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Name: RADIO IS 出張版
Host: Shimoda Asami, Hikasa Youko
Guest: Yukana
Date: Sometime in between 2011.1.15 and 2011.1.29

This was a special episode of RADIO IS that wasn’t broadcast but instead was given out as a special with the release of the first Infinite Stratos DVD/Bluray. The title translate roughly to “tour” in the “Live Concert Tour” meaning. The two of them were laughing at the meaning, giving the reason that they were probably touring around peoples home with this episode. This episode looks like it was recorded in between RADIO IS #2 and #3 so I can’t really guess the exact date but it should be in that vicinity.

– The two of them were feeling each other’s hair at the start of the radio. Haha it’s nice to have them sitting next to each other for once so they can interact with one another physically lol.

– The two of them shower Yukana with compliments on how pretty, cute and elegant she is lol.

– The three of them think that Cecillia is the most child-like out of the girls, and agree unanimously that Charlotte is the most adult-like of them.

– Interestingly they started with the confession corner early in the episode this time :O Yukana pulled out the theme “Bag of Rice”. For once… She didn’t die and break down in embarrassment lol. Where’s my burrrnn?! The other two laugh that this was probably the way the corner is supposed to be done, not their writhing in shame corner they have right now ahaha.

– Corner where they have to name the good points about Ichika.

Yukana: (“err… None?”)
– He treats everyone equally
– He can use chopsticks
– He can debone fishes
– His sister is strong

Hikasa: (“Bad points about him come to mind much easier…”)
– He’s occasionally masculine.
– He’s nice enough to feed people going “aaahn”
– His denseness makes him cute
– He’s good at massaging

Asami: (“Good points? I can only think of bad points about him”)
– He’s got a good voice.
– He says some cool lines
– He’s skilled at controlling the IS
– He’s annoying in just the right amount

Lol what is with these “compliments”? Haha, Ichika really isn’t popular with them.

– They had a shiritori corner with confessions.. WHICH WAS ONE OF THE FUNNIEST THINGS I’VE SEEN IN A WHILE LOL. Ahhh they just keep burning each other, I can’t really describe it but it was hilarious haha.

– Apparently Yukana had hugged Hikasa just recently, which Hikasa was embarrassed but happy about lol.

Oh wow this episode started off pretttty awkward as the two hosts were completely put off balance by Yukana’s atmosphere lol. The two of them just stumbled over their words and continuously showered her with love ahaha. Yukana seemed a bit fidgety from being hit by so much praise as well ahaha. Hikasa and Asami really are close though, it’s wonderful to see~ But honestly, Hikasa becomes best friends with pretty much everyone she talks to lol, wait I think I’ve mentioned this before haven’t I? I really admire and love that about her so much <3


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Hosts: Shimoda Asami, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2011.03.26

It looks like their intended guest, the author of the light novels, Yumizuru Izuru, couldn’t make it for this episode :O The two of them continued calling this the final episode throughout the show. Ehhh is this really the last episode?!

– Ways to make each other blush…

Hikasa(Reading out mail from a listener): “The IS cast won’t lose to their characters in cuteness” *Hikasa smirks and laughs* “But is there something that makes you immediately embarrassed when you’re praised about?”
Asami: Having that said about us is pretty embarrassing already *laughs*
Hikasa: And the way the two of us blush and get embarrassed is pretty creepy! *laughs*
*Asami starts laughing, then stops and glares at her in mock anger*
Hikasa: *laughs even louder* Ooh You’re not happy with that last statement? Look at that face! Camera get that face!
*Asami turns her fake glare on the camera, then starts laughing*Hikasa: Whats with that face!
Asami: The way I blush is creepy?!
Hikasa: My nose flares when I get embarrassed!
Asami: That’s just you!

