MM! Radio 2nd Voluntary Club Branch #4

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Hosts: Hayami Saori, Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2010.10.06

The anime series has just started airing it seems.

– Looks like the staff has them doing the NN corner again if they want to receive a sweet at the start this time ahaha. The two of them complain saying that the staff say that they’re M but they must be S to force this on them lol.

–  Theme: KuzuMochi (Japanese sweet, Mochi made with Kuzuko, a starch from a kuzu plant… Or something like that)
Ayana: “What’s with that stuff on you, you piece of trash! (She uses the word “kuzu” which can mean trash, or in this case, from the “kuzu” in “kuzumochi“) What? You want me to eat you do you? Well then, I’ll humour you and eat you up”

Hayami: “What are you doing, sitting there wobbling and shivering your body as you wait for me to eat you!”

– The two of them laugh that Tarou has pretty much become immortal lol.

– While discussing whether a vending machine is S or M Hayami says “Well they can’t really do anything but sit there, people reach into it’s lower part and inside it. It takes your money for it too” looool though once again I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know how dirty what she’s saying can be taken ahaha.

MM radio is pretty funny but each episode is so short, some of them going down to 19 minutes :O. I’m guessing they’re in the studio for about 30 minutes so the rest may be edited out? I wonder what they’re cutting out haha.

Seikon no Qwaser Radio! St. Mikhailov Academy’s Broadcasting Club #5

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Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko
Guest: Chihara Minori
Date: 2010.02.05

The two of them comment that they’ve been meeting up really often in recordings. They also say that they can just talk and talk and talk and never stop lol. It’s nice to see them get along so well :D

– Apparently they’ve been catching the anime as it airs at the late hours of the night lol.

– Aki had a boy she liked in kindergarten and made chocolates with her mum to give to him on Valentines day, and after making it and bringing it, she never mustered the courage to give it to him during the day, then when the end of the day had come, she was waiting at the school gate and saw him pass through. She panicked and thought “This is my last chance to give it to him” and threw the chocolate at him ahaha.
Aki: “And that’s how my first love went.”
Hikasa: “What kind of tsundere girl kind of action is that??”

– The first thing Minori says is “Wow what an interesting radio this is!” she had come in 17 minutes into the recording so I guess she was listening for the whole time while the two of them went crazy haha.
Aki: “Ah thanks. Hearing that from Minorin-san makes me really happy *creepy laugh* heheheheheheh—”
Aki + Hikasa(joins in): “—Hehehehehehetehepero!”
Lol these two are so in sync.

– Minori comments that Aki’s hairstyle is more mature now, compared to before, which I’m guessing that she’s referring to when they had worked together on Minami-ke.

Hikasa(reading from Minori’s profile): “The animal Minori is most similar to is a cat”
Aki: “Cat ears would fit her! <3”
Minori: *giggles*

– Talking about Minori’s character, the first thing Minori says:
Minori: “She gives out Souma!”
*The three of them break out laughing*
Ahaha they really love the whole Souma thing don’t they~

– The two of them ask Minori about her upcoming album, “Sing All Love” to her surprise. She asked to make sure if it was alright to talk about her own solo singing stuff on the radio heh.

– Aki praises Minori’s singing, and says that when she found out she would be singing the ending with her, Hikasa, Hirano and Ayumi she was really relieved, knowing that it would surely turn out alright. I love how free Aki is with her fangirling and love~ <3

– Minorin was only on for 10 minutes or so out of the 50 minute recording :(

– At the 30 minute part they comment that they’ve been talking for over one hour already. Wow just what did they cut out to halve the recording? It looks like it might’ve been a majority of Minori’s guesting time. Perhaps the Souma talk was just the tip of the iceberg of how much ero talk they did ahaha.

– The radio had been airing fortnightly before this point and switches to a weekly broadcast after this episode.

– Aki was talking about how Minori had left after bowing and thanking everyone for their work and closed the studio door behind her… But then the door soon opened again and she came in to pick up her bag since she forgot to bring it along ahaha. Aki loved how cute that was <3

Everytime I listen to QwaRaji after having not heard it for a while, the amount of craziness and yelling/screaming these two do always overwhelms me ahaha. It’s so great <3

MM! Radio 2nd Voluntary Club Branch #3

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Hosts: Hayami Saori, Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2010.09.29

Episode 0 had them doing a corner called “NN” where they are given a random object as a theme and they have to scream and insult it as an S would. It’s a pretty funny corner but the two of them disliked it due to how much adlibbing they had to do for it. They haven’t done that corner ever since episode 0, which was almost a month back but they’ve been told that they’d be doing it in this episode to which they talk about wanting to go home, and how bad the weather is (although it’s sunny) so they should cancel the recording lol. Reminds me of school haha.

