hikasa: Yeah! High spirited!!

If I recall correctly, these two first met in Sketchbook ~full color’S~ almost 5 years ago, though I don’t think they actually started talking to each other properly till a few years later.
I… wrote something about this somewhere before didn’t I lol.

MoshiDoRadio #10

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Name: 程高放送部~もしドラジオ~
Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2011.07.04

For this episode they start a new corner imitating as many objects/people as they can within a time limit, aiming for a certain amount of points to achieve a prize(cake). It was hilarious but… I’m not gonna write a thing about it hah. These two do match up pretty well though, I mean Hikasa says in a noble voice “I’m in the music room” and Kana immediately correctly guesses “Mozart” from that lol.

– Tanabata wishes.

Kana: What would you wish for?
Hikasa: Hmm a wish?
Kana: Yeah.
Hikasa: “For all the girls in the world to be mine” *laughs*
Kana: …”All the girls in the world“? *laughs*

Hikasa: And what about you? What would you wish for?
Kana: “To someday buy a large house
Hikasa: What a… terrible kind of wish to make…
Kana: Why?!
Hikasa: So realistic…
Kana: Well it’s in the far future. Maybe something lighter would be better for Tanabata.

– Seiyuu…

*Talking about the drivers license test*
Hikasa: You know how you have the test in a computer simulation. In that simulation you have children jumping out at you all the time!
*Kana laughs*
Hikasa: When they jump out at you at that speed it’s impossible to avoid them!! So I’ve seen myself… Run over so many children…
*The two of them laugh*
Kana: That sounds dangerous.
Hikasa: Yeah. Well it’s all just a simulation after all so you’ll get a feel for it.

Hikasa: But really even when you know it’s going to come out you can’t dodge it! And then I’m all *KYAAAA* when it happens and there was this other examinee there as well as the examiner which were both silent.
*Kana laughs*
Hikasa: And so they were shocked by the size of a seiyuu’s surprised reaction *laughs*
Kana: *laughs* But seriously! When I enter haunted houses and stuff like that I always realise that my voice goes louder than other people in there.
Hikasa: Yeah definitely!

Hikasa: Normal people don’t normally let that kind of yell out when they’re surprised it seems.
Kana: Yeah maybe they don’t yell that much when they’re startled.
Hikasa: Their reactions are also pretty small.

Hikasa: Seiyuu’s voices are really loud aren’t they.
Kana: Even their normal talking voices are loud.
Hikasa: Yeah. When they’re having fun they’re loud. “kyaahahaha!”
Kana: Yeah. Some pay attention to the noise they make though!
Hikasa: Yeah you’re the type to look out for that.

Hikasa: There was a time when we were found out when we went out to eat since our voices were so loud. We were asked “You’re not normal people are you” *laughs* And we were like “Ah we’re all seiyuu
Kana: From the volume of your voice?
Hikasa: From the volume of our voice as well as the tsukkomis and the conversations.
Kana: Ah right everyone’s pretty used to doing that.

I found this topic pretty interesting. Seiyuu/people in the entertainment industry really do act different to normal people don’t they~
Speaking of which, I remember another time recently when these two + the other three ROKYUBU members, Iguchi Yuka, Hidaka Rina and Ogura Yui were found out as well when they went out to eat and they were asked if they were idols or something or rather from the entertainment industry.

MoshiDoRadio #09

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Name: 程高放送部~もしドラジオ~
Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2011.06.20

The anime had just finished it’s broadcast at this time. This is the first time in a long while that they’ve had no guest on the show. The show is on fortnightly broadcast schedule and for the past four episodes they’ve had guests come on meaning that this is the first time in over two months that they’ve had a recording with the two of them alone.

– First time in over two months that they’ve had a recording with the two of them alone…

Hikasa: And it looks like our wonderful guest for this week is…!!
Kana: …What are you talking about??
*Hikasa laughs*
Kana: We don’t have a guest today!
Hikasa: Yeah… It’s going to be us two alone today for the first time in a while.
Kana: I guess so. It’s been a while.
Hikasa: Yeah…
Hikasa: What’s with that sudden decrease in energy?! Just because it’s just the two of us!?
Kana: *In a super bored tone* Ahh how boring…
*The two of them burst out laughing*
Hikasa: I like that about you~
*The two of them laugh again*
Kana: That’s a pretty positive way to take it. *laughs*

– Take your plain salted onigiris like a man!

