MoshiDoRadio #06

May 23rd, 2011 § 2 comments

Name: 程高放送部~もしドラジオ~
Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko
Guest: Nakaya Sayaka
Date: 2011.05.09

Hikasa mentions that it’s the morning right now. Also Hikasa’s introduction has been lengthened even further lol.

– The two of them comment that they’ve been meeting up really often lately and “moving their bodies” lol. That would definitely be those Rokyubu dance lessons HanaKana was talking about on her HitoKana radio. They mention that they’re going there right after this recording and they seem kinda reluctant lol. It must be pretty tiring.

– Kana says that Hikasa’s been calling her “Kana” with no honorifics and she’s been happy about that.

– It’s still morning if I just woke up!

Hikasa: “Well it’s still morning!”
Kana: “But it’s more like the afternoon now”
Hikasa: “…But I just woke up!”
Kana: “…Well that’s just you”

– Hikasa notes that Nakaya’s jumper is similar to what Hikasa wore at the Moshidora event.

Hikasa: “Ah I wore a similar red white striped top for the Moshidora event!”
Kana: “Ehh really? …Don’t put her in the same category as you!”
Hikasa: “Ah sorry, but I’m glad we’re red white stripe comrades!”
Nakaya: “I’m glad too!”
Kana: “Yeah it’s like Wally![from Where’s Wally]
Hikasa: “…Really now, Wally?”

– Quick quiz for Nakaya

What are your special skills and interests?
Cooking, or thats what I’m planning to be good at! And I like sleeping.

Favourite food?
Curry and Salad

What would you say fits you as a catchphrase?
Half of me is made of kindness~

When was a time you thought you were a mature woman?
When I had my nails done.

How would you describe your character in a sentence?
A model student, but is actually a bit crazy.

What did try you keep in mind while you were acting her?
A floaty sorta feeling.

– Hikasa had been writing frantically during the quick quiz but Kana noticed that she didn’t write anything at all in the end and they laughed that the pen had no ink lol.


Kana: “I like her[Nakaya’s] legs”
Nakaya: “Eh?”
Hikasa: “Yeah during the recordings I’m always staring at her legs”
Nakaya: “What? Really? *laughs*
Hikasa: “Sorry for the sexual harassment”

– They talk about going to eat curry after the recording together.

– The two of them mention that they asked Nakaya to teach them a bit of dancing.

– When talking about Nakaya’s catchphrase, Hikasa says Kakihara Tetsuya is probably made up of 100% pain-to-deal-with LOL

– Guys don’t get nail art

Hikasa: “Boys don’t notice nail art at all! And when they do, they’re like “Whats with the blood on your fingernails.” when it’s red!

Hikasa: “And when it’s blue they’re like “Are you sick?”

They comment that Hikasa’s pink coloured nails were cute though.

– Nakaya says that she modeled her image of her character after Watanabe Mayu/Mayuyu, another member of AKB48. Judging by her reaction, it looks like Kana’s a fan of her :O. Hold on was that the AKB48 girl who Ayana and Kana were fangirling about on OreImo radio that time? *checks* Yeah it was :O

– They play around at answering with Nakaya’s character’s “Eh ah hai” to anything. Kana asks if Nakaya wants to eat a manjuu and she replies with the normal “eh ah hai” and they cheer that it’s the real thing. They then ask Hikasa and she’s like “Eeeh? aaAH? HAAIii” and they laugh at the way she replies lol. Hikasa then goes to Kana with “KANA DO YOU WANNA EAT THIS” and chucks it at her, to which Kana says

Kana: “Oi! Why are you throwing it at me??”
Hikasa: “Where’s my ‘Eh Ah Hai’?! That’s against the rules!”

Hikasa then goes on to ask her for money and Kana replies “Eh…? Ah… Hai…” really reluctantly lol.

– Kana comments that whenever Hikasa’s at a recording the place brightens up <3… And Hikasa gets all embarassed ahaha.

– Hikasa talks about a big mistake in reading during one of the MoshiDora episode recordings where she had said “Our school is a factory!”. She talked about this on that NHK confession corner too.

– Kana makes a comment that Nakaya would look good in spats and then laments that she’ll probably be told off by her manager later on. Hikasa joins in and says that both of them will probably be told not to come near her ahaha.

Hikasa and Kana really are getting closer <3 Their jokes and jabs between each other are really wonderful :D

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      I have so much trouble trying to fit that in english everytime. セクハラ is so much cooler than “Sexual Harassment/Sexually Harrassing” harhar

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