– Apparently the radio episode was recorded right after the anime recording. They talk about how crazy this particular episode, then correct themselves that MM! is always crazy lol. Yeahhh I’d love to see the recordings of MM ahaha.
Hayami: “If there were normal schooldays in MM it wouldn’t be MM”
Ayana: “Yeah none of the characters are normal too”
Lol they talk about Lolis, M’s and the world so I’m guessing it’s the crazy episode with Noa’s character’s first appearance and Tarou’s super saiyan debut lol.

– The two of them keep stumbling over their own words throughout the radio haha, they blame the fact that it’s right after a recording so they’re tired hah.

– The theme for the NN corner is “Garbage bin”
Hayami: “‘What are you being so happy about, having all that dirty stuff being put inside you!’ …………………………Nooo I don’t want to do this anymoreeee!” LOL

Ayana: “You eating nothing but rubbish fits you!”
Hayami’s ones are always the best lol, last time’s theme was ‘Tissues’ and she said “What are you doing, putting all that white stuff all over the place!” ahahaah, I’m not even sure if she knows how dirty the stuff she’s saying can be taken lol.

Ahh I wish they’d do that NN corner every episode lol.

MM! Radio 2nd Voluntary Club Branch #2

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Hosts: Hayami Saori, Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2010.09.22

At the very start Hayami squishes a bug and it makes a pretty big sound. It seems like she didn’t get it though and it came out a minute or so later to their horror lol.

– Ayana declares herself as an S who is sometimes M, Perhaps something like 30% M 70% S, saying that she changes depending on the person she’s with. If they’re M she’ll be a bit more S and vice versa.

– A listener sends in a mail talking about how he’s S so is it alright for him to listen in on MM radio since it’s supposedly a radio suited to M. They say that it’s all good since they’ll try to make everyone who listens to the radio into an M lol

– The two of them always get mixed up between an S way of speaking and a tsundere character type lol. Their line adlibs are more like tsundere lines rather than S lines.

Lol one of the corners have people sending in mail about situations where an S would do this when an M would’ve done something else and the situations and actions are really ridiculous lol, e.g. “If you’re an M you shampoo your hair with your eyes open so the soap will go in your eyes” LOL. The two of them laugh at how crazy they are haha.


MM! Radio 2nd Voluntary Club Branch #1

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Hosts: Hayami Saori, Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2010.09.15

The two of them laugh that if this was episode 1, then what was last fortnight’s episode? A dream? Lol. No one really gets why there was an episode 0 I guess.

Ayana: Last week should have just been episode 1…
Hayami: Yeah, feels like we’re on our second episode now.

– A listener sends in a mail talking about one of the hosts being a perverted person, though he says he’s not specifically mentioning a name, everyone knows it’s Ayana lol. The two of them deny that they’re perverted at all and say they have no idea who he’s referring to, then Ayana starts saying “Well I think he means you Hayami” ahaha, guilty conscience there Ayachi~

– The tagline of the radio is “A radio for all the M listeners out there” so the two of them struggle and play around with trying to be really S throughout the radio such as instead of suggesting and thanking the listeners for sending in mail they demand them to send in mail and stuff like that. It’s pretty amusing to listen to :D

– They comment that Tanaka Rie has the perfect body lol, also that she seems to be a little S. Apparently she’s said herself that she’s S.

Ayana: “You know what? I think mankind as a whole is innately M”
Hayami: “Huh? That’s a big thing you’re saying there. Why? Not because of the M in ‘Man’ Right?”
Ayana: *laughs* “‘M’ in Man?! No!”
Hayami: *laughs*
Ayana: “The M people who know what they like done to them want to do it to others and become S.”
Lol Ayachi I don’t think I can agree but thats a funny view regardless~

The episode was really short at only 22 minutes. I wonder why :O

MoshiDoRadio #01

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Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2011.02.28

Radio for the upcoming anime series MoshiDora hosted by Miyata Yuuki’s Hanazawa Kana and Kawashima Minami’s Hikasa Youko. It looks like it’s on a fortnightly airing schedule. I’ve been looking forward to hearing it ever since I found out about it since I love Hikasa and Kana’s radio work <3

– The two of them talk about how they’ve never hosted a radio together, though they’ve appeared in many shows together. Kana says she was looking forward to it :D

– Kana calls her annoying after Hikasa says her first name weird
Hikasa: “Oh keep going with the come backs, I won’t break down that easily!”

