MoshiDoRadio #08

August 15th, 2011 § 7 comments

Name: 程高放送部~もしドラジオ~
Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko
Guest: Suyama Akio
Date: 2011.06.06

Episode 8 has the childhood friend Kashiwagi Jiro’s seiyuu Suyama Akio.

– When talking about marriage Hikasa asks Kana if she wants to get married and Kana says she does. She says she’d like to have her marriage at a lone island or so :O

– Hikasa laughs that if they go to a lone island Kana will have to be naked for the wedding lol. Or at least topless. Kana laughs but tells her off for saying dirty material. It seems like Kana’s told Hikasa beforehand not to say dirty material on radio with her lol.

– Kana says there’s a surprise today, referring to the guest coming on to the show and Hikasa panics thinking that they’d play a prank on her lol. Kana laughs saying that as if that would happen and Hikasa laughs that it happens all the time on a certain other radio she works on. Yeah Momonoki’s traumatised her ahaha.

– They mention that they haven’t met with Suyama ever since the recordings, going on to say that it was quite a few months ago at around April. Oh that means the anime was aired almost immediately after the recordings were completed.

– Apparently the reason Suyama became a seiyuu was because someone else aiming to become one had encouraged him to do so as well :O

– Hikasa had left her script at home for one of the recordings. She laughed remembering that she wanted to go home and get it but there was only 5 minutes till the recording started D:

– Suyama’s hometown is Osaka. He adds that he’s been in Tokyo for longer than he’s been in Osaka now though.

– Suyama is a fan of Hello Project’s groups and says he attends their concerts waving lightsticks heh.

– When talking about SNSD the three of them comment that their legs are amazing lol.

– Suyama laughs that the crowd is so enthusiastic and active that when he attends their concerts he loses 2 kilos lol.

– Suyama talks about how he watched Space Battle Ship Yamato and Gundam when he was in school and they ask how old he is. He replies that he’s turning 43 this year to their complete surprise and they exclaim that he really doesn’t look it. I agree :O I thought he was 30 or so :O. Kana exclaims that it’s really hard to tell the ages of seiyuu from their looks hah.

– Hikasa says she was crying really hard at the end of the Moshidora last episode recording :O

– Suyama’s first impression of Kana was “Ah she looks like a mature and well behaved person”

– Hikasa says she’s actually pretty shy and quiet when meeting people for the first time and Kana says that she had thought she was a bit scary at first lol.

– Hikasa’s stomach grumbles during the recording lol. She laughs and says she wants to eat a donut =3

Hmm other than that long OreImo radio post, I haven’t been writing many transcripts in my posts recently. I’m not exactly sure what it is about an exchange that makes me want to transcribe and translate instead of blurb though.

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