Tales of Xillia Radio #09

January 18th, 2012 § 11 comments

Name: テイルズリング・エクシリア
Hosts: Sawashiro Miyuki, Yonaga Tsubasa
Guest: Sugita Tomokazu
Date: 2012.01.12

Radio for the Tales of Xillia game hosted by Jude’s voice Yonaga Tsubasa and Milla’s voice Sawashiro Miyuki. This episode has Sugita Tomokazu coming in to guest who plays the role of Alvin.

– Describe Sawashiro in one sentence.

Sugita: I love how she gets angry when she’s embarrassed~
Sawashiro: Shut up!
*Yonaga laughs*

– The seiyuu job…

Sugita: I think if I didn’t have this job I wouldn’t be able to integrate well into society.
Sawashiro: Ah I can see that.
Yonaga: “Ah I can see that”?! *laughs*

Oi Sawashiro you’re not supposed to agree with him here!

– About Sawashiro as a child.

Sugita: Sawashiro-san’s been cute since forever.
Sawashiro: Huh?!

– Sawashiro likes Sugita’s voice :D

Sawashiro: What I think is amazing is that when you put Sugita’s voice on an uncool character they end up becoming cool.
Sugita: Ah really?
Yonaga: I agree.
Sawashiro: Sugita’s voice is really elegant like that.

– About Milla, the character Sawashiro voices.

Sugita: She’s pretty much Sawashiro.
Yonaga: I see.
Sawashiro: She’s like me?
Sugita: Milla’s personality and the way she comments on things is like Sawashiro.
Yonaga: Yeah.
Sugita: So with that, lets have you cosplay.
Sawashiro: What?! How did this lead to me cosplaying?!
Sugita: Lets have you cosplay.
Yonaga: A Milla cosplay for June!
Sugita: Yeah!

Sugita: Alright? You’re cosplaying. Yeah?
Sawashiro: If I succeed with my diet~
Sugita: *laughs* You’re saying the same thing Satou Rina did.
*The three of them laugh*
Sawashiro: She’s already pretty thin though!

Lets keep an eye out for Sawashiro’s cosplay when June rolls around ;)

– Meeting Sugita as a child.

Sawashiro: When I first met Sugita I was 14 years old and he was pretty much the same as he is now.
Yonaga: Ah really?
Sugita: I’m pretty much unchanged.
Sawashiro: We were in the same training school.
Yonaga: Wow really?!
Sugita + Sawashiro: Yeah.

Sawashiro: I thought he was an alien or something!
*Yonaga laughs*

Sawashiro: I didn’t know when he was joking and when he was serious! I was like “What’s with this person?!” *laughs* I was watching him from afar at the time though.
Yonaga: I know what you mean, when I first met Sugita I wondered how I should approach him.
Sawashiro: Yeah you do wonder about that with him.

– About Hayami Saori…

Sawashiro: I wonder what Hayami’s like.
Sugita: She’s a really rare person. To give my honest opinion about Hayami, I’m still not sure about something for her. She’s either a SUPER nice person, or a really really smart person at handling people.
*Yonaga laughs*
Sugita: But! Even if she is just good at handling people, I wouldn’t mind being deceived with that!
Sawashiro: *laughs* I know what you mean.
Sugita: I’ll be happy with just that!
Yonaga: I’d also be happy with that!
Sugita: Probably everyone would be. *laughs*
*Yonaga laughs*
Sawashiro: It’s like she’s not hiding anything behind her at all.
Sugita: Hayami’s really good at listening but she doesn’t really talk about herself that much.
Sawashiro + Yonaga: Ah I can see that.
Yonaga: We’d want to hear her talk about herself.
Sugita: Yeah when she comes on to guest, dig into her to talk about herself!
Sawashiro: She seems like she’d be able to lightly brush off attempts to ask about her though.

– They bring in a cake to celebrate Yonaga’s birthday :D. His birthday is on the 15th of January by the way.

– Upon hearing next episode’s guest is Hayami Saori, Sugita rejoices and jokes that he’ll come even though he hasn’t been invited to guest ahaha.

So it looks like Hayami’s going to guest on the next episode and the two hosts are going to ask her about herself rather aggressively :O I’ll probably want to listen in to that :D

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§ 11 Responses to Tales of Xillia Radio #09"

  • omgwtfbbq says:

    That 1st blurb made me want to listen to the radio.
    And I was quite surprised how different Sawashiro sounds. Must be because she’s always playing cool characters.

  • Clement Tea says:

    Ah, Hayami Saori!!

    Please do a post on that episode after you have listened to it, Ambi~! ^_^

  • Keiri says:

    Ahaha oh Sugita. Sometimes I can’t help but think he’s like the male version of Hikasa or Hikasa is the female version of Sugita to some extent because of how well they get on with others (most of the time through teasing). Really enjoyed listening to him dig into Sawashiro here (and the rest of his answers for the Q&A are wittily LOL too). It’s also fun that the person he’s teasing follows up or reacts in an equally hilarious way. This just got me pumped for InuBoku Radio later on. We all know what HanaKana is like when she gets teased (assuming Sugita does tease her and I’m inclined to think there’s a possibility he will). XD

    PS. Fingers-crossed for Sawashiro’s cosplay heh.

  • aiueo123 says:

    Sawashiro is so cute when Sugita teases her lol. BTW, you forgot to mention that Sawashiro is thinking seriously of cosplaying if all the Xillia member going to cosplay as their characters too(she wants to see Mugihito in Rowen character so bad lol).

    Aaah, I wish I can see Tales Festival in June at Japan(that’s the event Sugita suggests Sawashiro cosplays at XD) >.< I hope there will be a leak in nicovideo about the festival :P

  • s07195 says:

    Any way to listen to the radio right now? It’s a web radio like Blazblue radio, right?

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