Itou Kanae no Yume Kana? Radio #7

November 8th, 2011 § 5 comments

Name: 伊藤かな恵の夢かな?ラジオ
Host: Itou Kanae
Guest: Kimiko(nano.RIPE’s vocalist/guitarist)
Date: 2011.10.04

Itou Kanae’s new solo radio. The radio started on April, airs monthly on the 4th of every month and is one of only two radio shows that Kanae is currently regularing in. An interesting thing about the show is that other seiyuu and singers send in a prerecorded message and question for Kanae every episode, this episode had Nomizu Iori, Chihara Minori, Mieno Hitomi, Minami Kaori and Mizuki Nana send in their messages.

Amusingly Kanae is a HUGE fan of nano.RIPE and she was fangirling over Kimiko throughout the episode~ <3

– Question from Mizuki Nana. Note: Nana’s not actually there, it’s a prerecorded message in which you can hear Kanae reacting to as it plays:

Nana: About Autumn fashion! Are there any type of clothes that Kanae-chan would like to challenge yourself with and try on? I myself get to try on a lot of clothes I don’t usually wear when I dress up for my live concerts as well as photoshoots and events like that but the most memorable one would be…. A maid-type costume that was really cute!
Kanae: Ahh that would look great on her!
Nana: And it wasn’t like a normal maid costume too! The back and the shoulders were completely bare, it was a pretty daring costume *laughs*
Kanae: Oooh! That’s great!
Nana: I’d love for another opportunity for me to wear it to come again. Which brings me back to my question! What kind of clothes would Kanae-chan like to try on?
Kanae: Umm… About fashion… I… Really have no interest in it at all *laughs* How should I answer the question?! Umm… Well… *laughs* I really know nothing about all the brands and things like that… When I go shopping I don’t really have a shop in particular I go to, I just enter them randomly and browse around and if I find anything I like I just buy it *laughs* Umm how should I answer her?? Ah! But lately I’ve been seeing a lot of cute hats around! I’d love to try on a fluffy hat sometime!

– Kimiko and Kanae mention that though this is the first time they’ve talked on radio, they’ve spoken to each other often as well as met up on occasion to go eat :D

– Bonbori Festival!

Kanae: Oh! Good work at the Bonbori Festival! I had my own event at around that time but… I snuck into your live to watch~ *laughs*
Kimiko: *laughs* I know! I saw you from the stage~!
Kanae: I’ve been going to your lives quite a bit! I love your songs! I love them so much!
Kimiko: Thanks~

– The first time they met was over a year ago at a rehearsal. Kanae remembers that she was watching them with Noto Mamiko. Kimiko laughs that she remembers that as well, thinking at the time “Ah we’re being watched!”

– Kanae already had nano.RIPE’s songs on her iPod at the time and had shown Kimiko that their songs were in there.

– The radio had Kanae and Kimiko fish some water balloons out of a pool lol. After failing a couple of times the two of them reasoned that the staff must have made the balloons too heavy lol. They then held one and realised that… They’re actually really light ahaha. In the end they didn’t manage to fish any out except for one time where they cheated and used two strings instead of one, which is what you see in the above photo lol.

– Kanae commented that the pool was really cute <3

– Kanae laughs that her memories of baseball is composed of… Being unable to watch anime when they program gets extended on TV and cut into the other program’s broadcasts lol. Kimiko laughs and agrees.

– Kimiko played Baseball in elementary school and then Softball in High School. Amusingly her family was really into baseball, her dad was the manager for a team and her brother also played. She mentions that she can probably throw a ball at 80 km/h.

Kanae really fangirls over nano.RIPE and Kimiko throughout the whole episode lol. She apologizes at the end if she was too creepy haha. The two of them are pretty friendly though, Kimiko says that coming on to guest feels more like she visited Kanae to play rather than for work and they agree that it feels like the times when they go out together, except with microphones lol. Kimiko laughs that she wants to come on next episode, even if she’s not invited haha. I wonder if she’ll actually show up :O.

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