MoshiDoRadio #04

April 21st, 2011 § 0 comments

Name: 程高放送部~もしドラジオ~
Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2011.04.11

The opening script has Hikasa introducing herself as “The mood maker of your heart of happiness!” They laugh at it but Kana says she should write that on her profile because it fits her so well <3

Hikasa: “Err well I wouldn’t be able to come to any serious jobs would I?”
Kana: “*laughs* That’s true”
Hikasa: “They’d be like ‘I wonder what this ‘mood maker of your heart of happiness’ is going to come here and do?'”

– The two of them want to go see the sakura bloom, and decide they should go during a broadcast sometime. Seems like there’s a school nearby the recording studio too :O. They also mention that they want to do another live audience event outdoors, in summer or something. Kana wonders if the radio will still be going then :O

– When talking about who they’d like to call on to guest, Hikasa mentioned that Kakihara Tetsuya had said that he’d like to come on, but Kana rejects the idea immediately :O. Hikasa asks why and she says that she doesn’t know what to talk to him about lol. Kana says she’s interested in hearing how chaotic the conversations between Hikasa and Kakihara would be.

– Hikasa says that although she can talk to him and he’s an interesting person and she likes him, supposedly there’s something about him she doesn’t like (lol poor Kakky), mentioning that she’s kinda scared of him, and Kana says that she can see that, since she’s noticed Hikasa has seemed a bit intimidated by him at times. She makes it clear that she still likes him as a person though lol. In the end, it seems like both of them don’t wan’t Kakihara to come guest haha.

– They comment that Asanuma Shintaro had also said he had wanted to come, and the two of them talk about how interesting and nice he is as a person so they’d be happy to have him come on. Speaking of which, Asanuma came to guest on Kana’s solo radio show in her latest episode as well.

– It looks like it might be pretty likely that he’ll come on to guest, they start organising it between the two of them with Hikasa telling Kana to ask him since they’re with the same agency and Kana responding that she knows his manager and can ask him.

– Hikasa keeps commenting on Kana’s front forehead bangs, to Kana’s annoyance, ever since she heard Kakihara comment on it to her and she tells everyone to look at them in the radio photo, to which Kana tells everyone not to. This is why she’s hiding them with her hands in the photo lol.

Kana: “I think it’s wonderful how you’re always so cheerful and bright no matter when and where you are Hiyocchi!”
Hikasa: “Really?? I’ll say a good point I like about you too!”
Kana: “…What is it?”
Hikasa: “How your forehead bangs are almost at your eye height! *Bursts out laughing*
Kana: “*Laughs along* SHUT UP ABOUT THAT!!

– The two of them talk briefly about Hikasa’s appearance on Azusa’s Yume Note CM. Kana hadn’t seen it and she said she’d really love to see it. Apparently the pitching machine could only be set to pitch at 130 km/h and she couldn’t hit it at all haha. For the actual CM you can see her just barely hitting it off in random directions lol. Incidentally here’s the CM:

video platform video management video solutions video player

– While talking about bentou/lunchboxes, the two of them comment that barely any seiyuu bring in their own homemade bentou/lunchboxes to eat.

– The two of them find that they both have a fetish for suits and glasses lol. Hikasa then goes on to say that she loves the image of when they finish work and are at home that they loosen their tie. That gesture. Kana adds that she’d love to loosen it for them <3

– Apparently Hikasa hasn’t tried Thai curry before.

– Looks like the male cast members of Moshidora had a drinking party without the two of them, and they were complaining about how they weren’t invited haha.

– Listeners keep sending in mail talking about how “Angelic” Kana is, which is material from Angel Beats with Kana voicing the character “Tenshi[Angel]“. Upon hearing this Hikasa says “What about me! What about me??” Kana thinks about it for a moment and Hikasa herself intercedes with “Devil” lol

If they’re broadcasting each episode of the anime daily for 10 days starting from April 25th… I wonder how much longer the radio will go on for? :O


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