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Hosts: Kayano Ai, Kaji Yuuki [Apart from #0, the hosts alternate with each episode]
Guests: Nakamura Yuuichi for #1, Shimamura Yuu for #2
Date: 2011.11.07, 2011.11.14, 2011.11.21

Radio for the currently airing Guilty Crown. Interestingly enough the radio has Kayano Ai and Kaji Yuuki as hosts but they alternate with each week. It looks like the male guests will be handled by Kaji and the female guests will appear with Kayano. The only time the two of them are together are for the first episode, episode 0.

– Kayano laughs that her first impression of Kaji Yuuki is that of a cute person, comparing him to a puppy haha. She then apologizes for saying that even though he’s older than her and her senpai as well.

– Kaji says he found out about her on his own from when he heard her in a certain “secret base” anime lol. Anohana!! It looks like he’s a fan of it and he’s bought the BluRays for it as well~ Kaji then opens the radio with “Ah… Anohana was great”

Kaji: Ah… Anohana was great.
Kayano: What? What’s this all of a sudden??
Kaji: I just thought I might as well just say the title out loud (Instead of saying “a certain ‘secret base’ anime” lol) This is Noitamina afterall!
Kayano: Yeah we’re all comrades!
Kaji: Yeah as Noitamina anime!

– The two of them were full of praise for Supercell’s songs and Redjuice’s art. I’m a huuuge fan of both of them so I was happy to hear stuff like this from the two seiyuu <3

– Kayano say’s she’s no good at english, although she took a lot of classes for them in high school she laughs that she doesn’t remember a thing at all from them anymore.

Note: M = Masochist, or in this light context, someone who enjoys being teased. S = Sadist, once again in this context it means someone who likes to tease people a lot.
– Kayano tries to push Kaji into saying some embarassing lines for the radio and Kaji laughs that Kayano is definitely an S lol. Kayano laughs saying that she’s been told that often, but she herself thinks that she has a bit of both M and S in her. Kaji says he’s an S as well. Err is that really true? I don’t know for myself but I’ve heard otherwise from fans lol.

– One of the corners has Kayano saying embarassing lines to seduce someone and Kayano laughs that she’d want to hear Taketatsu Ayana and Hanazawa Kana say these instead ahaha.

Kayano: I want to hear things like these from Taketatsu-san. Or Hanazawa-san!
Kaji: Oh?
Kayano: I want to hear it from them! *laughs*
Kaji: Kayano-san, you’ve got a bit of a boy’s mindset in you don’t you *laugh*
Kayano: Yeah I agree. There are times when I think I’m actually a boy…
Kaji: *laughs* How in the world can you think you’re a boy from someone like you?
Kayano: I’ve been told that my personality is pretty manly from a long time female friend.

– Kayano says that she’s a fan of No.6[Previous Noitamina anime where Kaji voices the lead character] as well and knows Kaji from there :D

I want to see Hanazawa Kana come guest :D It’s pretty likely she’ll appear too since the staff seems intent on bringing the whole cast in \o/

GUILTY CROWN RADIO COUNCIL #2 guesting Shimamura Yuu on 2011.11.21.

– The two of them stayed up to watch the first episode of Guilty Crown :O It aired at 1:30 AM if I recall correctly.

– Nakamura Yuuichi and Kaji Yuuki sent the two of them a message from the previous episode asking them a question each. Kaji’s question was to Shimamura: “Your skin is really fair~ Do you do anything special to it?” He commented on how he thought  Shimamura was half Japanese when he first saw her as well and Nakamura agreed.

Shimamura: Eh? My skin is really fair? Kaji’s skin is even more so isn’t it?
Kayano: Rather than “fair” his skin is more “pallid” *laughs*

– Nakamura on the other hand mentioned that he heard that Kayano and Kaji spoke to each other about if they were an S or an M but… The way Nakamura put it was “a talk about S&M” OTL (For those not in the know, S&M is… Actually I don’t want to explain it, look it up lol) Kaji then quickly corrected him that they were talking about S and M personalities and Nakamura laughed that he didn’t say it in that way on purpose. Which Kaji didn’t believe haha. Either way he asked if the two of them were an S or an M. We all know Kayano’s an S from the first episode of the radio, as well as from Ben-To’s radio but it looks like Shimamura’s an S as well. Shimono was right!! There are so many girls in the seiyuu industry that are S and the guys are all M ahaha.

– It looks like Kayano and Kaji cosplayed in their character’s school uniforms :O Kayano commented that it was really comfortable and Shimamura says she wants to try it on too.

I’m really in love with Kayano’s voice right now (*´▽`*) I should probably just add her to the “Seiyuu I’m Following” page at this point lol.
I’m pretty much just absentmindedly running through the first few episodes of this radio to keep an eye on it so the post is rather messy and might feel more similar to a Random Radio Scribble post. I’m watching to see what kind of guests come on~ :D

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  • r3 says:

    S&M…. (ノ´∀`*) And You-Kyan. (゜┐゜)

    Yeah, lots of female seiyuu are S. I can’t think of that many that have said they’re M, but I’m pretty out of the seiyuu loop. I only remember Shimizu Kaori and Tamura Yukari right now. (´・ω|

    Dammit, where’s that ep of Marunage where they’re listing who they think is S and M rofl

    • Ambi says:

      I think I remember Ueda Kana mentioning that she was an M as well, though, I think it was Sugita? didn’t quite believe her. Yuuki Aoi and Hikasa Youko have said they’re M on occasion as well IIRC. But yeah I think there are more female seiyuu on the S side than M haha.

      • Keiri says:

        I suppose the funny aspect about this S and M thing with female seiyuu is that some of them would outright say that they’re M but then they behave more like S on occasions especially whenever they show their penchant for teasing the other party (e.g. Hikasa with HanaKana). Er… I guess it’s their way of goading the other person to “hit” them back? XD

        Wrt Kayanon, I follow her other shows (e.g. AnoHana) and think they’re a pleasure to listen to (Ah~ voice therapy) although most would probably find the atmosphere too calm and laidback for their liking, all the more whenever she’s the only one talking. It may be more interesting if she has someone to converse with. I quite enjoyed those episodes which had her talking with Tomatsu and Kondou Takayuki for example (I guess it also helped that Kayanon was sometimes tipsy lol).

        • Ambi says:

          Yeah I know what you mean, Hikasa especially proclaims she’s an M but unreservedly attacks like an S when she needs to haha.

          I haven’t heard Kayano in Anohana except for one episode where she was with Takahiro Sakurai and he told her to wear Menma’s swimsuit (lol), I very rarely listen to solo radios :O
          That’s amusing that she was tipsy in some episodes though ahaha maybe I’ll take a look at the radio again.

  • Aurey says:

    Why does it sometimes look like the entire seiyuu world loves each other or something. At least the female seiyuu world. XD

    Speaking of staying up and watching stuff, just lately I found out that Asakawa Yuu = pro at staying up all night every night marathoning movies. haha

    • Ambi says:

      Well they get chances to know each other often due to radio work forcing them to get along with other seiyuu every now and again. The industry is rather small as well and if they’re active they’d most likely meet up with other active seiyuu around your age pretty often in recordings. As j1m0ne put it, “[The seiyuu industry] is a really incestuous industry anyway, where everyone seems to be the friend of someone who knows somebody else”

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