Seikon no Qwaser Radio! St. Mikhailov Academy’s Broadcasting Club #3

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Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2010.01.08

The staff has it written on the radio opening script to introduce themselves as their middle school nicknames they spoke about last episode, Toyohiko and Geru for Aki and Hikasa respectively lol.
The anime series is about to begin airing on television.

– Hikasa laments that, being 24 years old, she’s gonna have to be the one giving out the end of year gifts rather than recieving them. Aki still recieved some this year :D.

– Talking about how they spend the New Years.
Aki: “How do you spend your New Years? Do you relax or are you active?”
Hikasa: “I laze around! I stay inside the kotatsu and never come out!”
Aki: “Same here!”

Hikasa: “I hear some people go overseas, or Okinawa or something like that”
Aki: “Ah that sounds great…”
Hikasa: “Yeah what the hell, overseas!? Going overseas?!”
Sorry Hikasa, I used to go overseas at the end of the year too OTL

– A listener sends in a mail talking about him loving how in sync the two of them are, to which they break into a fit of giggles lol.

– Hikasa talks about when she attended her first audition, she was really nervous and when it was her turn to stand at the microphone she had brought her pen in one hand along with the script in the other. While she was all hyped up and had her turn at the microphone, subconsciously she was clicking the pen in her hand over and over throughout the recording without realising, and then the staff told her “Umm sorry, but could you stop clicking the pen”, to her embarrassment lol. Ah that’s so cute Hiyochhi~ <3
Incidentally she passed that audition lol \o/

– At the end of the show the two of them were surprised that they’ve been talking for about an hour <3

The staff add sound effects such as correct/incorrect SEs and halt the BGM as well as adding echoes among other things while the show is being recorded and the two of them can hear the effect, which is not totally uncommon but still pretty interesting particularly when they react to the sound effects, bgm changes and especially when the staff adds echo when the two aren’t expecting it lol.

Seikon no Qwaser Radio! St. Mikhailov Academy’s Broadcasting Club #2

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Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2009.12.18

Hikasa’s so crazy, I’ve been loving her work so much recently :D

– Aki first found out about her co-hosting the radio with Hikasa when her manager told her “I’ve got news you’d be happy to hear” and she was overjoyed to find it out, saying she was dancing in happiness :D

– Hikasa found out when Aki told her, while smirking the whole time like she couldn’t wait to let her know. Apparently she didn’t find out from her manager first because he wanted to surprise her with the news lol.

– Aki was overflowing with compliments for Faylan again this episode :D

– Hikasa mispronounces the ED “Passionate Squall” as “Hassionail(Hasshioneiru?) Squall” ahahah

– When Hikasa asks how Aki’s feeling about the radio show, Aki say’s “It’s… Tiring, in a good way” Well the two of them are screaming and getting so carried away during the show so I’m not surprised.

Also I didn’t mention it last time, but the radio aired fortnightly till it’s end on it’s 21st episode in mid June, right about when the final episode of the anime had aired. The show has only had two seiyuu guests on the show, actually probably three since Yousei Teikoku’s vocalist is Itsuki Yui. Other than Yousei Teikoku and Faylan, Kawasumi Ayako and Chihara Minori has come on the show(<3). Also, I love the staff for gathering these two for the radio on their own accord :D

Seikon no Qwaser Radio! St. Mikhailov Academy’s Broadcasting Club #1

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Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2009.12.04

“Seikon no Qwaser Radio! St. Mikhailov Academy’s Broadcasting Club” abbreviated as “QwaRaji” hosted by Yamanobe Tomo’s Toyosaki Aki and Katsuragi Hana’s Hikasa Youko. I haven’t actually seen the anime(lol). The radio started a month or so before the broadcast of the anime had begun.