Hikasa: What’s your favourite onigiri flavour?
Kana: My favourites would be… Tuna + Mayonaise and Mentaiko[Salted pollock roe]
Hikasa: Ahh there you go aiming for the top flavours…
Kana: What? Really??
*They both laugh*
Hikasa: They’re both like the top #1 and #2 in onigiri flavours!
Kana: Then Hiyocchi which flavours do you prefer then??
*They both laugh*
Hikasa: If you’re a man then you’ll silently take your salted onigiri!
Kana: What’s with that?! Are you actually a pretty downcast person?! *laughs*
*Hikasa laughs*
Kana: Let’s try and aim to eat something cuter Hiyocchi!
Hikasa: Speaking of which, one time during Moshidora we ate salted onigiri–
Kana: Yeahh we did… Along with boiled eggs…
Hikasa: Yeah boiled eggs as well as soy milk.
Kana: It was horrible!
Hikasa: Everything was COMPLETELY white!!
*They both laugh*
Hikasa: SO WHITE!!

Hikasa: Everyone makes fun of plain salted onigiri—
Kana: I don’t think they make that much fun of it…
Hikasa: But it’s sooo tasty!
Kana: Really…?
Hikasa: Yep! Try it with karaage![Fried chicken pieces]
Kana: Ah actually that sounds tasty.
Hikasa: Really!
Kana: I feel like eating them now.

I actually thought Hikasa was joking about her favourite onigiri flavour being plain salt but it looks like she was pretty serious about it haha. Well I love the plain salted flavour too so I’m happy :D

– After talking about how seeing child idols/TV stars from a while back as adults recently is really surprising they talk about their age…

Hikasa: Time really flies… And I’m 25 years old now too…
Kana: Ah really?
Hikasa: Hmm? How old are you?
Kana: Twenty two.
Hikasa: … HUH?!?! [This was a really loud shriek lol]
*Hikasa laughs*

Kana: What’s with that reaction?!
Hikasa: No way! You’re twenty two?!
Kana: Yeah twenty two…
Hikasa: ……….I actually thought you were older than me.
*They both laugh*
Kana: What?!
Hikasa: Ahh I see… I was wrong.
Kana: Yeah.
Hikasa: But time really does fly by.
Kana: Yeah, have to shape up!
Hikasa: …It felt like you were referring to me alone there.
Kana: No no!
*Hikasa laughs*
Kana: I wasn’t!

– Listener sends in a mail about skirt flipping…

Hikasa: Ahh these pervs!!
Kana: But… Flipping skirts is fun isn’t it.
Hikasa: …Ah… You’ve got those kind of interests…?
*They both burst out laughing*
Kana: What’s with that face! *laughs*

Kana: You know how at train stations you go up the stairs and stuff and there’s these high school girls in front of you.
Hikasa: Uh-huh.
Kana: And you can almost see their panties but you can’t.
Hikasa: Yeah.
Kana: And you’re like “Ahh!! Just a little bit moreee!” and you want to just *flip* it?
Hikasa: Well I wouldn’t *flip* it. I’d just incline my head lower while looking upwards…
Kana: You can’t do that!! *laughs*
*Hikasa laughs*
Kana: You’re completely peeking at that point!
Hikasa: Well you know, when I was in high school we were always keeping an eye on our skirts.
Kana: Yeah we were too…. They’re pretty unrestrained about it nowadays aren’t they…
Hikasa: Yeah they don’t really pay attention to it anymore…
Kana: And so I want to know what kind of panties the high school girls of today wear.
Hikasa: Maybe they’re… Not wearing any.
Kana: …Eh?
*Hikasa laughs*
Kana: …No panties?
Hikasa: And they’re all “So close but you can’t see anything!” with their skirts!
Kana: Yeah seriously! How sneaky is that!
Hikasa: Maybe the high school girls of today wear things like thongs and stuff! *laughs*
Kana: Ehh?! What?!
Hikasa: Nooo!
Kana: That’s really aggressive!
Hikasa: Don’t become adults just yet!!