Hikasa: If someone says “I love you…” to me I’ll just go (Hikasa acts this out)*gasp* *sigh**laughs*
Asami: *laughs* Like (Asami copies what Hikasa did)”*gasp* *sigh*”?
*The two of them go on making sighing noises and gestures for a while lol*
Hikasa: Lets stop this already! You don’t need to follow me when I do stuff like this! *laughs*
Asami: I’m just wondering how long we could go on for just doing this *laughs*

Asami: All that love stuff is good too but… When I’m… Told I’m… Cute and stuff *smirks, squeals and embarrassedly covers her face with her hands*Hikasa: That’s pretty bad isnt it! Ahh that’s embarrassing! It’s like “Don’t say that! I’m not cute!” *strikes a pose*

Asami: Hiyocchi~
Hikasa: Mmm?
Asami: I love you~
Hikasa: *laughs* Stop it! *laughs embarrassedly and covers her face with her hands*Asami: Oh she’s done for.
Hikasa: Wait, my nose must be flaring like crazy *covers face*
Asami: Yeah please hold for a moment while we fix Hiyocchi~
*Video(and audio) cuts out with the text “Please hold for a moment”*

LOL What’s with these two?! OTL

– Would Ichika have ecchi books?

Asami: Would Ichika buy ecchi books?!
Hikasa: Wouldn’t… He?
Asami: He wouldn’t!
Hikasa: No he would! He would.
Asami: He’d have them?
Hikasa: Yeah, yeah his gender is a boy after all. As long as that’s so then he would.
Asami: No that’d be weird.
Hikasa: Would it?
Asami: He wouldn’t do something like that. But… He might have been excited when thinking about it.

Err would he? They didn’t reach a definite conclusion in the end haha.

– This is the final episode…

Hikasa: It looks like this is the last episode… But wait! There’s an important announcement!
Asami: An important announcement?! Whatever could it be?!
Hikasa: The radio has… Been extended!! YAAY!!
Asami: YAAAY!!
Hikasa: HAHAH! Last episode?! Fooled you all!

Or something like that, I knew it harhar. Well I am watching it over half a year later and all though lawl.

– The two of them laugh that they may be able to bring the last member of the Infinite Stratos main cast, Uchiyama Kouki on the show with this extension. They’ve always made fun of him by forgetting his character when talking about the main characters and apparently he himself has heard about them doing this lol.

– Confession corner featuring Asami! The theme for this episode is “Alarm Clock”.

Asami: *pippipipi* *pippipipi* *pippipipi**bang!* *Stares at camera* It’s morning! *keeps staring… Then breaks down in embarrassment*

I don’t think anyone has any idea what she intended to do with this lol OTL
But the burn was still as great as ever :D

So it looks like the radio will continue to it’s 11th episode or so. Also I never noticed it before and it might just be me but… The combination of her clothing, hairstyle and the low video quality is making Asami look like Mizuki Nana to me hah.


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Hosts: Shimoda Asami, Hikasa Youko
Guest: Inoue Marina
Date: 2011.03.12

Inoue Marina guesting on RADIO IS :D Amusingly Marina opens with “Guten Morgen!“, German for “Good Morning!” which completely confuses Hikasa lol, she had no idea what it meant so she laughed that Marina just opened with gibberish.

– Yukana had appeared in a previous event with them already so they mentioned that the whole main cast had appeared with them already… But then they gasp and realise that… They’ve forgotten poor Uchiyama Kouki, the main character ahaha.

– Marina and Asami laugh that Hikasa would look with an eyepatch and Asami sweetly offers to give her one, while holding up her fist lol.

– Asami laments that Lin’s role in the anime has become pretty murky, laughing that she hasn’t had much of a chance with Ichika lately haha. Marina laughs that Lin’s pretty much become a comedic relief character which Asami tries to stop her from saying out loud.

– On the other hand Hikasa says that Houki has pretty much done nothing but call out “Ichika!” the whole anime ahaha.

– The three of them scream that Charlotte is getting so far ahead with Ichika ahaha. YES CHARLOTTEEEEEE~!

– Marina embarrassedly admits that she’s called a sound director “sensei” instinctively, a reflex from when she responded to a school teacher.

