Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #115

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Name: 花澤香菜のひとりでできるかな?
Host: Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2012.05.23

I like writing about HitoKana <3

– Hair styles….

Kana: I can’t decide on a hair style… I’ve had a bob cut since forever but… I haven’t been to a salon in a while and it’s grown so long that it’s become like a shaggy dog… I can’t decide… Maybe I should go all out and get a super short cut?? What does everyone think?

Well I’ve had a bob cut since forever but now it’s like a… pudding. *laughs* What should I do? What would be a good hair style? I think I asked something like this before. I’ve had my hair at this length for quite some time now, but the stylists recently have been telling me that my hair’s hard to style and that it’s at a rather half-hearted place right now. I then joked with wondering if I could cut it super short and they all shook their heads at me. *laughs* Well I’ve got this round face! It would make it stand out! *laughs* Well it’s a new style though. I was wondering what hair styles I could try that would still hide that part of my face… Please send suggestions to the radio!

A super short cut!? Well she’s joking about that though ;)

– Iguchi’s ‘Pubic exercise routine’….

Kana[Reading mail from a listener]: “Recently Iguchi Yuka-san had spoke on a certain radio about a ‘pubic exercise routine'” Huh? ‘Pubic exercise routine’? It’s written with the shame/恥 kanji and the bone/骨 kanji? [Kana doesn’t recognise the meaning of it lol] *Continues reading* “The ‘Pubic exercise routine’ might sound suspicious but if you work on this you’ll be able to have a great body as well! Why don’t you try this out with Iguchi?”

Iguchi really has been slimming down hasn’t she?! Right?! You can tell just by looking at her! She’s has! I’ll have her teach me this routine then! …I have no idea where this ‘Pubic’ thing is though *laughs* What is it? *talks to the staff for a bit* Huh? Which bone is that? HUH?! It’s the crotch?! That part?? …I see… Err… Well it looks like it’s not something you do in front of people I guess… Wait, why did Yuka-chan do this on radio?! *laughs* Stop it!! Someone from our agency go stop her! *laughs* I guess I’ll ask her about it next time I see her…

Iguchi showing this ‘Pubic exercise routine’ was on her Muun radio by the way and it was hilarious when it happened lol, Muun is a video radio as well so the scene was… Well, amazing ahaha orz. I’m amused how Kana had no idea what chikotsu/恥骨/pubic meant though and she was all for asking Iguchi about it until she was told it’s meaning ahaha. Here is what it looked like during Iguchi’s radio lol.

– Campione TV Series Recording…

Kana: About Campione, the recordings have already started but… Kitamura Eri-chan and Hikasa Youko are… Well… They’re noisy *laughs* I shouldn’t have said that *laughs* They’re lively! Yup, very lively *laughs* And then there’s me within it. It’s fun, especially during the break times~ Well we’re the same age so that’s how it should be~ And we’re always talking about dieting! Hiyocchi says she’s gained weight! Then me and KitaEri yelled that she’s being silly *laughs* “You’re no where close to saying something like that! How much do you think we’re trying to reduce our weight by dieting!?” We yelled at her like that *laughs* But really, Eri-chan has slimmed down so much! Everyone has! So I’ve been thinking that it should be alright to have a couple that’s gained some weight… *laughs* Well that’s how we are, girls are always thinking about dieting. *laughs*

It’s nice to hear these three livening it up at the Campione recordings, I’d love to hear the three of them together~

– Continuation from the Ogura Yui incident

Kana: You know how I told Yui-chan to not wear stockings, now whenever she’s with me she doesn’t have any stockings on *laughs* One time she came up to me and said “Ah, today I’ve got my legs bared~” And I was just like “Ah really? *caresses her*” *laughs* And then the people around me got mad at me! *laughs* They were like “Oi what are you doing to her?!” *laughs* “Stop the sexual harassment!” But it’s because I’m a girl that it’s alright! Their manager doesn’t seem to mind too! It’s okay! You all don’t need to worry about me! *laughs*

I’ve been wondering how that situation had been going with Ogura Yui recently, looks like the two of them are still going at it ahaha. I’m so amused by how Kana starts caressing Yui’s legs in that situation without a second thought though ahaha.

The blog has been pretty barren lately but… The main reason to that is that I’ve pretty much become accustomed to listening to radio while doing something else nowadays, rather than setting time to write something about an episode. We’ll see how it goes but either way updates are probably gonna become pretty sparse.
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