– At the start Hikasa says she’s nervous, which Aki rebukes calling her a liar :D

– Aki says she’s met Faylan, the singer of Seikon’s OP, before while Hikasa hasnt. Aki described her as “A really nice person, though she’s so cool when she’s singing, when I met her in person she was so polite, she was really wonderful <3” They wonder if they could get to come guest on the show. Incidentally they eventually do get her to come on to the show on the fourth episode :D

– Hikasa comments that though she calls Aki “Akkyo”, no one else calls her Akkyo. This also applies to Aki calling Hikasa “Yocchan” though no one else calls her that, which they find amusing. They say they can’t remember when Hikasa started calling Aki “Akkyo” nor why, but they remember Aki calling her Yoko-chan until switching to Yocchan when they became closer friends.

– During Middle school Hikasa’s nickname was “Geru” lol, upon hearing this Aki asks “…This was a nickname given to you by ‘friends’ right?” Ahah

– When talking about similarities between them and their characters, they agree that both Aki and her character Tomo loves to hum a lot.

– I loved how the two of them danced around the ero aspect of the anime :D
Aki: “The anime is a little ero” ; Yeah I wouldn’t say a little D:

Aki: “Everyone should watch the anime, and see all the impactful scenes, the ones I’m sure that will leave a mark in your heart and mind!”
Hikasa: “Yeah, for all you adults only though!”

Aki has implied it before on her Okaeri Radio, but Hikasa seems to be her closest friend in the seiyuu world and she’s really relaxed here, both of them spiral out of control on this radio and it makes for a really fun listen :D

Radio in the Vampire Bund #12

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Hosts: Saitou Chiwa, Yuuki Aoi
Guest: Nakamura Yuuichi(for the first half), Nakano Aiko(for the second half)
Date: 2010.03.19

Radio show for the anime series “Dance in the Vampire Bund” hosted by Yuuki Aoi (Mina Tepes) and Saitou Chiwa (Saegusa Yuki). The radio show was the first radio Yuuki has been the host of and started a couple months before Ichiban Ushiro Daimaou’s radio had and continued parallel until it’s end a month after Daimaou’s had started. This particular episode was about a month before Daimaou’s radio had begun to air.

The two of them open up the show with “YES YOU-KYAN”, in reference to Nakamura lol.

– Chiwa says she was amused by her taking the younger innocent girl role, Aoi tells her it’s because her voice is cute so it’s fine!

– The two of them tell Nakamura that he’s similar to Akira, to his surprise.

– Aoi tells Nakamura that her impression of him is the same as his character, due to this being the first time she’s worked with him and seeing him represented as his character. Nakamura then says that it was lucky that the first time they worked with each other was this, if it had been one where he played a terrible person, would she see him that way? lol

– Aoi says she thinks Nakamura is cool cause of the stuff she reads about him in magazine interviews lol, he vehemently denies it blaming the effect on the writer lol, You-kyan so cute~

– When asked “Who would you prefer, Mina or Yuki?” Nakamura says “Ahh well.. Vera(the maid/servant/woman working for Mina)” Aoi pretends to get depressed and Nakamura tries to explain himself saying Mina is a bit “dangerous”(*cough* not legal *cough* lol), but he then relents saying “Fine, Mina it is” in an obvious ‘I don’t mean it’ voice lol.
Aoi: “If he says it in that nice a voice I’m happy <3”
Nakamura: “Eh.. I didn’t use a particularly nice voice”
Aoi: “All seiyuu, Chiwa included!, even when not voice acting, all have really nice voices”

– Nakamura says he avoids strong willed women, and Vampire Bund is filled with them lol. “They scare me”

– Nakamura complements Aoi as a seiyuu <3 (But really, he wouldn’t criticise her on radio lol)

– Nakamura leaves and Nakano Aiko comes in.

– When talking about Nakamura, Aiko mentions that she had written a song for his Gundam 00 character “”Graham Aker”. Aoi fangirl squealed at the mention of Graham and Gundam 00 lol

The radio almost always has a guest come onto the show, if I recall correctly only one episode out of sixteen had no guests appearing. With this said though, Nakamura is the first, and last, of the cast to come on to the show, all the other guests have been staff members such as the script writer and composer as well as the OP and ED singers. In fact Nakano Aiko comes on the show for the majority of the episodes at about eleven times over the sixteen episodes.