– The three of them mention how much they love the members of the Infinite Stratos cast and how friendly they are with one another <3

– Confession corner, Marina version! The theme today is “Parfait”. Amusingly Marina pulled out a theme and then shoved it back in the box as soon as she read it ahaha. The other two laugh and tell her off for it. I wonder what it was :O

Marina: *Quietly taps a plastic bottle* This parfait is pretty tasty… I’ll.. Give you a bite… *offers spoon*

Ahaha Marina looked so embarrassed which made it sooo cute jsdafkjadslfkjads. It’s hilarious how they break down in embarrassment every time >:D

Err they announce that the next episode is the final episode where they have the author of light novels, Yumizuru Izuru, coming in… But I thought there were 11 episodes? Well we’ll see what’s up on the next episode I guess. :O
Oh and about the RADIO IS spam… I’m completely in love with it at the moment so that’s pretty much the reason =P (Also visuals are fun :D)


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Hosts: Shimoda Asami, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2011.02.12

I’m really in love with this radio series <3 A shame there’s only 11 episodes :(

About Uchiyama Kouki at the recordings.

Hikasa(Reading out mail from a listener): “What is Uchiyama like during the recordings as he’s surrounded by girls? Is he loved by everyone? Is it a harem?!”
*Asami laughs*
Hikasa: Why did you burst laughing? *laughs*
Asami: Well every time I look at him he looks pretty bored in the recordings *laughs*
Hikasa: Bored? He’s like the grandfather there watching over us. And I’m like “Oi! You’re surrounded with girls! You should be enjoying this!” I really love the IS recordings!

– Hikasa mentions that she loved the scene where Uchiyama and Hanazawa Kana adlibbed in episode six where Charlotte had Ichika feed her some fish since she didn’t know how to use chopsticks. Err I couldn’t quite remember what scene they were talking about until I went to check it up and found it amusing that it was adlibbed. I’m guessing a lot of people can’t remember the scene as well so I’ll put down what I think was adlibbed.

Charlotte: Umm I’d like some rice next…
Ichika: Ah, rice? Sure, give me a second.
Ichika: Here, say “aahn”
Charlotte: “aahn~”
*I suspect this part onwards was the adlibbed part*
Ichika: Oh you’ve got a grain of rice stuck on you.
Charlotte: Oh! …Take it off for me~
Ichika: Huh? I guess I have to then.
*Charlotte giggles*

AHH INFINITE STRATOS~! AHH CHARLOTTE~! <3 <3 If you haven’t realised, I’m a very avid Charlotte fan askjdfkljdsljadfa CHARLOTTE~! <3 <3
Err yeah anyways back to the radio. Hikasa laughed that watching the scene as Houki made her very unsettled about how far Houki’s falling behind, or rather how far ahead Charlotte is getting in the love race haha.

– The two of them try to touch their elbow with their chin and laugh that they look ridiculous while doing it. As you may know most people can’t touch their elbow with their chin due to, well, normal human anatomy. Oh and, hands up if you gave it a try after reading this ahaha o/ (I couldn’t do it too lol)

– A listener sends in a confession from Ichika towards Houki as “I love you! I want to be your dustpan!” to which the two of them burst out laughing. For those that don’t get it, the word “Houki” can mean broom in japanese lol.

– Hikasa mentions that she’s been miscalled “Hisaka-san” quite often lol. Reminds me of the LonE and Nipponsei tagging incidents on the K-ON songs and more ahaha.

– Confession corner! This time handled by Hikasa with the theme as “Low in Sugar” or in japanese as “Bitou

Hikasa: *sighs* My heart is low in sugar! Bitou! BitouBit..ter… Bitter… Bitter! Bittersweet! *falls over in embarrassment taking down the poster next to her along with her*

Lol this confession corner is definitely the highlight of each episode :D

The next episode is the episode where they had Hanazawa Kana guest on the show, which I actually wrote something about already a few months back at So it’s onwards to episode 6 with Inoue Marina coming in to guest!