These two are talking like perverted old men lol.

– Talking about being stepped on…

Kana: Hiyocchi, you’re an M aren’t you?
Hikasa: I’m M but… I don’t want to be stepped on.
*They both laugh*
Hikasa: I like being teased in the mental sorta way~
Kana: “Mental sorta way“?? *laughs*
Hikasa: *laughs* I don’t like the physical stuff!
Kana: Yeah that’s pretty bad isn’t it.
Hikasa: Like how they pour candle wax and stuff on you…
Kana: *laughs* Err… Yeah…
Hikasa: That stuff burns!
Kana: Seriously!
Hikasa: No way would I want to go through stuff like that! I might get burnt!
Kana: Yeah! And also whipping and things like that would hurt too.
Hikasa: Yeah no way!

Hikasa: How about you?
Kana: People have said that I’m S…
Hikasa: With me you’re definitely an S.
Kana: Yeah it might change depending on who I’m with.

– Ending thoughts.

Hikasa: It’s been a while since we’ve done a radio with just us two.
Kana: The recording atmosphere was pretty relaxed. It was nice.
Hikasa: And you look really sleepy now too *laughs*
Kana: I was thinking “Ah it’s over” *laughs*
Hikasa: And you were so energetic this morning too! *laughs*
Kana: Well you know—
Hikasa: It was relaxing?
Kana: Yeah.
Hikasa: Now come leap into my arms~
*Kana laughs awkwardly*
Hikasa: Come on!
Kana: …Eh?
Hikasa: I stand here like St. Mary with my arms open waiting for you~
Kana: …Hey… Can you stop with the jokes with no punchline?
*They both burst out laughing*
Hikasa: Well yeah… I guess they don’t have much of a punchline.
Kana: Yeah your jokes are like that!

Ahh the conversations between these two are priceless :D. The way these two don’t hold back with one another is so wonderful <3.

It’s… Been quite sometime since I’ve written about MoshiDoRadio but I still intend to finish it lol.

MoshiDoRadio #08

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Name: 程高放送部~もしドラジオ~
Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko
Guest: Suyama Akio
Date: 2011.06.06

Episode 8 has the childhood friend Kashiwagi Jiro’s seiyuu Suyama Akio.

– When talking about marriage Hikasa asks Kana if she wants to get married and Kana says she does. She says she’d like to have her marriage at a lone island or so :O

– Hikasa laughs that if they go to a lone island Kana will have to be naked for the wedding lol. Or at least topless. Kana laughs but tells her off for saying dirty material. It seems like Kana’s told Hikasa beforehand not to say dirty material on radio with her lol.

– Kana says there’s a surprise today, referring to the guest coming on to the show and Hikasa panics thinking that they’d play a prank on her lol. Kana laughs saying that as if that would happen and Hikasa laughs that it happens all the time on a certain other radio she works on. Yeah Momonoki’s traumatised her ahaha.

– They mention that they haven’t met with Suyama ever since the recordings, going on to say that it was quite a few months ago at around April. Oh that means the anime was aired almost immediately after the recordings were completed.

– Apparently the reason Suyama became a seiyuu was because someone else aiming to become one had encouraged him to do so as well :O

– Hikasa had left her script at home for one of the recordings. She laughed remembering that she wanted to go home and get it but there was only 5 minutes till the recording started D:

– Suyama’s hometown is Osaka. He adds that he’s been in Tokyo for longer than he’s been in Osaka now though.

– Suyama is a fan of Hello Project’s groups and says he attends their concerts waving lightsticks heh.

– When talking about SNSD the three of them comment that their legs are amazing lol.

– Suyama laughs that the crowd is so enthusiastic and active that when he attends their concerts he loses 2 kilos lol.

