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Host: Hirohashi Ryou
Guest: Tomatsu Haruka
Date: 2011.12.16

Radio for the second season of WORKING. This episode has Tomatsu Haruka guesting, the voice of Mitsuki(As well as the Neko-gumi april fools character).

– The two of them talk about how the first time they met was when Tomatsu was a teenager. After marveling at how much of an adult she’s become Tomatsu invites Hirohashi to go drinking with her sometime lol.

– Tomatsu is greatly amused by the nickname “Ono Dynamite” Hirohashi stuck on Ono Daisuke lol. They reason that he’s like a dynamite, silent sometimes but suddenly explodes with energy haha.

– Tomatsu says her favourite… Shark is the Whale Shark.

– Tomatsu said she was nervous that she might not be able to mix in well in the recordings due to her coming in halfway through the second season but she was happily received by the cast :D Amusingly Nakamura mentioned this about himself last episode as well.

– Tomatsu was really surprised when she found out she was doing both the April Fools character and her current character in WORKING.

– Tomatsu was told to copy how Nakamura adlibbed the part when Youhei tried to fix up door after breaking it. The whole “*Struggling* Huh? How does this go again?” part to make them seem more like twins. Tomatsu wrote down Nakamura’s adlib when it happened so she wouldn’t forget it.

– Tomatsu mentions that she’s called by Tomatsu or Tomacchan a lot but she’s rarely, if ever, called “Haruka-chan” though she says she has been called “Haru-chan” and her family calls her just “Haruka”

– Apparently Tomatsu hasn’t worked part time before apart from the seiyuu job :O Seems like she was prohibited from doing it.

– Tomatsu asks “Do deer have teeth?” lol.

– Tomatsu mentions that when she goes overseas with her parents her dad speaks english so she’s never had much trouble going around.

– Tomatsu says she hasn’t met Takatsu Karino in person before though she really wants to. Once again Hirohashi describes her as a cute and pretty girl :O I wonder what she looks like hah. Apparently Karino lives in Hokkaido as well, the part of Japan where WORKING is set.

These two sounded like they were having a lot of fun talking. Hirohashi seems to get along pretty well with anyone despite how weird she is lol.

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  • Mazryonh says:

    Do you think you could make a summary of Yamaking’!! 11? One of my favourite seiyuus, Shizuka Itou, is the guest star on that episode of the radio show. Thanks in advance.

    • Ambi says:

      I’ve been going through the Working Radio recently as well but I probably won’t do any writeups on it, sorry!

      • Mazryonh says:

        That’s too bad. It’s rare enough that these radio shows get translated (or even just summarized) into English. I don’t think Shizuka Itou appears on web radio shows often either, so I was hoping you might know what went on in that segment.

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