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Hosts: Shimoda Asami, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2011.01.29

Asami mentions that she watched the previous episode of RADIO IS on her own and laughed at how much Hikasa moved with her gestures while Asami in comparison had seemed like she just sat still and spoke. She decided that she should move more as well lol.

– Hikasa laughs that with Lin/Rin’s appearance in the anime, Houki’s already small screen time is just getting shorter ahaha.

– Oh it was Asami’s birthday :O They celebrated it on the show \o/

– They brought in a cake for Asami but instead of her name “Shimoda Asami” they had the name “Shimoneta Asami” written on it ahaha. Err I’ll just paste what I wrote about the Shimoneta thing from my Soup miniblog a while back:

“Shimoneta = Dirty jokes/material. The joke is a play on her name. Her actual name is written “下田” while what’s written is “下ネ田”, “下” is read as “Shimo”, the “ネ” is katakana for “ne” and “田” can be read as “ta” or “da”. Also she seems to like(?) this kind of humour, which was emphasised on Infinite Stratos’ radio.”

Hikasa laughs that it must’ve been embarrassing asking the cake shop to write it lol.

– The two of them find out for the first time that “Cosplay” comes from “Costume Play” lol

– This week’s confession handled by Asami! The theme she pulled out this time was “Sakura”.

Asami: *stares up at the invisible sakura* Ahh the sakura blossoms are so beautiful~ Ah! *pretends to catch a falling sakura petal* This is… A sakura petal– No wait! It’s a message… From you! “Please fall gently beside me” *gasps* Okay! *grasps it to heart*

Asami then broke into laughter and embarrassment right after ahaha. I would feel sorry for them having to go through this every episode… But I’m too busy laughing >:D


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Hosts: Shimoda Asami, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2011.01.15

I know I haven’t written anything about this radio in months and months but… I’m still interested in finishing it! …Eventually D:

– Hikasa laughs that she thinks her normal expression looks like a fish, Asami says it’s probably because her eyes are so big and Hikasa then widens her eyes and stares into the distance to show it and Asami laughs ahaha.

– The two of them try to move their ears on camera but are unable to do it and they look hilarious while trying it ahaha.

– Corner where the listeners give reasons why they think Ichika would be the only male able to pilot the IS.

Asami(Reading out loud): “Because Ichika wears womens underwear”
*They both pause and glance at each other, then break out laughing*
Hikasa: …Ichika’s wearing womens underwear? *laughs*
Asami: *laughs* Thats what it says.
Hikasa: Well… It’s not impossible! *laughs* But seriously, theres stuff like bras for men now!
Asami: …Huh?

– This time it’s Hikasa’s turn to do a love confession. I can’t remember if I described it properly on a previous post but near the end of the radio one of them is chosen to pick a theme from a box at random and make a love confession out of it. Basically it’s there to make the poor seiyuu squirm in embarrassment for our enjoyment >:D This episode’s theme is “Guitar”.

*Hikasa stands up and pretends to smash something into the table*
Hikasa: …Would you… Like to be broken like this guitar?
*Asami laughs*
*Hikasa breaks down and sinks to the floor*
Asami: Hikasa’s broken down!

Ah I miss Infinite Stratos~ Where is that second season?!

Comchat Countdown #460

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Name: こむちゃっとカウントダウン
Hosts: Sakurai Takahiro, Iguchi Yuka
Guests: Hikasa Youko, Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2011.08.20

Comchat Countdown is a long time running show airing weekly since 2002 hosted by Iguchi Yuka and Sakurai Takahiro. The main thing the three of them are here to talk about is Ro-Kyu-Bu it seems. Amusingly Iguchi acts as a guest from Ro-Kyu-Bu for the show rather than it’s co-host. I’m not exactly sure what episode number this is but if I were to hazard a guess, I’d put it at about #460 …And what a guess, after looking it up a bit I found that I was spot on haha.

– Iguchi announces the guests as “Ro-Kyu-Bu’s Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko and *laughs* Iguchi Yuka!” despite she herself being one of the hosts of Comchat Countdown haha.

