Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #017

July 11th, 2011 § 7 comments

Name: 花澤香菜のひとりでできるかな?
Host: Hanazawa Kana
Guest: Tomatsu Haruka
Date: 2008.08.20

An old HitoKana episode guesting Tomatsu Haruka. This episode was recorded about 3 years ago and was just before the airing of Kannagi. I’ve been missing the Kana x Tomatsu love talk recently :(

Also, Kana announces that the Sekirei event is nearing… And groans that she’s not looking forward to dancing the OP while performing it ahaha.

– This isn’t the first time these two have worked on radio together, though that happened rather recently on Kannagi radio in early July.

– Michael Phelps and the Olympics.

Kana: The Olympics have been going on and I’m watching it pretty intently. And Phelps! Michael Phelps! He’s amazing! Does everyone know him? Like when he’s swimming he’s just floating through the air! “Then he’s not swimming?” *laughs* Yeah he’s not swimming!

– They comment that they’ve been seeing each other in recordings a lot recently counting ToLoveRu, Kyoran Kazoku Nikki, Asu no Yoichi and Kannagi all at around this time.

Kana: This is great! It means our voices and characters don’t overlap!
Tomatsu: Yeah! Like what they want from each of our voices are different?
Kana: Something like that?
Tomatsu: We’re always paired up together aren’t we? Like as sisters and stuff.
Kana: Yeah. Wait… I’m always the younger sister?
Tomatsu: *laughs* Yeah I’m always the elder.

Even though Kana’s about a year older than Tomatsu hah.

– First impression of each other.

Tomatsu: We never really had something like that didn’t we.
Kana: Yeah I think so.
Tomatsu: From the very beginning I was like “Ah! I’ve always wanted to meet you!”
Kana: Yeah I knew about you because you were close to me in age.
Tomatsu: When I found out the date that I was gonna meet up with you I remember thinking “I need to get her phone number!”

– Kana x Tomatsu!

Kana: I want to go to some kind of Summerland with you or something… And look at you in a swimsuit. Tomatsu in a swimsuit.
Tomatsu: *laughs* Oh? A swimsuit?
Kana: And take you around with me to show people.
Tomatsu: Is that in like a “AHH MY EYES MY EYESSSSSSSS!” kinda way? *laughs*
Kana: *laughs* No not like that!
Tomatsu: I don’t have THAT nice a body you know?
Kana: *creepy voice* Oh yes you do~
Tomatsu: *whoo~!* (Kana joins in lol and they break down laughing)
Kana: What are we doing?! *laughs*

– Tomatsu promotes her debut single “Naissance” on the show :O

Kana: From the moment I heard your whispery voice at the start I knew this song would be godly!”

Kana: I saw your music clip!
Tomatsu: *laughs* Really? Wow you are such a Tomatsu otaku!
Kana: …Yeah I’m a Tomatsu otaku.

– Tomatsu comments that Kana always tilts her face to the right when she’s at the microphone and wonders if it’s a habit of hers. Kana then says that speaking of habits, Tomatsu’s got a big one where she puts her left foot forward and shakes her right hand. Tomatsu laughs and says that as she gets more excited her hands goes faster and faster.

– They start talking about how to start a blog post that makes them seem like a mature and refined woman and Kana says to write “Dear… Takashi-sama” lol, saying a male name at random and convinced that it makes them seem really refined if they address the post to man. Tomatsu laughs that “Akira” would be a much cooler name to use in that case. They laugh at the idea for a bit and they decide to have Tomatsu use it next time she puts up a blog post, and checking her blog…. She really does do it ahaha.

“Dear Takashi-Sama
Good day.
This is a refined and mature Tomatsu.
Today I’ll be writing a refined and mature blog.”

Ahahaha <3

Kana and Tomatsu really are close with one another :D I really love Tomatsu’s sunny, bright and cheery personality~ <3 …Though I’ve never written much about her now that I look back :O

Amusingly I always write more dialogue when I’m doing Hanazawa posts :O

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