Hayami Saori’s Freestyle #92

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Name: 早見沙織のふり~すたいる♪
Host: Hayami Saori
Guest: Seto Asami
Date: 2013.01.01

Episode 92 of Hayami’s Freestyle. Wow this radio’s come a long way now hasn’t it~ This episode is guesting Seto Asami. The two of them are really close and Seto in particular seems to adore Hayami <3

– Hayami’s been learning to play the guitar! Seems like she sung while playing the guitar a couple of episodes ago :O

– Seto laughs that it feels weird talking about the new year when at the time of recording it’s still 2012.

– Seto goes back to her [edit: Mom’s] hometown, Fukushima for the new year.

– Seto’s attending university while working as a seiyuu, though she says that Hayami attends a different university to her.

– Seto x Hayami?

Seto: When I don’t see you for a while… I start feeling very distant.
Hayami: You do?!
Seto: Like I’m just floating around…
Hayami: Really?! No no way!
Seto: When I get to meet up with you I start coming back down to earth~
Hayami: Like you’re recovering?? *laughs* It’s a good thing to have your heads in the clouds sometimes though~

Seto: If I don’t get to see you at least once a week… I’ll die.
Hayami: Ah *laughs* Thanks.
*Seto laughs*
Hayami: It feels like I just got confessed to! *laughs*

Hayamin sure is popular! <3

– Hayami’s cooked some New Years food for Seto and seto eats it during the recording so happily :D

– Amusingly Hayami’s mother made some for the radio as well.

– Bride training…

Hayami: The radio had a food coordinator called “Shiori” come on the show as a guest–
Seto: Ah, is her name spelt “Shiori” in the english alphabet??
Hayami: Yup
Seto: I’ve got one of her books! *pauses* It’s a cooking book called “Training to be a bride
Hayami: Eh? Why? You do??
Seto: So I can be a good bride *laughs*
*Hayami laughs*
Hayami: You will be! It’ll be okay, especially since you’ve already bought the book!

Seto sounded kinda embarrassed when she said the name of the book ahaha.

– Looks like Seto has a liking for puns :D

I’ve only started listening into Setomin’s radio work pretty recently but she’s such a sweet girl~ Seto seemed to really enjoy Hayami’s company here, how heart warming <3

(Finally a normal post that’s not seiyuu yuri(?) or sekuhara ww)

Hayami Saori’s Freestyle #18

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Name: 早見沙織のふり~すたいる♪
Host: Hayami Saori
Guest: Kotobuki Minako
Date: 2011.08.02

Although this is the first time we’ve heard Minako on the radio show, it seems like the two of them recorded a special episode for the release CD of the show with Minako guesting there as well, making this actually the second time she’s come on Freestyle. Apparently they spoke for over one and a half hours when recording for that episode lol. The two of them are really friendly with one another, with Hayami mentioning on a previous episode that the seiyuu she was the closest to was Minako. Incidentally Minako’s also really close with Yuuki Aoi, who is of the same age as both of them, though Hayami on the other hand had just gotten to know Aoi recently on their new radio show. It looks like ever since then the three of them have been pretty interlinked though <3

– Hayami mentions that she’s attended a Sphere live performance before :D

– Random trivia: Minako dislikes tomatoes.

– Ahaha apparently they had FRST Mints as merchandise for the show on sale at Comiket. Note the “HAYA MINT” on the top left of the box lol. – Minako mentions that she’s been growing out her hair :O

– The show has Minako measuring her grip strength on one of the corners. Incidentally, Hayami had done this test on a previous radio episode and her results were:

Right: 19.1 kg
Left: 16.9 kg

 Upon hearing this Minako comments “That’s… *laughs* Really weak isn’t it?” lol. Yeahh if I recall correctly thats well below average for women. Speaking of grip strength in seiyuu, I think Toyosaki Aki’s was at about 35 kg…? I think they had them measure up their grip strength in K-ON’s radio though I’m not 100% sure. Don’t quote me on it!
…Also I seem to recall Sugita being at about 45 kg perhaps? Yeah I’m not sure at all.

