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Host: Hirohashi Ryo
Guest: Asumi Kana
Date: June 04, 2010

I’m so slow, I only just realised the name came from Yama[da] + [Wor]king, instead of Yamada + king[royalty] OTL. Asumi Kana guest!

– I love hearing seiyuu using different accents :3

– Seems like Asumi Kana hasn’t been guesting in radio in a while

– Asumi Kana watches WORKING!! late at night as it airs \o/ seems like the recording was done almost half a year ago for the latest episode.

– Hirohashi Ryo being lecherous staring at the cute seiyuu at the recording ahaha

– Asumi comments that Daisuke Ono, Kamiya Hiroshi and Fukuyama Jun seemed really close when she saw them at the recording. Well that’s not really news though lol.

[Asumi: They had conversations that were like middle school boys.]

– Asumi listened to #1 of YAMAKING!!

– For some reason I always thought Asumi was tall but she’s only 160 cm-ish :O

– If Asumi could choose a height to be she would choose to be 150. “Because its cute”

– Hirohashi: “I’ve never done a drive through before! …I wonder if I can do it with a bicycle?”

– Asumi’s first part time job was almost 10 years ago.

– Asumi’s worked as an OL [Office Lady] which Hirohashi exclaimed “Office Love!” to OTL

– “The cake is a lie” Portal material in a listener’s mail lol thats great.(Of course, Hirohashi & Asumi didn’t recognise it.)

I’ll keep an eye out the radio’s guests but I probably won’t keep listening to it unless a guest catches my eye. Or I hear something interesting about a particular episode.

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