– Suyama talks about how he watched Space Battle Ship Yamato and Gundam when he was in school and they ask how old he is. He replies that he’s turning 43 this year to their complete surprise and they exclaim that he really doesn’t look it. I agree :O I thought he was 30 or so :O. Kana exclaims that it’s really hard to tell the ages of seiyuu from their looks hah.

– Hikasa says she was crying really hard at the end of the Moshidora last episode recording :O

– Suyama’s first impression of Kana was “Ah she looks like a mature and well behaved person”

– Hikasa says she’s actually pretty shy and quiet when meeting people for the first time and Kana says that she had thought she was a bit scary at first lol.

– Hikasa’s stomach grumbles during the recording lol. She laughs and says she wants to eat a donut =3

Hmm other than that long OreImo radio post, I haven’t been writing many transcripts in my posts recently. I’m not exactly sure what it is about an exchange that makes me want to transcribe and translate instead of blurb though.

MoshiDoRadio #07

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Name: 程高放送部~もしドラジオ~
Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko
Guest: momo
Date: 2011.05.23

Ooh it moves~ This episode guests the ending theme’s singer Momo. She’s 14 years old and still in middle school if I recall correctly.

– Momo lives in Hokkaido and it she came from there for the radio recording :O I’m guessing she’s not in Tokyo for that sole purpose though.

– Traveling is a technique in basketball!

momo: I’m pretty bad at ball sports like Basketball. Could you give me a few pointers on it?
Kana + Hikasa: Ohh err..
Hikasa: You should tell her that one!
Kana: Huh? Oh that one.
Hikasa: Yeah that one!
Kana: What’s it called… Traveling! *laughs*

Kana: And dunking!
Hikasa: Yeah dunking! …Sorry we’re not being that helpful *laughs*

– Hikasa loves Hokkaido and says shes been there about three times. Kana in turn has been there once when she was really small.

– Momo says she tries to make eye contact with the audience when she sings and Kana laughs saying that she tries as hard as she can not to, while Hikasa agrees and says she looks at the sky as far as she can lol

– Momo watched MoshiDora to the end and loved it.

– Apparently Hikasa didn’t start playing games as a child and picked them up later :O

– They’re doing a quiz to see if they can answer questions a middle school student would know to prove themselves as middle school girls lol.

Hikasa: Whoever wins will get a reward! Try and guess it!
Kana: The theme is middle school right…? Sailor uniform?
Hikasa: Wow! …I don’t want that!
Kana: Yeah same.
Hikasa: Well if you think about middle school girls, heres a hint. “JC”
Kana: …JC?
Hikasa: What comes to mind when you think of JC?
Kana: …JC Staff (Animation Company)
Hikasa: That’s wrong! *laughs* This is I.G.! Moshidora is done by I.G.!
Kana: Sorry!!
Hikasa: JC is for JuiCy! The reward is chocolate!

How in the world does JC lead to chocolate. For that matter, how does “juicy” lead from Middle school girls?! EDIT: Apparently JC stands for “Joshi Chuu Gakusei”/”Middle School Girl”, that’s where the connection comes from :O

– The two of them had no intention of answering correctly at the start lol. They answer questions like “What do middle school girls do to relax?” with Hikasa: “PUNCHING MACHINE!” Kana: “SMASH A COLLARBONE!!” ahaha. They did answer the last two correct though lol. One of them was doing an imitation and the other was “What’s a special trait of elephants?” A: Nose. What’s with that free question?!

– Hikasa’s written message and drawing as a BluRay extra.

Kana: Yeah you drew a picture too. It’s really cute!
Momo: Yeah it really is!
Hikasa: This… Took a really long time to draw *laughs*

Momo came dressed in the Hodokubo High School gym uniform lol. The two fawned over her quite a bit.

MoshiDoRadio #06

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Name: 程高放送部~もしドラジオ~
Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko
Guest: Nakaya Sayaka
Date: 2011.05.09

Hikasa mentions that it’s the morning right now. Also Hikasa’s introduction has been lengthened even further lol.

– The two of them comment that they’ve been meeting up really often lately and “moving their bodies” lol. That would definitely be those Rokyubu dance lessons HanaKana was talking about on her HitoKana radio. They mention that they’re going there right after this recording and they seem kinda reluctant lol. It must be pretty tiring.