Also I’m not sure if I’ve said this before, but Nakamura Yuuichi is like my favourite male seiyuu <3

Ichiban Ushiro no MugenDaiRajiOu #1

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Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko, Yuuki Aoi
Date: 2010.04.01

Radio for the anime series “Ichiban Ushiro Daimaou”. The name is a mesh of puns, firstly “Ichiban Ushiro” is straight from the anime itself, “Mugendai” means infinity, and is probably a reference to the OP, REALOVE:REALIFE’s lyrics, while “RajiOu” is a merge of “Radio + Ou(king)” combining them all to get “DaiRajiOu”. Yeah it’s still complicated but whatever.
The show is hosted by Soga Keena’s Toyosaki Aki, Korone’s Yuuki Aoi and Hattori Junko’s Hikasa Youko and airs fortnightly for only 8 episodes. The final four episodes all have different guests coming on to the show, starting with Itou Shizuka then to Kondou Takeshi –> Takahashi Chiaki and ending with Hirohashi Ryou.

– Aoi had brought a home baked cake to the anime recording for everyone to eat, seems like during valentines she brought chocolates for everyone as well :O How wonderful <3

– Aki tells Aoi that if Hikasa and Aki are getting too carried away that she’s free to tell them to shut up lol.

– A listener asks if they’ve taken the very back seat in school before, Aoi says she hasn’t saying that whenever she wanted to, the teacher wouldn’t let her because she was too short lol. Aoi is about 145 cm if I recall correctly. Now that I think about it, the height difference between her and Aki is about 25 cm lol.

Aoi: “The teacher said I wouldn’t be able to see from back there but I argued with him saying ‘I’ll do my best to grow!'”
Hikasa + Aki: “What? Grow??”
Aoi: “You know how when people are put in a tough situation they’ll do their best to overcome it!”

Lol Aoi, I don’t think it works quite that way =P

– Aki took the back seat quite often, even though it was decided by lottery :O

– Aoi says that she’s the same height as her mum and wears similar everyday clothes to her so from behind people can’t tell which is which lol.

– Aki says that recently she’s been getting up early and cooking a really traditional japanese breakfast every morning for herself, to which Hikasa says “Oh! :O I want to make you my wife. Number one cohort for being my wife!”

– The staff brought in rice due to Aki’s character’s love of rice, to Hikasa(false?) and Aki’s delight, Hikasa then gives up on the charade and says ” What in the world’s up with this radio? You’re giving us rice out of nowhere?!” Ahaha.

– Aki starts eating the rice lol, and she does a cooking style type reaction to the wonderfulness of the rice OTL

Aki: “I feel like dancing! No! The rice is dancing inside my mouth!”

Apparently the other two weren’t allowed to eat the rice, to their disappointment.

– Aoi comments that Korone says a lot of complicated words in her jokes that she doesn’t understand, and she wants to look them up in the dictionary. For those who haven’t seen the anime, these “complicated words” are perverted terms and colloquialisms lol.  Aki and Hikasa tells Aoi not to look them up, for her own good lol, saying that they need to protect her from this stuff ahaha.

Aki seemed like she genuinely enjoyed eating the rice alone lol.

Kurenai Radio Otona no Jikan #7

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Hosts: Kuroda Takaya, Sanada Asami
Guests: Shintani Ryouko and Yuuki Aoi
Date: 2008.04.30

Yuuki Aoi and Shintani Ryouko comes to guest for their second time a week after their previous guesting. Once again they only stay for the first half, with the second half continuing with the two hosts alone.
Before the show had started, Aoi had written on her blog that she wanted to at least once try acting far more energetically in the vein of an idol on the radio for fun, so Shintani, obliging with her request had them start off with really high voices and uber energetic “Hello Everyone!! This is Murasaki’s Seiyuu Yuuki Aoi!! Yay!!!” YAY!!!” etc. lol.

– Aoi introduces herself as “16 years old, still a fresh young high school student!” with Shintani following her going “Same here!” They laugh and Shintani then quietly murmurs “…Sorry, I lied” ahaha

– Asami gets swept along with the energy and joins in lol, and regrets it right after ahaha.

