Hidaka ・ Komatsu no Tenshi ni Narerumon☆ #02

February 1st, 2012 § 4 comments

Name: 日高・小松の天使になれるもん☆
Hosts: Hidaka Rina, Komatsu Mikako
Guest: Sakura Ayane
Date: 2011.12.10

A new radio show hosted by Hidaka Rina and Komatsu Mikako. The title means something on the lines of “Hidaka & Komatsu’s We’ll Become Angels☆”. The radio is a short radio that was broadcast weekly throughout December 2011 and finished on it’s 6th episode.
For those that don’t know Komatsu, more recently she’s been appearing in Mouretsu Pirates as Katou Marika and Symphogear as Andou Sousei. She’s also one of the five personalities on A&G’s Lady Go radio series along with Ookubo Rumi, Mikami Shiori, Uesaka Sumire and Takamori Natsumi. Hah I’m amused that I only knew Rumi out of the five when it first started but I’m coming to recognise the other members as time goes on and their careers grow.

– Hidaka and Sakura had met before on ROKYUBU and Yumekui Merry but this was the first time Komatsu and Sakura were meeting.

Komatsu: Ah so you two get along pretty well?
Sakura: *pauses* …Yeah
*Komatsu laughs*
Hidaka: Hey! Why did you pause before answering!?
Sakura: If it turned out to be one sided I’d feel really sad!

Sakura: But I mean, look at Hidaka, she’s always shining so brightly!
Hidaka: No no I’m not!
Komatsu: Yeah her eyes are shining. Her clothes are shining.
Sakura: They sure are shining. So I’m always thinking “Is it okay for me to talk to her??”
Hidaka: What’s with that?!

The two of them concluded that they want to use the radio as a chance to get closer with one another and the three of them start trading email addresses :D

– About Sakura Ayane’s photoshoot for the Voice Angel seiyuu magazine. They have the magazine there with them and Sakura’s groaning in embarrassment throughout the ordeal ahaha.

Hidaka: Ahh SO CUTE!!
Komatsu: AHHH!! …Bare legs… Bare legs!! …Zettai Ryouiki!!
Hidaka: Knee high socks are the greatest!
*Komatsu moans while looking at the photos LOL*
Sakura: What’s wrong with you?!
Komatsu: You look beautiful!
Hidaka: Let’s go to the next page!
*Sakura groans in embarrassment*
Hidaka: Look at this!
Komatsu: Ah this is an angel right here!
*Sakura continues to groan in the background lol*
Komatsu: Ah this makes me want to hug you from behind.
Hidaka: It’s great! She looks great looking behind her.
Komatsu: Yeah she does.
Hidaka: Was it cold? It looks like it’d be pretty cold.

Hidaka: How was the photoshoot?
Sakura: It was embarrassing *laughs*
*They all laugh*
Hidaka: Yeah photoshoots are embarrassing aren’t they~
Komatsu: Yeah I can’t get used to photoshoots.
Sakura: Right. If the staff didn’t suggest poses to me I’d have no idea what to do.

They continue to fangirl over the photoshoots for a while… Amusingly Komatsu mumbled something along the lines of “I want to be the thing she’s riding on…” ahaha. Wait… Komatsu Mikako… Wasn’t that the person on twitter who was fangirling over other female seiyuu a while ago? Lol.

– Apparently Hidaka was told to study other photoshoots to get an idea on what kind of poses she should take.

– Hidaka asks if they’ve done animal noises in a recording before and Komatsu says she hasn’t besides one time where she voiced a cat in the background one time while Sakura hasn’t done it before at all. Hidaka hasn’t as well though she says she’s done something that’s not human before.

Komatsu and Sakura got along really well for their first time meeting, they attributed it to how they were both fangirling over how cute Hidaka was together before the recording started lol.

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  • Kuroi_shinigami says:

    I first heard hidaka rina on inu boku radio. She seems to be the type to get dragged by someone else’s pace rather than setting the pace. It might be interesting if she’s paired with simeone interesting(not Sugita though since Hidaka is even younger than Yuuki Aoi lol).

  • Keiri says:

    Komatsu and Sakura got along really well for their first time meeting

    The more I see and hear Komatsu, the more I think she and Sakura operate on the same wavelength in that umm…old men (i.e. “UEHEHEEE~ (゚ ∀゚ )” over cute girls) way lol. Komatsu’s quotes in this episode is all the more evident of it. Hur, I need to catch up with her Lady Go show. Have a feeling I’m missing out on a lot of good stuff haha.

    • Ambi says:

      This was the first time I’ve listened to Komatsu on radio but she was fun to listen to :D Perhaps I’ll listen to more of her stuff in the future.

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