– Kana says that Hikasa’s been calling her “Kana” with no honorifics and she’s been happy about that.

– It’s still morning if I just woke up!

Hikasa: “Well it’s still morning!”
Kana: “But it’s more like the afternoon now”
Hikasa: “…But I just woke up!”
Kana: “…Well that’s just you”

– Hikasa notes that Nakaya’s jumper is similar to what Hikasa wore at the Moshidora event.

Hikasa: “Ah I wore a similar red white striped top for the Moshidora event!”
Kana: “Ehh really? …Don’t put her in the same category as you!”
Hikasa: “Ah sorry, but I’m glad we’re red white stripe comrades!”
Nakaya: “I’m glad too!”
Kana: “Yeah it’s like Wally![from Where’s Wally]
Hikasa: “…Really now, Wally?”

– Quick quiz for Nakaya

What are your special skills and interests?
Cooking, or thats what I’m planning to be good at! And I like sleeping.

Favourite food?
Curry and Salad

What would you say fits you as a catchphrase?
Half of me is made of kindness~

When was a time you thought you were a mature woman?
When I had my nails done.

How would you describe your character in a sentence?
A model student, but is actually a bit crazy.

What did try you keep in mind while you were acting her?
A floaty sorta feeling.

– Hikasa had been writing frantically during the quick quiz but Kana noticed that she didn’t write anything at all in the end and they laughed that the pen had no ink lol.


Kana: “I like her[Nakaya’s] legs”
Nakaya: “Eh?”
Hikasa: “Yeah during the recordings I’m always staring at her legs”
Nakaya: “What? Really? *laughs*
Hikasa: “Sorry for the sexual harassment”

– They talk about going to eat curry after the recording together.

– The two of them mention that they asked Nakaya to teach them a bit of dancing.

– When talking about Nakaya’s catchphrase, Hikasa says Kakihara Tetsuya is probably made up of 100% pain-to-deal-with LOL

– Guys don’t get nail art

Hikasa: “Boys don’t notice nail art at all! And when they do, they’re like “Whats with the blood on your fingernails.” when it’s red!

Hikasa: “And when it’s blue they’re like “Are you sick?”

They comment that Hikasa’s pink coloured nails were cute though.

– Nakaya says that she modeled her image of her character after Watanabe Mayu/Mayuyu, another member of AKB48. Judging by her reaction, it looks like Kana’s a fan of her :O. Hold on was that the AKB48 girl who Ayana and Kana were fangirling about on OreImo radio that time? *checks* Yeah it was :O

– They play around at answering with Nakaya’s character’s “Eh ah hai” to anything. Kana asks if Nakaya wants to eat a manjuu and she replies with the normal “eh ah hai” and they cheer that it’s the real thing. They then ask Hikasa and she’s like “Eeeh? aaAH? HAAIii” and they laugh at the way she replies lol. Hikasa then goes to Kana with “KANA DO YOU WANNA EAT THIS” and chucks it at her, to which Kana says

Kana: “Oi! Why are you throwing it at me??”
Hikasa: “Where’s my ‘Eh Ah Hai’?! That’s against the rules!”

Hikasa then goes on to ask her for money and Kana replies “Eh…? Ah… Hai…” really reluctantly lol.

– Kana comments that whenever Hikasa’s at a recording the place brightens up <3… And Hikasa gets all embarassed ahaha.

– Hikasa talks about a big mistake in reading during one of the MoshiDora episode recordings where she had said “Our school is a factory!”. She talked about this on that NHK confession corner too.

– Kana makes a comment that Nakaya would look good in spats and then laments that she’ll probably be told off by her manager later on. Hikasa joins in and says that both of them will probably be told not to come near her ahaha.

Hikasa and Kana really are getting closer <3 Their jokes and jabs between each other are really wonderful :D

MoshiDoRadio #05

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Name: 程高放送部~もしドラジオ~
Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko
Guest: Azusa
Date: 2011.04.25

The opening introduction for Hikasa has grown to include “Happy go lucky” lol. “Hikasa Youko, the happy go lucky moodmaker of your heart!”