– When Kuroda hears the reason why Aoi had started off the radio so energetically he says “Well at least Aoi-chan can still pass for that… *looks at Shintani who had done it with her*” ahaha

– Aoi says she enjoyed doing the deredere Murasaki scenes more than the serious Murasaki ones.

– Aoi says that when she’s talking with her friends at school, the conversations are similar to the otaku ones she has with Shintani, to which Shintani wishes she could come along lol.

– The show is infamous for how much dirty material Kuroda spouts during the show lol and a listener sends in a mail asking if it’s okay for Aoi to guest there.
Mail: “Yuuki’s only 16, is it okay to come as a guest?”
Asami: “It should be okay. She came last week and nothing happened”
Kuroda: “Yeah well, if I keep myself in check it’s all good, I don’t want Aoi-chan to come to hate me now~ <3”
Aoi: “I’ve prepared myself for anything so you don’t have to mind me!”
Shintani: “Ahh so cute~ <3”

– Aoi’s nickname at school is “Aa-San”

– Apparently Sawashiro Miyuki was the first person to call Aoi “Ao-chan”.

– Aoi is known to talk about how much she loves her father, and when she does it here Kuroda asks her if she’ll become his daughter lol.

Listener sends in mail about a bad habit of his dad’s where he comes out of a bath fully naked, even when his friends or girlfriend is over.
Kuroda: “Well maybe he has confidence in his… Y’know. Wait I’m not supposed to be saying this stuff today aren’t I?”
Aoi: *giggles*
Asami: “I’m not gonna follow you up on that.”
Lol Aoi so enjoys it~

The two guests leave and radio continues on to it’s popular and infamous corner, the dirty material corner where they are given a phrase or word, and they talk about what it’s a euphemism to lol. Things like Kuroda describing very elusively what a “Pole” would mean on a man to the poor, oblivious Asami while the staff laughs loudly in the background and such happenings, but I’m not gonna cover that ;)

Kurenai Radio Otona no Jikan #6

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Hosts: Kuroda Takaya, Sanada Asami
Guests: Shintani Ryouko and Yuuki Aoi for the first half, Kuribayashi Minami for a couple of minutes after the first two leave.
Date: 2008.04.23

“Kurenai Radio, Adult’s Time” radio show for Kurenai hosted by Murasaki’s father, Kuhouin Renjou’s Kuroda Takaya and the drunkard university student neighbour, Mutou Tamaki’s Sanada Asami. The show has their guests come on for about 25 minutes only, leaving the remaining 15-30 minutes for the two hosts alone.
Yuuki Aoi is only 16 years old here but she doesn’t seem that nervous, nor too awkward, and is actually really cute <3.
Incidentally it was Kuroda’s 43rd birthday and they celebrated it on the show.

– Kuroda describes Aoi as “She’s sooo cute. Soooo so cute”

– Asami warns Kuroda that Aoi is just a child and not to pull out any of his dirty jokes that he loves to say lol.
Kuroda: “I’ll try to take out the “kuro”(black) part of me for today”
Asami: “Yeah, today you’ll be Shiroda-san(white)”
Kuroda: “I’ll try my best, as much as I possibly can”

– Kuroda describes Minami as “Minami, the person who doesn’t know how to turn on a microphone” due to her blunder in a recent event where she forgot to turn on her microphone lol

– Everyone fawns over how cute Yuuki is lol, to her embarassment.

– Shintani says she guested with Yuuki today to protect her from Kuroda ahah
Shintani: “My sole reason to come here today was to protect Aoi-chan from Kuroda”
Asami: “I warned him beforehand as well not to do anything funny”
Aoi: “…I’m okay! I’ve already prepared myself for this so I’m ready for anything!”
Shintani+Asami: “Woooh!”
Kuroda: “Oh so I’m free to do whatever I want now?”
Shintani+Asami: “NOOO”
Ahhh you go Aoi <3

– When Aoi is asked to describe her character she stumbles over her words, to which the other three just fawn over <3

– When asked how she reacted when she found out she had won the audition, Aoi says she did somersaults in her living room in joy \o/

– When Shintani goes into otaku mode and talks about how moe Shinkuro, the main male character is, I’m amused at how Aoi keeps up with her with the both of them talking about how moe Shinkuro would be if they could tease him lol. The other two say how these two are always talking like that during the recordings, Kuroda comments that they’re like sisters.

