BlazBlue Radio #5

June 27th, 2010 § 0 comments


Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako

No guest for this episode.
– A foreigner sent in a mail in English as well as a picture they drew. Imai brandished it as “Proof that BlazBlue is generating attention from overseas”.

I don’t get what he was saying in the mail though. Either it’s bad english, or the staff only allowed a snippet of it to be shown. From what I saw though… I think he was just describing the picture he drew?

– Is BlazBlue pronounced BleyBlue in english as well? It seems that way for Japanese but… It’s not an abbreviation… is it? I’ve been calling it BlaZZ Blue all this time long. =/

– Imai asks “Does everyone like me?” and Sugita replies “Suki da yo” in a serious voice. Lol she responds by going “Ehh wait thats creepy”.


Sugita: I like you as much as I like Consomme punch (Some kind of potato chip flavouring)

Imai: Ehh Thats kind of a low level liking.

Sugita: How can you say that! It’s Consomme punch!!

Imai: I’m more of a Usushio person (another type of chip flavouring)


– Everyone knows how close Sugita and Nakamura Yuuichi is hah. When introducing him, and his character, Imai said “It’s your favourite person, Nakamura Yuuichi” to Sugita.

– This episode’s Battle Battle corner has them giving the characters japanese names.

First up was Rachel Alucard.

Imai: Ueda Kana (ahaha the voice of the character)

Kanako: Gokurakuin Usagi

Sugita: Way!! DA cai-Na (Ahaha a warped Ueda Kana, what in the world, wait thats not even japanese)

Sugita wanted to write Ueda Kana but decided not to and then tried to write Usagi, but he couldn’t remember the kanji. Hah he had pretty much the same stuff as the other two but changed. What a coincidence.

Imai won this round hah.

– They took 10 points off Sugita this episode :( He’s on 65 now, wheres my yuriyuri kiss?? lolol

There were lots of talk about the game at the start, which I have no idea anything about. Also I just learnt that Kotoko sung a theme for BlazBlue from this episode.

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