BlazBlue Radio #9

July 12th, 2010 § 0 comments


Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guest: Koyama Tsuyoshi

This episode’s guest was Bang’s seiyuu, Koyama Tsuyoshi. The only times I’ve listened to his radio material were related to Utawarerumono Radio almost 3 years ago. I remember him making Yuzuki Ryouka squirm with his dirty jokes but we’ll see how this episode pans out.

– [Sugita: You cant play fighting games without a control stick!]

– First thing Tsuyoshi says when he comes on is about taking off his belt, since its more comfortable since his ****(CENSORED) is kinda big. Lol OTL

And goes on to mention that Sugita’s is also pretty big.


Yeah I have a feeling that this episode is gonna be worse than Takahashi Chiaki’s episode hah.

– Sugita mentions that he slept late last night. Imai replies that it’s normal for him, to which he notes that last night was later than normal. I wonder how late they’re talking about? 4 AM?

– Bang’s theme song wasn’t sung by Koyama Tsuyoshi, but by Kageyama Hironobu.

To which Tsuyoshi notes “It’s a cool song…. But why is Kageyama Hironobu singing it? Why aren’t I singing it!? I wanted to sing!”

– First corner up is “Moshimo no BlazBlue” in which the seiyuu have to think of what their character would say were they presented with a certain situation.

– When asked about how Tsuyoshi is with adlibbing he replies saying “I don’t do anything but adlib” :O

– The episode’s scene is “If during a battle a mosquito lands on your cheek”

– Tsuyoshi’s adlib was hilarious! “You may suck on my cheek. You may also suck on my lower cheek!” Ahaha As expected from Tsuyoshi.

– Incidentally Sugita’s was great as well. “Give me back my blood! *eats the mosquito*”

– Next up was the Battle Battle corner. Interestingly enough this time they were playing BlazBlue against Sugita. Whenever Sugita loses he loses 10 points. I doubt Sugita will lose though.

– First up was Imai vs Sugita. Imai used Jin while Sugita used Ragna, the character he voiced.

– It seems like Sugita hadn’t played for quite a while and it was actually pretty close for the most part… Until Sugita hit her with a special and then comboed all of Imai’s HP in one go lol.

– Throughout the episode they were noting that Sugita looked sleepy but once he started playing they exclaimed “He’s awakened!”

– Second up was Kanako who picked Noel. It seems like she’s a complete beginner.

– It was actually pretty close again, Sugita kept getting hit by random moves while what seems to be him trying to practice and remember the timing of his comboes. In the end he finishes her off with a special attack lol.

– Third and last was Tsuyoshi who picked Bang. I’m guessing he’s a complete beginner, even more so than Kanako.

– Once again really close. Tsuyoshi kept spamming random moves and Sugita kept walking into them. In the end Sugita once again finishes him off with a special move lol.

There were lots of censoring done throughout the episode. Tsuyoshi and his trousers came up quite a few more times as well lol. Kanako’s nickname wasn’t said at all throughout the episode. Perhaps Sugita was wary of what Tsuyoshi would do if he found out lol.

Also it looks like there’s no guest for the next episode.

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