Random Radio Scribbles 2

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Stuff gathered from my Soup miniblog.

From Iguchi Yuka no Mu~~~n #17, 2011.01.24

A couple of weeks back Iguchi had randomly seen Asumi Kana in a clothing store, but Asumi had not yet noticed her. Iguchi then snuck up behind her and said “Ah! Are you Asumi Kana?? Can I have your autograph!?” lol.
Asumi was surprised at first and when she turned around she was kinda flustered, then saw it was Iguchi and was like “… Eh. Iguchi…” Ahahah I wish I could see that reaction :D
Incidentally, she’s also bumped into Toyosaki Aki randomly in a clothes store recently as well.
These random encounters usually happen right after work, so I guess it can happen often since they sometimes browse the stores near the studio right after a recording.

Speaking of seiyuu bumping into each other outside work…

I remember an early episode of Macross F Radio where Kamiya Hiroshi and Nakamura Yuuichi mentioned that randomly coming across another seiyuu outside work wasn’t that uncommon quoting a time recently (back when Macross Frontier had just started) where Nakamura was greeted by May’n at a train station, before he even knew her.

He was wondering who this random girl who was openly talking to him was till she noticed he didn’t recognise her, she then introduced herself as May’n and then he realised she was the singer for Sheryl.

Nakamura and Kamiya agreed that it happens rather often due to the work times and places they go to being reasonably similar for everyone in the business.

P.S. Nakamura(+Kamiya) was really surprised how easily May’n came up and spoke to him out of nowhere at the station, and admired her courage for being able to speak to someone she hadn’t met before when she randomly spotted them outside of work. May’n sounds like a wonderful person :D


Sugita and Nakamura about Love Plus from Sugita Tomokazu’s Anigera! Dedoooon #13

– Nakamura when he gets a bad end in Love Plus (where you end up with none of the girls)
Nakamura: “That damn girl, she looked at me with such loving eyes, how did I get a bad end!”

– Sugita explains how Love Plus works with real time events.
Nakamura: “Eh? Real time? So if I log on at 2 AM, I might find her sleeping with another man.”
Sugita: “As if that would happen!”
Nakamura: “No, well she’s a girl after all y’know, you don’t know for sure”
Lol Nakamura, that’s a wonderful view to hold right there OTL

Asumi Kana Hoshizora HinataBokko #21

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Host: Asumi Kana
Guest: Iguchi Yuka
Date: 2011.01.04

Asumi Kana’s Hoshizora HinataBokko airs right after Muuun ends it differs in that it isn’t a live broadcast.

– Asumi didn’t invite Iguchi until 20 minutes in to the show lol.

– Iguchi was wearing a rabbit hat, for the year of the rabbit :D.

– Hoshizora HinataBokko is a pretty relaxed and slow show, which Iguchi notes and say’s it’s completely different from her own one. When Asumi asks what kind of show Muuun is Iguchi screams, stands and slams the table lol. Yeah Muuun is kinda crazy lol.

– Asumi says that Iguchi is normally more relaxed outside of work than on Muuun. She says “Well when you’re on Muuun I don’t really want to be friends with you” lolol

– Asumi and Iguchi went to karaoke and instead of singing, they spent more time talking to each other lol.

– A listener asks them to list good points about each other

Iguchi about Asumi:



“Even if you ask me what part of her I like, I can only say that I like all of her <3”

“Ever since meeting her I’ve become a nicer person”

Asumi about Iguchi:

“I admire how serious she is about her work”

“Also her knowledge about beauty products.”

– Apparently they’ve known each other for over 6 years now.

– They play that game where you stab a plastic sword into a barrel and if the guy pops out you lose, basically a chance game and Iguchi loses on the first round lol.

Iguchi invites her to come on Muuun again, this time alone though. I look forward to it :D They made many plans to meet up and go skating plus many other activites. You can really see how close these two are from this episode <3

Random Radio Scribbles 1

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Random radio scribbles done for various shows that I didn’t end up writing a full post about.