– Poor Kana has moments where she has no idea how to react to Hikasa’s antics lol, and Hikasa just laughs it off.

– They celebrated Kana’s birthday on the radio \o/ Kana must’ve had her birthday celebrated like 10 seperate times already haha.

– Kana had to read out the anime story introduction in english, and failed lol. Hikasa then had a try at it and didn’t fare much better ahaha.

– Hikasa apparently was in the softball club back in school.

– The show has them reading out various introductions about the show in a theme they pull out of a box, such as “Like a rapper” or “While laughing”. Ahaha poor Kana pulled out the rapper and Hikasa got the laughing one and did great :D

– The two of them say that Hikasa’s character is really similar to Hikasa’s personality.

– Oh Hikasa has a driving licence :O
Hikasa: “You didn’t expect me to have one right? Yeah well my driving teacher said to me ‘When you have an accident I don’t think it’ll be a scrape, it’ll probably end with an explosion'”

– Kana says she hopes the radio will continue for a long time so she can level up her tsukkomi skills with Hikasa lol, though Hikasa says she did some great tsukkomis today already.

I really enjoyed the radio :O I’ll probably keep up with it.

5th Seiyuu Awards Winners Announced~

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According to the official website, the winners of the 5th Seiyuu Awards along with their affiliated agencies are as follows:

Best Actor
No winner

Best Actress
Toyosaki Aki (“K-ON!!”) [Music Ray’n]

Best Supporting Actors
Okamoto Nobuhiko (“Bakuman”, “Kaichou wa Maid-sama!”, “Toaru Majutsu no Index II”) [Pro-Fit]
Nakai Kazuya (“Gintama”, “One Piece”) [Aoni Production]

Best Supporting Actresses
Arai Satomi (“Toaru Kagaku no Railgun”, “Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi”) [Yu-Rin Pro]
Itou Kanae (“Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai”, “Shinryaku! Ika Musume”) [Aoni Production]

Best Rookie Actor
Uchiyama Kouki (“Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn”, “Shiki”) [Gekidan Himawari]

Best Rookie Actresses
Kanemoto Hisako (“Shinryaku! Ika Musume”, “Sora no Woto”) [Baobab]
Satou Satomi (“Fairy Tail”, “K-ON!!”, “OreImo”) [Aoni Production]

Best Singer
Chihara Minori (“Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu”) [Avex]

Best Radio Personality
Toyosaki Aki [Music Ray’n]

Tomiyama Kei Memorial Award
Koyama Rikiya [Haiyuza]

Takahashi Kazue Memorial Award
Tanaka Mayumi [Aoni Production]

Kids Family Award
Takeuchi Junko [Ogi Pro]

Synergy Award
Takayama Minami [81 Produce]

Overseas Fan’s Award
Sawashiro Miyuki [Mausu]

Special Achievement Award
Nozawa Nachi [Office PAC]

Achievement Award
Sasaki Isao [One Pair]
Suzuki Hiroko [Ken Production]
Yajima Masaaki [Freelance]

Source: Seiyu Awards MAL

I’m really happy to see Aki taking a score of awards this year, though I thought Hikasa would be winning the radio personality award(Wait didn’t I say something about Aki being the seiyuu personality of the moment a while back on my Soup? Lol).

Itou Kanae taking best supporting isn’t something I can fully go behind, congratulations to her and everything and I’m really happy for her but I don’t really think very highly of her voice acting ability (though she really is getting better with every role). Perhaps the pain of hearing her Amu in Shugo Chara almost 4 years ago is still stuck with me lolol. Arai Satomi taking it for Kuroko is well deserved, I dislike her voice but the way she portrays Kuroko is so great.

I so knew Okamoto was gonna get an award hah. Oh and I thought Nakamura was gonna get one too… No winner for best actor!?!?

And congrats to Minorin to winning the singer award!

I’m kinda surprised that Kanemoto got the best rookie award though, I didn’t think she would be active enough to stand out. Kano Yui’s guess was right! Well she shot out like a million names so I guess she was bound to hit the right one somewhere in there lol.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the awards though :D

….Though my current seiyuu love Hanazawa Kana wasn’t in it this year, hopefully her turn will come next year! …If Osawa[agency] gets an award lawl.

Seikon no Qwaser Radio! St. Mikhailov Academy’s Broadcasting Club #4

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Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Youko
Guest: Faylan
Date: 2010.01.22

Once again the script has them referring to each other has Toyohiko and Geru lol. Aki seems really excited to have Faylan as a guest :D

– Hikasa kept stuffing up the reading of the latest episode of Seikon’s summary and the staff kept putting batsu noises in whenever she did it, putting her off even more so lol.