– The anime has just started airing \o/

– They mention that they haven’t met since the live audience recording almost two months ago.

Azusa: “My hobbies..? Err… My hobbies are… Drinking”

– Azusa says she came up with the “Yume Note” part before thinking of the play on words with “Yume no Oto” in the OP. Hikasa really loves that bit of the lyrics lol.

– When do you normally think up your songs?

Azusa: “Normally when I’m on my way home. Or out on a walk. Usually while I’m outside. You know the tempo of when you’re walking, doesn’t it seem like you could sing along to that rhythm?”
Hikasa: “Oh! Like how you fall asleep easily when you’re riding on something that’s moving?”
Azusa + Kana: “…Huh?”

– Hikasa says she drenches the floor of the room she sleeps in to keep the room humid to make sure her throat doesn’t dry up… Whaaat?? She says to do it in hotels and stuff lol. The other two are really surprised lol. I… Can’t tell if she’s joking or not lol. She says that the director of the agency does it and advises them to do it. Ehhh realllyyy? I’m Entertainment’s prettty crazy.

– Kana says she sucks on lots of honey drops to keep her throat healthy. Azusa on the other hand normally drinks milk before she sings in Karaoke and stuff to try and help protect her throat.

– Hikasa asks Azusa if there’s Nattou in Amamioshima, her hometown and Kana laughs, telling her off for making fun of the rural town lol. Of course there’s nattou there!

– AB? Ebi?

Hikasa: “If I was asked what blood type I was I’d just be like “…I’m O””
Kana: “Yeah just like “I’m AB”
Hikasa: “AB…? Do you eat shrimp often?” [shrimp = ebi in JP, which sounds like the letters AB. Basically it’s a pun lol]
Kana: “…Shut up! *laughs*

– The three of them talk about organising a girls night out for them to go drinking :D. They decide to do it at Hikasa’s place and Azusa laughs that wouldn’t the floor be all soggy and wet? Ahahaha. They decide to take a look out of curiousity.

Next episode has an AKB48 girl guesting on the show… Looks like she voiced a character in the anime. I don’t care much for AKB48 so I’m gonna have to try and work up some motivation to listen to it lawl.

The radio is still continuing with another episode slated to be broadcast on the 23rd of May. I wonder if this’ll be the final episode since the anime would have finished airing by then. I hope not :(

We’ll see.

MoshiDoRadio #04

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Name: 程高放送部~もしドラジオ~
Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2011.04.11

The opening script has Hikasa introducing herself as “The mood maker of your heart of happiness!” They laugh at it but Kana says she should write that on her profile because it fits her so well <3

Hikasa: “Err well I wouldn’t be able to come to any serious jobs would I?”
Kana: “*laughs* That’s true”
Hikasa: “They’d be like ‘I wonder what this ‘mood maker of your heart of happiness’ is going to come here and do?'”

– The two of them want to go see the sakura bloom, and decide they should go during a broadcast sometime. Seems like there’s a school nearby the recording studio too :O. They also mention that they want to do another live audience event outdoors, in summer or something. Kana wonders if the radio will still be going then :O

– When talking about who they’d like to call on to guest, Hikasa mentioned that Kakihara Tetsuya had said that he’d like to come on, but Kana rejects the idea immediately :O. Hikasa asks why and she says that she doesn’t know what to talk to him about lol. Kana says she’s interested in hearing how chaotic the conversations between Hikasa and Kakihara would be.

– Hikasa says that although she can talk to him and he’s an interesting person and she likes him, supposedly there’s something about him she doesn’t like (lol poor Kakky), mentioning that she’s kinda scared of him, and Kana says that she can see that, since she’s noticed Hikasa has seemed a bit intimidated by him at times. She makes it clear that she still likes him as a person though lol. In the end, it seems like both of them don’t wan’t Kakihara to come guest haha.

– They comment that Asanuma Shintaro had also said he had wanted to come, and the two of them talk about how interesting and nice he is as a person so they’d be happy to have him come on. Speaking of which, Asanuma came to guest on Kana’s solo radio show in her latest episode as well.

