Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #082

February 18th, 2011 § 6 comments

Host: Hanazawa Kana
Guest: Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2011.02.16

Solo radio show hosted by Hanazawa Kana. For some reason it’s pretty much the only solo radio show I listen to from time to time even when there are no guests. This episode guests Taketatsu Ayana, making this episode feature the popular OreImo yuri seiyuu duo lol.
Ayana starts off leading the show alone and tells everyone not to change the channel since Kana will be coming in later lol.

– They start off with a quiz about Ayana for Kana, if she gets it all right she gets her present. Looks like it’s a rather expensive present too :O

– 1st question: What’s Ayana’s favourite colour? A: Pink
Kana had no idea from the start and started floundering lol. She made a wild guess for pink and got it right lol. Her reasoning: “Well Ayana looks good in pink”.
Eh looks like they’ll continue the quiz later throughout the show.

– A listener sends in a mail saying that Ayana wrote on her blog before the Nico Live event that she was happy just to meet Kana. Kana questions her about this and Ayana denies it while embarassed lol.

– Ayana jokes that she’ll come every week to the radio show for free :D

– When Ayana finds out that Kana can cook she asks her to come over to cook for her, which she agrees to :D.

– Ayana hears a snippet of a previous radio episode where Kana fangirled over her.
Kana: “Sorry for you coming here and hearing that.”
Ayana: “Ah its alright, seems like you’re becoming creepier recently.”
Kana: “Oh… Tell me when I’m being creepy and I’ll try and stop.”
Ayana: “It’s okay I love the creepy Kana too :3”

– Question 2: What radio show is Ayana currently hosting with Numakura Manami? A: Taketatsu Numakura no Hajimete demo ii desu ka?
This is actually a show that’s been going on for almost 3/4 of a year now. Kana knew about it and guessed it without the personality names at the front, which resulted in an incorrect answer. Ayachi acts all tsun saying “Even though you say you love me so much… It’s hosted at the same A&G and Kana didn’t know about it…” lol.

– They mention that they’re going on a date after the recording lol. (And Ayana dressed up for it :D)

– Digital Cameras
Ayana: “If I had a digital camera I’d do a photoshoot with only Kana, only for me.”
Kana: “That’s a bit creepy”
Ayana: “Eh? Why?? I love you that much!”
Kana: “Ah thanks…”

– Question 3: What did Ayana have for dinner last night? A: Meat
Kana: “How would I know?!”
In the end Ayana hinted that it was at a staff event with her favourite food and Kana guessed it right.

– Question 4: Who is the writer’s (of the radio show) favourite seiyuu? A: Taketatsu Ayana
As if it’s Taketatsu Ayana lol, he’s always been fanboying over Tomatsu Haruka! Kana guessed Tomatsu straight off and it was incorrect, to everyone’s surprise lol.

– Ayana gives Kana chocolate as a late Valentines Day present :D

– Question 5: What does Taketatsu Ayana admire most about Hanazawa Kana? A: How seriously she does her job
Kana guesses at “How cool Kana is” since Ayana has mentioned many times how cool she thinks she is…. but gets it incorrect. Ayana makes fun of her saying “Ehh? Do you think of yourself as a cool person??” ahahaha poor Kana.

In the end Kana gets a disposable camera as her birthday present, to her disappointment lol.

So much Ayana x Kana love.

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