– Minako ends up with these results:

Right: 28.3
Left: 25.4

Amusingly her left hand is weaker… Even though she’s left handed lol. It seems like that’s about the average grip strength for women though.

– They did another activity afterwards where they had Minako count up the total of ten random coins and record her time compared to Hayami’s and she beat her in that too. Go Minako :O

– The two of them realise with surprise that this is the first time they’ve been in a radio studio alone together, the two of them are really close and have gone out together and spoken with one another often so the realisation that this was their first time in a radio studio together really shocked them. Incidentally I did mention above that this was Minako’s second time on Freestyle but it seems that the special episode wasn’t recorded in a radio studio booth, which is why this was their first time in a booth together.

Notes on Kotobuki Minako

Though I haven’t ever written anything about Minako, I’ve actually been more interested in her recently. I hadn’t paid much attention to her previously due to… Well honestly, I disliked her voice acting work and I really do prioritise that about a seiyuu before I decide to follow them. Lately I’ve been finding Minako’s seiyuu work to be reasonably more enjoyable though so I’ve let up on her and have started looking up her radio work.
…And on that topic, I’ve just recently gone through the whole Hyakka Ryouran radio with her and Yuuki Aoi which, although I haven’t written a thing about the show, I found really amusing to listen to. So that’s that. I like Mina-chan now <3.

Random Radio Scribbles 6

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Today marks the day I’ve been blogging for a year :O When I started I honestly didn’t think I’d last for so long hah. I initially started the blog with such half hearted notes lawl, lets see how much longer I continue for \o/

Amusingly right after that Hanazawa Kana Radio Scribbles post I’m making a Hayami Saori Radio Scribbles post lol.

– Hayami Saori about AnoHana from Hayami Saori’s Freestyle #7 on 2011.05.17.

The recordings are well underway for AnoHana… And it’s really amazing! During the recordings you have so many people just bawling away. That goes for me as well. Just by watching it I get all soppy and teary ahh… There’ve been so many times where I’ve been crying too hard to say any of my lines! I think everyone who’s watching it feels this way as well, it’s going to be an anime where everyone watches and cries together I’m thinking. A crying anime and also a heartwarming one.

Also, during one of the recordings we were talking about how the word “yukiatsu” was in the top three most searched term on Google *laughs*

From Hayami Saori’s Freestyle #9 on 2010.05.31

– Apparently Hayami learnt piano and she was a huge fan of Fruits Basket. She had asked her piano teacher when she was young to teach her how to play the opening theme of Fruits Basket. She then played the song on the radio gaah the memoriessss the nostalgiaaaa Okazaki Ritsukoooooo~ ;_:

– Hayami’s Tomato Garden

On Sekirei Radio she had talked about buying a tomato growing kit and excitedly saying that her tomatoes were growing well throughout the radio but then the radio ended around last year and she hasn’t spoken about them since. She started talking about them again on this episode of Freestyle when a listener asks about them.

“My tomatoes from last year…? How have they grown? Well… They’ve grown… Magnificently!! They’re huge!! There are so many of them! If you were to say my tomatoes were more on the green side or the red side I’d say… Green!! If you were to say they were more tomato or more leafy I’d say leafy!! …….. …. Why aren’t my tomatoes turning red!! ;_;

…So that’s about it, the plant’s growing well but my tomatoes aren’t doing that well. Did I not give it enough sunlight? Did I give it too much water? In the end it’s all my fault! ;_; But this year I’m going to grow mini carrots! To get over the trauma of my tomatoes *laughs*

Hayami sounds so bright and cheerful on radio, I’m loving her radio stuff so much <3


Hayami Saori’s Freestyle #6

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Name: 早見沙織のふり~すたいる♪
Host: Hayami Saori
Guest: Hidaka Rina
Date: 2011.05.10

Hayami Saori’s Freestyle is a recent solo radio hosted by Hayami Saori that just started a couple of months ago. I… Think this isn’t the first time Hayami’s done solo radio work but I think it’s been a while though I’m not too sure. This episode guests Hidaka Rina, whom she seems pretty close with. They’ve gone out to eat pretty often together outside of work it seems.