– It looks like it might be pretty likely that he’ll come on to guest, they start organising it between the two of them with Hikasa telling Kana to ask him since they’re with the same agency and Kana responding that she knows his manager and can ask him.

– Hikasa keeps commenting on Kana’s front forehead bangs, to Kana’s annoyance, ever since she heard Kakihara comment on it to her and she tells everyone to look at them in the radio photo, to which Kana tells everyone not to. This is why she’s hiding them with her hands in the photo lol.

Kana: “I think it’s wonderful how you’re always so cheerful and bright no matter when and where you are Hiyocchi!”
Hikasa: “Really?? I’ll say a good point I like about you too!”
Kana: “…What is it?”
Hikasa: “How your forehead bangs are almost at your eye height! *Bursts out laughing*
Kana: “*Laughs along* SHUT UP ABOUT THAT!!

– The two of them talk briefly about Hikasa’s appearance on Azusa’s Yume Note CM. Kana hadn’t seen it and she said she’d really love to see it. Apparently the pitching machine could only be set to pitch at 130 km/h and she couldn’t hit it at all haha. For the actual CM you can see her just barely hitting it off in random directions lol. Incidentally here’s the CM:

video platform video management video solutions video player

– While talking about bentou/lunchboxes, the two of them comment that barely any seiyuu bring in their own homemade bentou/lunchboxes to eat.

– The two of them find that they both have a fetish for suits and glasses lol. Hikasa then goes on to say that she loves the image of when they finish work and are at home that they loosen their tie. That gesture. Kana adds that she’d love to loosen it for them <3

– Apparently Hikasa hasn’t tried Thai curry before.

– Looks like the male cast members of Moshidora had a drinking party without the two of them, and they were complaining about how they weren’t invited haha.

– Listeners keep sending in mail talking about how “Angelic” Kana is, which is material from Angel Beats with Kana voicing the character “Tenshi[Angel]“. Upon hearing this Hikasa says “What about me! What about me??” Kana thinks about it for a moment and Hikasa herself intercedes with “Devil” lol

If they’re broadcasting each episode of the anime daily for 10 days starting from April 25th… I wonder how much longer the radio will go on for? :O


MoshiDoRadio #03

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Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2011.03.28

Kana comments that the live recording last episode was really tiring and Hikasa agrees.

– Hikasa says she gets hayfever, and Kana says that she’s seen Hikasa always sniffing lol. You can hear her sniffing and playing with tissues throughout the recording lol.

Hikasa: “I want to hug the tissues, they should just become a part of me”

– Kana says she gets hay fever as well, but this year she seems to be pretty resistant to it. She starts singing the Mario Kart star music, but Hikasa doesn’t recognise it at all, asking if she’s singing some kind of mexican samba music ahaha.

– Kana is a fan of baseball :O The two of them start talking about players and teams for a while lol. Incidentally Hikasa was a centre in middle school first year for her softball club and a shortstop + pitcher in her 2nd year onwards.

– They said that they were given cream puffs as snacks during the anime recording :D They sounded so happy recalling it haha.

– They probably spent almost half the time talking about food and sweets lol. Hikasa comments about this and Kana says “It’s okay, it’s a radio between girls after all” lol.

– The two of them comment that the background environment conversations recorded between the seiyuu for Moshidora were really crazy :O I’m gonna have to keep an ear out for that.

– While talking about getting hit by the ball.

Hikasa: “I’ve been hit on the head by the ball before.”
Kana: “Wow were you okay?”
Hikasa: “Also… Well I want this cut out, put a censor sound for it okay? I was also hit at *beeeep*”
Kana: “Why in the world are you saying this?? Hikasa you’re a girl aren’t you?!”

She probably got hit in her nether regions ahaha.

– A listener says “If Hikasa was a female comedian she she wouldn’t be much different” Hikasa says that things would definitely change but Kana disagrees saying that Hikasa would pretty much be the same haha. She then says that the big difference is because she wouldn’t have become involved with MoshiDora! …And mumbles that she probably wouldn’t act any different lol.