Darker Than Black Backstage Pass #6

Radio for the second season of Darker Than Black. It turns out that Hanazawa Kana had a bad cold at the time of it’s recording, she had a mask on as well as that nose-blocked voice and emphasized to the other two, Hidenobu Kiuchi and Fukuen Misato, to stay far away from her so as not to catch it. Also I’m probably being a terrible person for saying this but… KANA WAS SO ADORABLE IN THIS EPISODE <3 <3 OTL

Hikasa Youko about Seikon no Qwaser from Saito Chiwa’s M-Serve Style

Talking about Souma (For those who know next to nothing about Seikon, Souma is breast milk sucked from girls to provide power for character’s abilities[lol])
Hikasa: “Souma is… The overflowing power provided by the lovely girls in the anime!”
lolol OTL

Juuninin no Yasashii Koroshiya SideR #8

Radio hosted by Sugita at around late 2008. This episode had Fukuyama Jun as a guest.

– The first time Fukuyama Jun had met Sugita was when they went to karaoke as a group. At the time he thought Sugita was far older than him and spoke to him using formal speech. Throughout the whole outing he spoke to him this way until another person told him “Hey Sugita’s younger than you, why are you using formal speech with him?” to which Jun exclaimed “WHAT!? Why didn’t you tell me from the start Sugita?!” This was when they were about 20 years old haha.

Iguchi Yuka no Mu~~~n ⊂( ^ω^)⊃ #8

Host: Iguchi Yuka
Guests: Asumi Kana, Gibu Yuuko, Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2010.11.12
Iguchi Yuka’s new radio which started a couple of weeks after her own ChoRaji! Girls had ended. The name comes from something she’s often done, yelling “Mu~~~n” with her arms open wide lol. Another reason why the name is Mu~~~n is due to the show being aired on Monday, which is written as “Moon Day” in Japanese(as well as English incidentally, a random bit of trivia: The english word Monday was derived from the Old English Mōnandæg and Middle English Monenday which means “Moon Day”) This is the first episode that she’s had a guest come on, I’m glad it’s earlier than her previous ChoRaji! Girls which had it’s first guest on it’s 19th episode. The three guests are here as a Tamayura special.

I know next to nothing about Gibu Yuuko; I know Asumi Kana has barely met up with Taketatsu Ayana before, and only during recent recordings; and that Asumi and Iguchi are really close friends but other than that I’m not sure how well the others know each other. Yuuko has guested on Iguchi’s ChoRaji! Girls once as it’s last guest on 2010.8.27, a month before the show ended. Incidentally Yuuko goes on to guest on Asumi Kana’s own radio show soon after this episode.

Ayana, Asumi and Yuuko were jumping around in the window in the other room at the start lol.

TamayuRadio #4

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Hosts: Iguchi Yuka, Asumi Kana
Guests(for the later half): Sato Junichi, Nakajima Megumi
Date: 2010.10.29

Radio show for the Tamayura OVA. The show airs monthly, with different guests on almost every episode. For the first two episode they had the seiyuu for the four main characters: Taketatsu Ayana, Iguchi Yuka, Asumi Kana, Gibu Yuuko. The third had Asumi Kana + Gibu Yuuko; the fourth had Asumi Kana + Iguchi Yuka; fifth had Iguchi Yuka + Taketatsu Ayana, and the latest, sixth had Iguchi Yuka + Gibu Yuuko.

– The two of them say that they haven’t been alone on radio for a while, if I recall correctly, the last time was on Iguchi’s ChoRaji! Girls on January this year, about nine months before this radio episode.

– The two of them went to the bath together in the recent Tamayura event in Takehara, Hiroshima, the setting of the anime :D

– Iguchi took a photo of Asumi in the changing room
Asumi: “Eh? When did you take the photo?”
Iguchi: “I just snapped it, secretly”
Asumi: “What? Really??”
Iguchi: “I uploaded it too”
Asumi: “…I wasn’t naked was I?”
Iguchi: “…Not naked”
Lol that would be an… Interesting development OTL.

– Iguchi and Asumi were in neighbouring rooms in the hotel they stayed in.

– Iguchi says that when she saw sleepy Asumi in the morning when she had just woken up she looked really cute <3

– Nakajima Megumi and Sato Junichi comes in for the later half :O

– They try to add “-chi” to Megumi’s name to make a nickname for her but laugh that “Nakajimachi” makes it sound like a city (machi = city) and “Megumichi” sounds like a road (michi = path/road). They decide on “Meguchi” for her.

