BlazBlue Radio W #4

November 18th, 2011 § 2 comments

Name: ブレイブルー公式WEBラジオ 「ぶるらじW」
Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Kondou Kanako
Guest: Ueda Kana
Date: 2011.11.17

Episode four of BluRaji Wide! Imai’s not present at this recording so they bring Ueda Kana as a replacement :O She actually feels like one of the hosts rather than a guest in this episode.

– Sugita mentions that Imai is probably dancing and cooking right now so… Is she at some Im@s related job?

– Sugita says he got to play with the Playstation Vita. What’s interesting is that he mentioned that he did it on a show with Nakamura meaning… Tokyo Encount! The next couple of episodes should be coming soon!

– The three mention that they haven’t seen each other since the BB Event at TGS on August.

– Sugita laughs that when he grabbed Imai’s hand at the BlazBlue event he had actually thought it was Kakihara’s hand and was surprised when she shrieked ahaha. He says he was actually shocked by how repulsed Imai acted lol. Poor Sugita ;_;

Sugita: When I grabbed her hand, I actually thought it was Kakihara’s hand.
*The other two laugh*
Sugita: And then Imai let out this terrified shriek…
*The other two laugh harder*
Sugita: And so I realised how much she really is repulsed by me….
Kanako: It’s your fault for sexually harassing her at a public event!
Kana: Well if she blushed and got embarrassed that would be pretty awkward though *laughs*
Sugita: That’s true, that’d be worse, I’ll leave it at that and she just did the right reaction.

Sugita! If Imai really hated you she wouldn’t react in that way at all! In fact it’s proof of how much she does like you! >:D

– Sugita does an imitation of Isomura Tomomi and Ueda laughs that it’s really similar haha.

– When talking about how similar Ueda Kana and Kondou Kanako’s first names are they start talking about how there are heaps of seiyuu with “Kana” in their name as well. Yeah I’ve been thinking this as well. Just off the top of my head there’s these two, then Kanae, Hanazawa, Asumi and Yukana. :O Kana mentions that there are a lot “Yui”s as well. Kanako laughs that she should change her name to Konaka and Sugita jokes that it sounds like Konata from Lucky Star.

– Oh? Kanako’s releasing an album? :O

– The two of them pressure Kanako to wear Noel’s battle costume, rather than her uniform that she wore at the event, which she embarrassedly refuses. Lol yeahhh Kondou’s battle costume is a no sleeve and no back shirt lol.

– Sugita mentions the name of the cosplayer that wore Kondou’s battle costume at the event as an “Ushijima-san” Err… Would that be a certain Ushijima-san that I’m thinking of? Lol.
[EDIT: After poking around a bit, it appears that she was present at the event so most likely it was her lol.)
[P.S. FWIW I’m not usually someone who knows much about cosplayers(or ero cosplayers for that matter lol) but due to some circumstances I learnt about this person lol. Don’t ask OTL]

It looks like they’ve decided to do a next episode of BluRaji W already :O I’m glad that it’s an actual radio show series now instead of one off specials \o/

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  • r3 says:

    …. Now I’m two seasons behind! NOOO. щ(゚Д゚щ)

    I need like Sugita + Kana-sama + Isomura all at once talking about everything and leaving Mingos and Kondou behind.

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