– Hikasa congratulates Kana for graduating from University \o/

– Kana tells Hikasa that this is the first time she’s done a radio with a senior as crazy as Hikasa lol. Hikasa also comments that this is the first time that she’s done a radio with someone who tsukkomis her so sharply haha. Yeah Kana’s pretty strong with her stabs lol. Kana apologises and says to tell her when she hits too hard lol.

Hikasa: “Ah don’t worry, I’m basically an M anyway”
Kana: “I see… Wait! I never asked you about that!”
Hikasa: “So yeah, I’m just happy to take it. You could say I enjoy it”
Kana: “Eh okay so next time maybe I should bring a whip or something”
Hikasa: “Well that would kinda hurt… Just don’t hit the face, I’d be like “Kana, not the face!””
Kana: “What kind of radio would that turn out to be!?”

The tsukkomi boke combination of Kana + Hikasa is so great <3

MoshiDoRadio #02

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Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko
Guests: Azusa, Momo
Date: Recording date – 08.03.2011; Broadcast date – 14.03.2011

Rather than a normal radio episode it’s a recording of a live audience event for Moshidora with Azusa + Momo(the OP and ED singers respectively) coming to guest. This episode came out on the 14th, after the earthquake but the actual event was held a couple days earlier on the eighth.

– The two of them comment that having a live audience event on the second radio episode is kinda weird. No wonder it feels more like an anime event rather than a live audience radio recording.

– Kana comments that Hikasa is a moodmaker, wherever she is she livens the place up <3. Hikasa always reacts badly when being praised so you can hear her getting flustered ahaha.

– Hikasa makes a whole bunch of funny faces to the audience to make them laugh and Kana lightly scolds her for it
Kana: “Hey you’re an actress you shouldn’t do faces like that!”
Hikasa: “Ah Kana scolded me in place of my manager”
Lol I’m pretty sure I’ve heard Hikasa talking about her manager scolding her about how she acts a couple of times before too lol

– Momo is apparently 14 years old lol. Wow the audience is going crazy over her ahaha OTL. Her voice is really cute though <3

– Momo’s also there in a school uniform lol.

– They say that Momo’s voice while singing is completely different to her speaking voice. Hikasa thought she was an older woman when she first heard the song and was really surprised to find out Momo was 14 years old.

– They start asking the guests a series of questions:

– Where is your hometown?
Azusa’s hometown: Amami-Oshima
Momo’s hometown: Hokkaido

– Reason for entering the music industry
Azusa: “Before I realised it I was already singing
Momo: “I’ve loved singing ever since I was small”

– Do you use slippers at home or are you barefoot?
Kana: “What in the world are you asking?!”
Hikasa: “I don’t know! It’s written here!!”
Azusa: “Slippers for the kitchen”
Momo: “Barefoot everywhere!”
*Audience cheers at Momo declaring her barefeetness*
Kana: “Oi! Don’t go crazy over that!”

– What do you think about Moshidora?
Azusa: I think the stuff in there can really come into use.
Momo: I agree!

– When you clean your ears do you use swabs or an earpick?
Kana: “Huh? Again, what is with these questions?!”
Azusa: “I don’t use any of them!”
Kana+Hikasa: “What? Wait then how—- Ah, wait we’ll ask about it later”
Momo: “Cotton Swabs!”

– Apparently Azusa started composing and creating her own songs from when she was in her first year of high school.

– Continuing from the ear cleaning question: Azusa uses her finger to clear her ears. Hikasa asked Kana and Kana turned out to use swabs as well. Hikasa also uses swabs.

– What club were you in at school?
Azusa: “In elementary school I was in the Kendo club for three years from third year to sixth”
Momo: “Elementary school I was in the dancing club. Now I’m in the go home club”
Hikasa: “Softball Club”
Kana: “I was the vice president in the student council”
I knew Hikasa was in the Softball club but I didn’t know Kana was the vice prez for the student council :O Unexpected.

– Hikasa has tongue twisters posted up in her bathroom :O How dilligent \o/.

The Hanazawa+Hikasa combination is great <3 I really enjoyed this episode, MoshiDoRadio is a really fun listen :D

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