– Megumi performed the ED live outdoors in Takehara :O

This episode was a whopping 90 minutes OTL. Funny enough, when the end came the two of them said that the time flew by so fast and they wanted to talk for longer. Isn’t that wonderful <3

Toaru Radio no Index #29

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Hosts: Iguchi Yuka, Satou Rina
Guest: Asumi Kana
Date: 2009.4.10

Toaru Majutsu no Index’s original popular radio show hosted by Misaka Mikoto’s Satou Rina and Index’s Iguchi Yuka. This is one of the later episodes, right before it’s ending on episode 32. Incidentally Toaru Radio no Index has started up again for Index’s second season with the same hosts and is currently on it’s 11th episode (which guested Kuroko’s Arai Satomi, their second guest for the season with the first being Endou Aya). Oh and by the way, Iguchi calls Asumi “Moko-tan”.

– Asking Asumi if she’s got any special abilities
Asumi: “I’m good at handling Iguchi”
Iguchi[in indignation]: “Moko-tan!!”
SatoRina: “Ah looks like she doesn’t hate the idea though. Actually I think she’s enjoying it.”

– They start opening some alcohol to drink, to Asumi’s surprise. Ah now that’s ToaRaji for you lol, it’s a regular thing for them to start drinking during the show, which is what caused the tipsy Kanae happenings in RailgunRadio <3

– SatoRina says she doesn’t really sleeptalk but she laughs in her sleep.

What’s something that you’ve been worried about recently?
Asumi: “…Yuka-chan is occasionally a pain to deal with”
Iguchi: “I’ve got no choice but to try and fix that I guess”
Asumi: “You won’t be able to fix it even if you try”
Lol these two should just get married already harhar

– SatoRina says that these two are similar, like their mannerisms and reactions lol.

Iguchi and Asumi kept fiddling with each other during the radio, to which SatoRina jokingly scolds them on each time lol. Also I’m pretty sure the radio shares the same staff with Railgun’s radio.

Iguchi Yuka no ChoRaji! Girls #20

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Host: Iguchi Yuka
Guest: Asumi Kana
Date: 2008.8.22

An early episode of Iguchi’s old ChoRaji radio. Though that being said, this was episode 20, almost half a year after the show had started. Asumi was Iguchi’s 2nd guest on the show, her first being Washizaki Takeshi the episode before on #19. Even back then these two were really good friends already.

– Iguchi introduces Asumi as “My wife, Asumi Kana” lol

Iguchi loves talking about Asumi on radio, she tells her that she has talked about her in almost every episode, a habit that’s continued even till today on her new radio show.
Iguchi: “This ChoRaji Girls is half made by you!”
Asumi: “Oh well where’s my pay?”
Iguchi: “You’re not getting paid for it. It’s priceless™”

– Upon finding out that Asumi was from Fukuoka, Iguchi makes fun of the dialect and asks her to speak in it lol

– Apparently, Asumi did kendo for three years in middle school.

– Asumi says she used to hate her voice back in school. I’ve heard this a million times from other seiyuu, interestingly enough.

– Asumi said that she watched a lot of radio in school and listened in to seiyuu radio.

– Iguchi had decided that she wanted to be a seiyuu in middle school.

– Asumi tries to hijack the show and make herself the regular instead of Iguchi lol

– Iguchi tells Asumi to yell out “YES! ASUMISS!”, and she reluctantly complies but only if Iguchi says it with her. After saying “3, 2, 1” Iguchi doesn’t yell it out with her leaving Asumi saying it on her own lol. Asumi mumbles “Iguchi… I’m gonna get you back for that…” quietly while Iguchi ignores her and continues to read the mail lol.

– When asked what’s the hardest thing she’s finding with being a seiyuu, Asumi Kana says it’s the dances and dance choreography.

– Asumi is asked “What do you find cute about Iguchi” She replies “Iguchi is a pain to deal with.” lol. In return Iguchi says “Asumi’s a tyrant” about her.

They comment that this was the first time they’ve spoken in radio with the two of them alone. They’ve worked with each other on radio a couple of times before but they’ve always had 1 or more other people co-hosting with them. Speaking of which, they’ve recently started the monthly Tamayura Radio which is hosted by the two of them plus Taketatsu Ayana and Gibu Yuuko for the first two episodes.

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