What Kind of Panties Are You Wearing? (Singer Side)

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Direct continuation from http://ambiseiy.com/2012/09/24/what-kind-of-panties-are-you-wearing-seiyuu-side/, this time with the singers’ responses!

– Fifth call at around ~18:50.

Washizaki: Hello?
??: Hello~
Washizaki: Ah a girl! Good evening~
??: Good evening~
Washizaki: Who is this~?
??: It’s monday’s host, Airi~ [Airi is a singer, official site at http://airi-hightone.net/index.html, most recently she sung the OP for Tari Tari]
Washizaki: Airi-chan?!
Airi: Congratulations!
Washizaki: It’s Airi-chan!
Airi: Yep! I’ve been watching the radio!
Washizaki: Really?? Airi-chan, what kind of panties are you wearing?
Airi: …You’re gonna ask me that too?
Washizaki: Of course, I’m asking everyone!
Airi: Umm, well.
Washizaki: Hmm?
Airi: Black…
Washizaki: Black?
Airi: And sort of see through. *laughs*
Washizaki: Oi hold on, how mature! *laughs*
*Airi laughs harder*
Washizaki: What’re you doing?!
Washizaki: And of course you’re in your room right now on top of a fluffy sofa.
Airi: Yep yep
Washizaki: Wearing nothing but your panties right? While holding a wine glass?
Airi: Yep, that! *laughs*
Washizaki: I see. Well Airi-chan?
Airi: Yes yes?
Washizaki: Take it all off!
Airi: Ah, okay.
*They both burst out laughing*
Washizaki: Have you taken it off?
Airi: Yep I have.
Washizaki: Okay thanks! *laughs*
*Airi laughs*

Lol these two are going crazy just cause it’s audio only ahaha.

–  Seventh Call, ~26:20.

Washizaki: Hello?
??: Hello!
Washizaki: Ah a girl!
??: Hello!
Washizaki: W..h..o?
??: Congratulations on your 100th episode! Yaay!
Washizaki: …Yaay…? Who are you??
??: *laughs* Kurosaki Maon! [Singer, sung the ED for High School of the Dead and Index II]
Washizaki: Ah Maon-chan!

Washizaki: Maon-chan, what kind of panties are you wearing?
Maon: Ah I’m not… Ah the reception is bad here!
Washizaki: Everyone thus far has answered the question!
Maon: Eh? About their underwear?
Washizaki: Yep.
Maon: Ah well boxers then.
*Washizaki laughs*
Washizaki: Oi come on wear something sexier!
*Maon laughs*

Washizaki: You’ve become a lot more brighter and cheery recently! *laughs*
Maon: *laughs* I’ve been hearing that a lot recently, but really, I’ve always been cheery! I’ve always been a happy girl! Happy Happy Girl! [KitaEri!]
Washizaki: Happy Happy Girl! — Oi stop! *laughs*
*Maon laughs*

– Eighth call.

Washizaki: Hello!
??: Hello~
Washizaki: Ah a girl~ Who is it~?
??: Washizaki-san, who do you think I am?
Washizaki: Ehh?
*?? laughs*
Washizaki: Who??
??: Hello~ Congratulations on your 100th episode!
Washizaki: …Yeah… *Trying to figure out who it is*
??: Who am I??
Washizaki: …This must be…! …Azusa-chan? [Singer for Amagami, Moshidora, etc. etc.]
??: Correct!! Congratulations!
Washizaki: The way you said “Who am I?” made me think it couldn’t be anyone else but the Azusa-chan that smiles while she’s talking!
Azusa: *laughs* Ah I guess you got me!

Washizaki: There’s something I have to ask you Azusa-chan.
Azusa: Yes?
Washizaki: *laughs* What kind of panties are you wearing?
Azusa: Ehh?!
*They both laugh*
Azusa: That’s sexual harrassment! *laughs*
Washizaki: Wait no it’s not like that!
Azusa: Huh?
Washizaki: It’s part of the program! Didn’t you hear about it on Monday’s show?
Azusa: I didnt…?
Washizaki: That’s weird 2h—
Azusa: I’m not wearing any.
Washizaki: *laughs* EH!? Wait what?!
Azusa: It’s one of those things.
Washizaki: Huh??
Azusa: Not panties.
Washizaki: Not panties? What’s that?
Azusa: A Skort– [Skirt with shorts underneath]
Washizaki: Huh? Are you wearing straw? *laugh*
Azusa: I’m not! *laughs*
Washizaki: Is it a shell? Are you wearing a seashell? *laughs*
Azusa: No! *laughs* I’m not wearing anything that tropical!
Washizaki: I haven’t acted like this in front of you before so I’m really regretting this right now *laughs*
*Azusa laughs*
Washizaki: Sorry about this.
Azusa: Well it’s nice that we can’t see each other’s faces though.
Washizaki: Yeah it is isn’t it.

– After the call.

Washizaki: Who would’ve known that Azusa wasn’t wearing any underwear! And is wearing shells down there! How sexy!

– Ninth Call.

Washizaki: Hello?
??: Ah! Hello!
Washizaki: Ah a girl! Hello!
??: 2hpappu~ [The show’s greeting]
Washizaki: 2hpappu~
??: Good work and congratulations on your 100th episode!
Washizaki: Thank you, who may this be?
??: It’s Tuesday’s personality, Ray~! [Singer for the NatsuMachi OP]
Washizaki: Ray-chan?!
Ray: Yes!
Washizaki: Really?! Ehh?? Why?
Ray: Huh? “Why”? I wonder why??
Washizaki: Eh?
Ray: Well just congratulating you on#100.
Washizaki: Eh? From Sapporo? [Ray is from, and still lives in, Sapporo, she flies to Tokyo for events and work]
Ray: Yep, I’m at home in Sapporo!

Ray: I’ve been having fun watching the radio with my family here!
Washizaki: You’ve been watching with your family there?! Ahh this is a bit hard to ask but…
Ray: *laughs* Yup!
Washizaki: What kind of panties are you wearing? *laughs*
Ray: *laughs* You’re gonna ask me that too I see.
Washizaki: Yes well I’ve pretty much asked everyone so far.
Ray: That’s true, umm…  Err…. I’ll leave it to your imagination~
Washizaki: Ehhhh?! Colour! At least the colour! *laughs*
Ray: *laughs* Just the colour?? Umm pink. *laughs*
Washizaki: Pink!! Pink you say?? Thanks!
*Ray’s still laughing*
Ray: Yup~
Washizaki: I’m wearing black!
Ray: Yeah that’s right isn’t it.
*Washizaki laughs*
Ray: I think it’s cool~
*They both laugh*

Amusingly Washizaki ends the conversation with “Ahh I want to date her…”. I find it hilarous how he asked her right after she said she was watching with her family there ahaha, how awkward would that be orz.

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