Radio in the Vampire Bund #12

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Hosts: Saitou Chiwa, Yuuki Aoi
Guest: Nakamura Yuuichi(for the first half), Nakano Aiko(for the second half)
Date: 2010.03.19

Radio show for the anime series “Dance in the Vampire Bund” hosted by Yuuki Aoi (Mina Tepes) and Saitou Chiwa (Saegusa Yuki). The radio show was the first radio Yuuki has been the host of and started a couple months before Ichiban Ushiro Daimaou’s radio had and continued parallel until it’s end a month after Daimaou’s had started. This particular episode was about a month before Daimaou’s radio had begun to air.

The two of them open up the show with “YES YOU-KYAN”, in reference to Nakamura lol.

– Chiwa says she was amused by her taking the younger innocent girl role, Aoi tells her it’s because her voice is cute so it’s fine!

– The two of them tell Nakamura that he’s similar to Akira, to his surprise.

– Aoi tells Nakamura that her impression of him is the same as his character, due to this being the first time she’s worked with him and seeing him represented as his character. Nakamura then says that it was lucky that the first time they worked with each other was this, if it had been one where he played a terrible person, would she see him that way? lol

– Aoi says she thinks Nakamura is cool cause of the stuff she reads about him in magazine interviews lol, he vehemently denies it blaming the effect on the writer lol, You-kyan so cute~

– When asked “Who would you prefer, Mina or Yuki?” Nakamura says “Ahh well.. Vera(the maid/servant/woman working for Mina)” Aoi pretends to get depressed and Nakamura tries to explain himself saying Mina is a bit “dangerous”(*cough* not legal *cough* lol), but he then relents saying “Fine, Mina it is” in an obvious ‘I don’t mean it’ voice lol.
Aoi: “If he says it in that nice a voice I’m happy <3”
Nakamura: “Eh.. I didn’t use a particularly nice voice”
Aoi: “All seiyuu, Chiwa included!, even when not voice acting, all have really nice voices”

– Nakamura says he avoids strong willed women, and Vampire Bund is filled with them lol. “They scare me”

– Nakamura complements Aoi as a seiyuu <3 (But really, he wouldn’t criticise her on radio lol)

– Nakamura leaves and Nakano Aiko comes in.

– When talking about Nakamura, Aiko mentions that she had written a song for his Gundam 00 character “”Graham Aker”. Aoi fangirl squealed at the mention of Graham and Gundam 00 lol

The radio almost always has a guest come onto the show, if I recall correctly only one episode out of sixteen had no guests appearing. With this said though, Nakamura is the first, and last, of the cast to come on to the show, all the other guests have been staff members such as the script writer and composer as well as the OP and ED singers. In fact Nakano Aiko comes on the show for the majority of the episodes at about eleven times over the sixteen episodes.

Also I’m not sure if I’ve said this before, but Nakamura Yuuichi is like my favourite male seiyuu <3

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