MoshiDoRadio #05

May 12th, 2011 § 9 comments

Name: 程高放送部~もしドラジオ~
Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko
Guest: Azusa
Date: 2011.04.25

The opening introduction for Hikasa has grown to include “Happy go lucky” lol. “Hikasa Youko, the happy go lucky moodmaker of your heart!”

– The anime has just started airing \o/

– They mention that they haven’t met since the live audience recording almost two months ago.

Azusa: “My hobbies..? Err… My hobbies are… Drinking”

– Azusa says she came up with the “Yume Note” part before thinking of the play on words with “Yume no Oto” in the OP. Hikasa really loves that bit of the lyrics lol.

– When do you normally think up your songs?

Azusa: “Normally when I’m on my way home. Or out on a walk. Usually while I’m outside. You know the tempo of when you’re walking, doesn’t it seem like you could sing along to that rhythm?”
Hikasa: “Oh! Like how you fall asleep easily when you’re riding on something that’s moving?”
Azusa + Kana: “…Huh?”

– Hikasa says she drenches the floor of the room she sleeps in to keep the room humid to make sure her throat doesn’t dry up… Whaaat?? She says to do it in hotels and stuff lol. The other two are really surprised lol. I… Can’t tell if she’s joking or not lol. She says that the director of the agency does it and advises them to do it. Ehhh realllyyy? I’m Entertainment’s prettty crazy.

– Kana says she sucks on lots of honey drops to keep her throat healthy. Azusa on the other hand normally drinks milk before she sings in Karaoke and stuff to try and help protect her throat.

– Hikasa asks Azusa if there’s Nattou in Amamioshima, her hometown and Kana laughs, telling her off for making fun of the rural town lol. Of course there’s nattou there!

– AB? Ebi?

Hikasa: “If I was asked what blood type I was I’d just be like “…I’m O””
Kana: “Yeah just like “I’m AB”
Hikasa: “AB…? Do you eat shrimp often?” [shrimp = ebi in JP, which sounds like the letters AB. Basically it’s a pun lol]
Kana: “…Shut up! *laughs*

– The three of them talk about organising a girls night out for them to go drinking :D. They decide to do it at Hikasa’s place and Azusa laughs that wouldn’t the floor be all soggy and wet? Ahahaha. They decide to take a look out of curiousity.

Next episode has an AKB48 girl guesting on the show… Looks like she voiced a character in the anime. I don’t care much for AKB48 so I’m gonna have to try and work up some motivation to listen to it lawl.

The radio is still continuing with another episode slated to be broadcast on the 23rd of May. I wonder if this’ll be the final episode since the anime would have finished airing by then. I hope not :(

We’ll see.

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