– Aki screams and confesses to her right off the bat when Faylan comes on ahaha

Faylan: “This radio seems really fun and lively!”
Aki + Hikasa: “Huh?”
Faylan: “It seems really fun!”
Aki: “:O I’m making that my ringtone!”

– Aki lays the love on her really thickly to which she’s really happy to hear ahaha.
Faylan: “I’m just a rookie singer so I’m really glad to hear it!”

Aki: “I’ve bookmarked her site! ….Am I creeping you out?”

– Looks like Faylan’s seen Seikon lol, her favourite character is Tomo. Lol I’m amused she’s seen Seikon.

– Aki comments that Faylan smells nice ahaha. Aki you’re definitely skirting the creepy boundary there.

Aki: “Did you enjoy your time on the show?”
Faylan: “I really enjoyed myself! I was energised by the two of you’s youth! I received a lot of Souma* from you two.”
Aki + Hikasa: “Yeah! Souma!! Suck it from us..!! …Ahh… errr welll ehh..(mumble)(mumble)
Aki: “If we keep going this might turn in to sexual harassment so I’m going to stop us here.”
Faylan: “Yeah lets stop here.”
(*For those who know next to nothing about Seikon, Souma is breast milk sucked from girls to provide power for character’s abilities)

Aki: “Say someone you’d like to come on as a guest”
Hikasa: “…Er… Hirano Aya”
Aki: ?
Hikasa: “Because she’s really cute”
Aki: “Yeah she is really really really cute”
Hikasa: “Also Sasha’s seiyuu Sanpei Yuko”

– Once Faylan leaves, Aki says that she’s glad she stopped the souma thing with Faylan there, she was just about to burst out with the comment “But Faylan’s souma is so much better!” and said she would have definitely have regretted it afterwards ahaha.

– Chihara Minori as guest on next week’s episode!!!!!

I haven’t heard Akkyo in a while. I need to remedy this.

Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #11

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Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2011.01.14

– They spoke about the times when they had to imitate each other’s voices on OreImo, saying that they listened to each other’s voices and studied it.

– While talking about abreviations Ayana finds out her name can be written as “tkt2” and is overjoyed upon hearing it saying that she’d love to use it. She also says she’ll use “hnzw” for Kana, though Kana is all like “Ehhh.. Just write my name properly…” lol

– They laugh that since the “w” is seen as a laugh in japanese net lingo often Hanazawa’s “hnzw” would look like there’s a laugh at the end haha.

– The net lingo corner has the two of them guessing what “OIC” means. Yes it’s the english “Oh, I see” abbreviation. The staff asks them if they’re any good with english as a hint and Ayana replies “Well I’m japanese so no!” lol even when Kana explains the answer as the english “Oh… I see” Ayana still doesn’t know what it means, needing her to translate it into japanese.
Ayana: “I’m not gonna use that… Whenever I see it I’ll think it’s some kind of anime production company or something…” She’s talking about AIC here I’m thinking haha

Ayana x Kana
Ayana: “I’m really happy whenever I get to meet up with you!”
Kana: “Huh? What’s with that? You’re so cute~~!”
Ayana: “Coming here knowing that I was coming to meet you made me have a little skip in my step!”



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Hosts: Hikasa Youko, Shimoda Asami
Guest: Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2011.02.26

Hanazawa Kana guest~~~ Since it’s a video broadcast you can see where they edit and cut parts out of the episode. I wonder what we’re missing out on lol. Kana’s been doing a whole heap of radio work recently <3

– The two of them had caught the same train to the studio, though from different studios without planning to meet up.

– Kana stuffed up her character name when she came in ahaha.

– Hikasa makes fun of Kana’s shirt lol.

– Kana says that she’d love to try crossdressing, and the other two agree.

– Kana and tsukkomi’ing
Kana: “Sometimes I don’t know how to tsukkomi Hikasa…”
Hikasa: “You do some really great tsukkomis though”
Shimoda: “Yeah, she seems like the tsukkomi type”
Hikasa: “The ones that hurt are the best ones, just do those. They feel great. Because I’m M.”
Lol Hikasa

– Kana had to make a confession using “Nattou” lol “I hope we can have a relationship where we stick to each other like nattou~” lol. This corner is just here to embarrass the poor seiyuu ahaha. She chucks the paper at the camera :D

Tiny notes don’t do this radio show any justice, it’s so funny you really need to see the video :D.


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