– Aoi describes Kuroda’s character as “yandere” and Shintani agrees with her while Kuroda just goes “I have no idea what these words mean” lol Oh Aoi you so ota~ <3
Incidentally, Asami also doesn’t know what yandere means.

– Shintani gave Aoi some of her clothes to wear :O

– When Aoi is asked to note a good point of Kuroda’s she hesitantly says “…err.. His hips?” For Asami she says “When she’s acting drunk she has such a happy expression on her face”

This was Aoi’s first time on a radio show, and she’s acting pretty naturally which is a nice thing to see for her age.

TamayuRadio #4

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Hosts: Iguchi Yuka, Asumi Kana
Guests(for the later half): Sato Junichi, Nakajima Megumi
Date: 2010.10.29

Radio show for the Tamayura OVA. The show airs monthly, with different guests on almost every episode. For the first two episode they had the seiyuu for the four main characters: Taketatsu Ayana, Iguchi Yuka, Asumi Kana, Gibu Yuuko. The third had Asumi Kana + Gibu Yuuko; the fourth had Asumi Kana + Iguchi Yuka; fifth had Iguchi Yuka + Taketatsu Ayana, and the latest, sixth had Iguchi Yuka + Gibu Yuuko.

– The two of them say that they haven’t been alone on radio for a while, if I recall correctly, the last time was on Iguchi’s ChoRaji! Girls on January this year, about nine months before this radio episode.

– The two of them went to the bath together in the recent Tamayura event in Takehara, Hiroshima, the setting of the anime :D

– Iguchi took a photo of Asumi in the changing room
Asumi: “Eh? When did you take the photo?”
Iguchi: “I just snapped it, secretly”
Asumi: “What? Really??”
Iguchi: “I uploaded it too”
Asumi: “…I wasn’t naked was I?”
Iguchi: “…Not naked”
Lol that would be an… Interesting development OTL.

– Iguchi and Asumi were in neighbouring rooms in the hotel they stayed in.

– Iguchi says that when she saw sleepy Asumi in the morning when she had just woken up she looked really cute <3

– Nakajima Megumi and Sato Junichi comes in for the later half :O

– They try to add “-chi” to Megumi’s name to make a nickname for her but laugh that “Nakajimachi” makes it sound like a city (machi = city) and “Megumichi” sounds like a road (michi = path/road). They decide on “Meguchi” for her.

– Megumi performed the ED live outdoors in Takehara :O

This episode was a whopping 90 minutes OTL. Funny enough, when the end came the two of them said that the time flew by so fast and they wanted to talk for longer. Isn’t that wonderful <3

Toaru Radio no Index #29

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Hosts: Iguchi Yuka, Satou Rina
Guest: Asumi Kana
Date: 2009.4.10

Toaru Majutsu no Index’s original popular radio show hosted by Misaka Mikoto’s Satou Rina and Index’s Iguchi Yuka. This is one of the later episodes, right before it’s ending on episode 32. Incidentally Toaru Radio no Index has started up again for Index’s second season with the same hosts and is currently on it’s 11th episode (which guested Kuroko’s Arai Satomi, their second guest for the season with the first being Endou Aya). Oh and by the way, Iguchi calls Asumi “Moko-tan”.

– Asking Asumi if she’s got any special abilities
Asumi: “I’m good at handling Iguchi”
Iguchi[in indignation]: “Moko-tan!!”
SatoRina: “Ah looks like she doesn’t hate the idea though. Actually I think she’s enjoying it.”

– They start opening some alcohol to drink, to Asumi’s surprise. Ah now that’s ToaRaji for you lol, it’s a regular thing for them to start drinking during the show, which is what caused the tipsy Kanae happenings in RailgunRadio <3

– SatoRina says she doesn’t really sleeptalk but she laughs in her sleep.