– Hayami compliments how cute Hidaka is throughout the show <3

– Hayami wears glasses at home and contact lenses outside. Apparently her eyesight is pretty bad :O

– “What I like about Hayami!”

Hidaka: She’s always so warm and kind :D

What Hayami likes about Hidaka Rina

Hayami: She’s always so honest and straightforward and her smile is so cute!

– They mention that they first met on Ladies vs Butlers 2 years ago.

– The two of them get all embarrassed while talking about their first impressions and good points about each other ahaha. I’m fidgeting here just listening to them lol.

– Where would you like to go together other than eating out?

Hidaka: Karaoke! I’d love to go to karaoke with you!
Hayami: Oh me too!
Hidaka: We could go and sing Star Driver songs!
Hayami: Then lets go Karaoke sometime!
Hidaka: Really? I dance and stuff. Like for the AKB48 songs~

– Why did you want to become a seiyuu?

Hidaka: My agency had a seiyuu lesson and I took it and from there I started getting interested in the difficulties of expressing emotions through your voice only and then I did some auditions and thats where it all started.

– The two of them talk about how hard it was at the start to not get any noise into the microphone such as script flipping sounds. Hidaka mentioned that there was a time when her school uniform’s rustling was getting into the mic during recordings too.

– Hidaka’s too embarrassed to say her blog name lol. Yeahh “Hidaka Rina no Kira☆Rina Room” Sparkles and a pun with her name lol.

Hidaka’s only 16 years old but she was great at talking on radio :O. Just like other solo radios like Sugita’s and HanaKana’s; Hayami Saori’s Freestyle is one of the solo radios I listen to as it comes out but never really write anything about except for in the scribbles category. It’s a great listen though and Hayami is as wonderful on radio as ever :D.

Random Radio Scribbles 5

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More random radio scribbles, not so Hanazawa Kana filled this time though!

Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #89 on 2011.05.25.

– Hanazawa Kana woke up at 4 am for the shooting of the Roukyuubu PV lol

– Kana had shared a room with Hikasa on the location filming of the PV and they talked with each other all night long :D

Sugita Tomokazu no Anigera! Dedoooon #56 guesting Nakamura Yuuichi on 2011.05.19.

– Situation of what excuse would you say if you broke your friend’s limited edition Ranka figure while trying to pose it in in impossible positions.

Sugita: “What would you say in that situation ‘Alto‘?”
Nakamura: “Huh… She broke so easily…”
Sugita: “Whaat Nooooo! I’m sorry for calling you Alto!”
Nakamura: “And then I’ll add “I guess I’ll go with Sheryl then””
Sugita: “You’re terrible!”

Lol Sugita and Nakamura as great as ever :D

Hayami Saori’s Freestyle #2 on 2011.04.12. Hayami Saori’s weekly solo radio.

Which seiyuu are you close to?

Hayami: “I’m probably the closest with Kotobuki Minako. We speak to each other a lot and I often go out to eat with her”

Hayami: “One day I was out with my university friends in a pasta shop… And I thought I saw someone familiar entering the shop. She was wearing a flu mask but I realised it was Minako, and right next to her was Tomatsu Haruka! Apparently they were out together outside of work as well. I was like “Aah!” and she also went “Aah!” when we recognised each other. I guess things like that really do happen~”

– Younger seiyuu you’re close with

Hayami: “I haven’t met many seiyuu younger than me… There really aren’t that many, but I’ve gone out to eat with Hidaka Rina a couple of times. I’m not a scary senpai to her~”

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