Zoku BlazBlue Radio #13

December 11th, 2010 § 2 comments

Hosts: Imai Asami, Sugita Tomokazu, Kondou Kanako
Guests: Toshimichi Mori (BlazBlue’s producer. He comes on for a couple of minutes only), + Yuuki Aoi’s prerecorded message
Date: 2010.11.11

The final episode of Zoku BlazBlue Radio right when BlazBlue Continuum Shift II is released in arcades in Japan. I was hoping they’d keep the show alive to continue promoting until CSII was released on console but it doesn’t seem that way :( I’ll miss you BluRaji~ ;_;

– Imai starts talking about her elder brother and Sugita teases her about it, saying this is the cutest he’s seen her act lol.

– A listener sends in a message from England in perfect japanese but Sugita reads part of it out in an english accent lol.

– Sugita sounds like he’s in a good mood.

– When the Ao no Chikara’s corner BGM starts Sugita says “Ah Excel Saga’s starting” Lol he’s commented before that it sounded like Excel Sage and I agree :D

– Mori joins in for the Ao no Chikara corner since it requires four people :O

– This episode’s theme for Ao no Chikara is “Astral Heat for Christmas”

– Mori and Sugita tells Imai that they bought her new album, to which she goes all dere and thanks them lol. Sugita mentions he also bought the Otome Zakura DVD.

– Sugita made a reference to TM Revolution’s “Burning X’mas”

– Mori calls Ueda Kana “Kana-sama” <3

– Sugita says he calls Myu-12 “Ketsudomu”(butt+domu[from Kanako’s nickname ‘Kondomu” since she voices her as well]) due to how much her butt shows in art lol. For Makoto he calls her “Rumble” referencing the slightly ero fighting game “Rumble Roses” which involves scantily clad girls wrestling with each other lol.

– Wow the new character looks really out of place, definitely more of an Arcana Heart character D:

– Sugita said he had trouble talking with Yuuki Aoi since he couldn’t joking scold her or say anything dirty to her as he sees her as a child lol. When Imai suggests that the staff did it on purpose to trouble him he says “That’s not right! You can’t use children as shields!”

– Yuuki Aoi sends in an audio message to the radio \o/

– Yuuki says she loves playing fighting games but hasn’t played BlazBlue before.

– I’ve never heard Yuuki on radio before but wow she was cute (and interesting) here. Hmm I might start looking up some of her radio work… *Looks at Ichiban Ushiro Daimaoh radio with Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko and Yuuki Aoi*)

– Imai was surprised to find out that Yuuki was in University, saying that if she had said she was 10 she would believe her lol. Imai says that she was often mistaken for an elementary school student when she was 19 lol.

– Sugita asks if you can take off Platinum’s clothes in the game lol.

– Sugita uses a Rozen Maiden theme for his ringtone lol

– A revival of an old corner! Moshimo no BlazBlue’s theme was “What would you do if your mobile phone rings while you’re playing BB CSII”
Imai – IGNORE IT!!
Kanako – Scream for her mum to pick it up lol
Imai: “Wait you’re playing this at the arcade right…? And you have your mum with you?”
Kanako: “I’ll summon her”
Imai: “…Summon her?”
Kanako: “Summon”
Sugita – Use the mobile phone’s vibration to pull off an amazing move by putting them on the buttons LOL

Not sure if they’re leading to another season but who knows, they gave a hint of it but they might have just been joking/trolling, we’ll have to see but for now… Bye bye BluRaji, I’ll miss you~ ;_;

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