What’s something that you’ve been worried about recently?
Asumi: “…Yuka-chan is occasionally a pain to deal with”
Iguchi: “I’ve got no choice but to try and fix that I guess”
Asumi: “You won’t be able to fix it even if you try”
Lol these two should just get married already harhar

– SatoRina says that these two are similar, like their mannerisms and reactions lol.

Iguchi and Asumi kept fiddling with each other during the radio, to which SatoRina jokingly scolds them on each time lol. Also I’m pretty sure the radio shares the same staff with Railgun’s radio.

Zoku BlazBlue Radio #13

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Hosts: Imai Asami, Sugita Tomokazu, Kondou Kanako
Guests: Toshimichi Mori (BlazBlue’s producer. He comes on for a couple of minutes only), + Yuuki Aoi’s prerecorded message
Date: 2010.11.11

The final episode of Zoku BlazBlue Radio right when BlazBlue Continuum Shift II is released in arcades in Japan. I was hoping they’d keep the show alive to continue promoting until CSII was released on console but it doesn’t seem that way :( I’ll miss you BluRaji~ ;_;

– Imai starts talking about her elder brother and Sugita teases her about it, saying this is the cutest he’s seen her act lol.

– A listener sends in a message from England in perfect japanese but Sugita reads part of it out in an english accent lol.

– Sugita sounds like he’s in a good mood.

– When the Ao no Chikara’s corner BGM starts Sugita says “Ah Excel Saga’s starting” Lol he’s commented before that it sounded like Excel Sage and I agree :D

– Mori joins in for the Ao no Chikara corner since it requires four people :O

– This episode’s theme for Ao no Chikara is “Astral Heat for Christmas”

– Mori and Sugita tells Imai that they bought her new album, to which she goes all dere and thanks them lol. Sugita mentions he also bought the Otome Zakura DVD.

– Sugita made a reference to TM Revolution’s “Burning X’mas”

– Mori calls Ueda Kana “Kana-sama” <3

– Sugita says he calls Myu-12 “Ketsudomu”(butt+domu[from Kanako’s nickname ‘Kondomu” since she voices her as well]) due to how much her butt shows in art lol. For Makoto he calls her “Rumble” referencing the slightly ero fighting game “Rumble Roses” which involves scantily clad girls wrestling with each other lol.

– Wow the new character looks really out of place, definitely more of an Arcana Heart character D:

– Sugita said he had trouble talking with Yuuki Aoi since he couldn’t joking scold her or say anything dirty to her as he sees her as a child lol. When Imai suggests that the staff did it on purpose to trouble him he says “That’s not right! You can’t use children as shields!”

– Yuuki Aoi sends in an audio message to the radio \o/

– Yuuki says she loves playing fighting games but hasn’t played BlazBlue before.

– I’ve never heard Yuuki on radio before but wow she was cute (and interesting) here. Hmm I might start looking up some of her radio work… *Looks at Ichiban Ushiro Daimaoh radio with Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko and Yuuki Aoi*)

– Imai was surprised to find out that Yuuki was in University, saying that if she had said she was 10 she would believe her lol. Imai says that she was often mistaken for an elementary school student when she was 19 lol.

– Sugita asks if you can take off Platinum’s clothes in the game lol.

– Sugita uses a Rozen Maiden theme for his ringtone lol

– A revival of an old corner! Moshimo no BlazBlue’s theme was “What would you do if your mobile phone rings while you’re playing BB CSII”
Imai – IGNORE IT!!
Kanako – Scream for her mum to pick it up lol
Imai: “Wait you’re playing this at the arcade right…? And you have your mum with you?”
Kanako: “I’ll summon her”
Imai: “…Summon her?”
Kanako: “Summon”
Sugita – Use the mobile phone’s vibration to pull off an amazing move by putting them on the buttons LOL

Not sure if they’re leading to another season but who knows, they gave a hint of it but they might have just been joking/trolling, we’ll have to see but for now… Bye bye BluRaji, I’ll miss you~ ;_;

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