– The three of them (or five including the other two members of Ro-Kyu-Bu that aren’t present) had to wake up at 5-6 AM for the shooting of the PV :O Kana commented that Iguchi had gone to record Comchat Countdown on the same day and admired how hard she worked :D

– Iguchi then laughed that while Kana had to practice shooting the basketball and stuff, she and Hikasa didn’t so they were always eating or laughing/playing together while Kana toiled away at the hoop haha. Kana remembers thinking “I can hear them” and jokingly yelled at them to go away lol.

– When talking about how nervous and excited they all are for the upcoming Anisama performance next week Kana goes all quiet and they laugh and ask her what’s wrong and she mumbles “I feel like vomiting when I think about it” ahaha.

– The three of them wore a blazer type sailor uniform for their high school, though interestingly Iguchi’s middle school didn’t have a uniform and they wore casual clothing there :O

– Iguchi and Kana said that if they were to say who was the most feminine out of Ro-Kyu-Bu’s members they would ironically pick Hikasa heh, saying that she’s really considerate and her cooking is good… And Hikasa as usual receives compliments pretty embarassedly and gets flustered haha.

– Iguchi says something that sounds like a dirty joke(though she herself denies it) and Hikasa + Kana tell her that she’s fired from Ro-Kyu-Bu ahaha.

– The three of them seem like they really enjoyed spending time together for the dance lessons and stuff like that for Ro-Kyu-Bu <3

The three of them kept going crazy when talking in between themselves and Sakurai had to keep reining them in to discuss Ro-Kyu-Bu lol.

MoshiDoRadio #08

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Name: 程高放送部~もしドラジオ~
Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko
Guest: Suyama Akio
Date: 2011.06.06

Episode 8 has the childhood friend Kashiwagi Jiro’s seiyuu Suyama Akio.

– When talking about marriage Hikasa asks Kana if she wants to get married and Kana says she does. She says she’d like to have her marriage at a lone island or so :O

– Hikasa laughs that if they go to a lone island Kana will have to be naked for the wedding lol. Or at least topless. Kana laughs but tells her off for saying dirty material. It seems like Kana’s told Hikasa beforehand not to say dirty material on radio with her lol.

– Kana says there’s a surprise today, referring to the guest coming on to the show and Hikasa panics thinking that they’d play a prank on her lol. Kana laughs saying that as if that would happen and Hikasa laughs that it happens all the time on a certain other radio she works on. Yeah Momonoki’s traumatised her ahaha.

– They mention that they haven’t met with Suyama ever since the recordings, going on to say that it was quite a few months ago at around April. Oh that means the anime was aired almost immediately after the recordings were completed.

– Apparently the reason Suyama became a seiyuu was because someone else aiming to become one had encouraged him to do so as well :O

– Hikasa had left her script at home for one of the recordings. She laughed remembering that she wanted to go home and get it but there was only 5 minutes till the recording started D:

– Suyama’s hometown is Osaka. He adds that he’s been in Tokyo for longer than he’s been in Osaka now though.

– Suyama is a fan of Hello Project’s groups and says he attends their concerts waving lightsticks heh.

– When talking about SNSD the three of them comment that their legs are amazing lol.

– Suyama laughs that the crowd is so enthusiastic and active that when he attends their concerts he loses 2 kilos lol.

– Suyama talks about how he watched Space Battle Ship Yamato and Gundam when he was in school and they ask how old he is. He replies that he’s turning 43 this year to their complete surprise and they exclaim that he really doesn’t look it. I agree :O I thought he was 30 or so :O. Kana exclaims that it’s really hard to tell the ages of seiyuu from their looks hah.

– Hikasa says she was crying really hard at the end of the Moshidora last episode recording :O

– Suyama’s first impression of Kana was “Ah she looks like a mature and well behaved person”

– Hikasa says she’s actually pretty shy and quiet when meeting people for the first time and Kana says that she had thought she was a bit scary at first lol.

