Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #06

January 31st, 2011 § 0 comments

Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2010.10.22

In the opening script, the two of them joke about the anime being renamed to “My older brother can’t be this cool!” due to how nice of a brother Kyousuke is lol.

– The anime has just started airing around this time, Ayana says she hasn’t seen the first episode yet, but Kana has.

– Kana x Ayana
Kana: “Ayachi’s so cute… Can I lick you?”
Ayana: “What? No!”
Kana: “I bet if I licked you you’d definitely taste like chocolate”
Ayana: “As if I would! I wouldn’t be human!”

LOL the love is stepping up with each episode :D

– Ayana says that she’s been told that her stare looks a bit flat/dead in photos and such, especially by her manager :O

– Apparently the live event last episode was the first time Kana’s been in charge of the MC, Ayana’s surprised saying that she did a great job.

– Ayana and Kana both agree that they want an elder brother like Kyousuke :D

– About Nakamura Yuuichi
Ayana: “And the voice is Nakamura! That’s such a nice voice. I’ve pretty much made Nakamura = Kyousuke in my mind. Just hearing him say his lines make me go “Aaah~~!””
Kana: “You should say these things to Nakamura!”
Ayana: “I’d be way too embarassed to tell him”
Kana makes fun of what his reaction would be if she told him, saying he’s a tsundere and would probably say something gruff back lol.

– One of the internet lingo they had to guess the meaning for the episode was “dgsks” the two of them have no idea but Ayana makes a blind guess yelling out “だがしかし” (but, however) and gets it right to their complete surprise.

– Another internet lingo had the meaning “Lets kiss~” They wonder if they would ever use it.
Ayana: “Who would I use it on?? Oh I’ll use it on you randomly maybe. Lets kiss~(in a really lazy slow monotone voice)”
Kana: “Ehh Say it in a cuter way”
Ayana: “Le— I don’t want to say it. Maybe not now. In the future maybe”

– About Lupin
Kana: “I liked Goemon”
Ayana: “I loved Lupin the most, I wanted to be Fujiko~”

– The two of them talk about Cinderella and how painful it would be to walk with glass slippers, and if it broke… IT’D CUT YOUR FOOT UP D:

– It seems like Ayana loves topics to do with space and astronomy and stuff like that :O

The two of them have started teasing each other and making fun of each other, which they comment on saying that it’s probably proof that they’re getting closer as friends <3. Kana warns Ayana that the things she’ll say will get worse though lol, but encourages Ayana to say something back whenever she does :D. I love how close these two are becoming <3

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