– Hikasa’s stomach grumbles during the recording lol. She laughs and says she wants to eat a donut =3

Hmm other than that long OreImo radio post, I haven’t been writing many transcripts in my posts recently. I’m not exactly sure what it is about an exchange that makes me want to transcribe and translate instead of blurb though.

Random Radio Scribbles 8

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I’ve been doing a lot of these recently :O

Also, I love HitoKana <3

– Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #93 2011.07.20

Something I found amusing from Hanazawa Kana’s solo radio regarding Rokyubu’s appearance on Anisama.

“Yeahh We’re appearing at Anisama! *claps* *cheers… and then trails off into a wail* …It’s really scary actually! *laughs* There’ll be thirty thousand people! Thirty thousand!! That’s like “How many thousand?!” It’s terrifying! I’ll be singing and dancing in front of all those people… Yeah this would be impossible on my own. I’m so glad there’s four other people with me. The attention on me would be divided by five or something like that… But it really is scary! What am I going to do?!


 We’re currently discussing what kind of show we should do there and we always end up laughing and talking about doing something funny *laughs* Like having us pop up one by one like *pop* *pop* *pop* Like ninjas or something *laughs*


 Well we’re still looking forward to it but we’re really nervous about it too. We’re all practicing really hard for it now though so please look forward to it too.”

Thinking back on it, the only person out of the five that has experience performing in front of that many people would be Hikasa due to K-ON’s events. 30,000 people… That would be pretty nerve-wracking hah.

Satomi and Ui’s R@DIO ONCE #13 & #14 2010.09.28 & 2010.10.06

A short radio hosted by Miyazaki Ui and Satou Satomi for the PSP game L@VE ONCE. The main thing I was interested in was the Hikasa x Satomi talk :3

– This was Ui’s first time meeting Hikasa.

– Ui comments that her first impression of Hikasa is of someone who’s cheerful, outgoing and easy to get along with. Hikasa laughs at the praise embarrassedly and Satomi comments that she shouldn’t praise her too much lol.

– Apparently Hikasa gave a boy chocolates for Valentines day in 2nd grade elementary school and he reciprocated on White day but instead of giving her the present at school he came over to her place to hand it over haha. Hyuuu hyuu~ Hikasa!

– I… Might have mentioned this before on a previous radio post but Hikasa mentioned here that she attended an all girls middle school and high school.

MoshiDoRadio #07

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Name: 程高放送部~もしドラジオ~
Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko
Guest: momo
Date: 2011.05.23

Ooh it moves~ This episode guests the ending theme’s singer Momo. She’s 14 years old and still in middle school if I recall correctly.

– Momo lives in Hokkaido and it she came from there for the radio recording :O I’m guessing she’s not in Tokyo for that sole purpose though.

– Traveling is a technique in basketball!

momo: I’m pretty bad at ball sports like Basketball. Could you give me a few pointers on it?
Kana + Hikasa: Ohh err..
Hikasa: You should tell her that one!
Kana: Huh? Oh that one.
Hikasa: Yeah that one!
Kana: What’s it called… Traveling! *laughs*

Kana: And dunking!
Hikasa: Yeah dunking! …Sorry we’re not being that helpful *laughs*

– Hikasa loves Hokkaido and says shes been there about three times. Kana in turn has been there once when she was really small.

– Momo says she tries to make eye contact with the audience when she sings and Kana laughs saying that she tries as hard as she can not to, while Hikasa agrees and says she looks at the sky as far as she can lol

– Momo watched MoshiDora to the end and loved it.

– Apparently Hikasa didn’t start playing games as a child and picked them up later :O

– They’re doing a quiz to see if they can answer questions a middle school student would know to prove themselves as middle school girls lol.

Hikasa: Whoever wins will get a reward! Try and guess it!
Kana: The theme is middle school right…? Sailor uniform?
Hikasa: Wow! …I don’t want that!
Kana: Yeah same.
Hikasa: Well if you think about middle school girls, heres a hint. “JC”
Kana: …JC?
Hikasa: What comes to mind when you think of JC?
Kana: …JC Staff (Animation Company)
Hikasa: That’s wrong! *laughs* This is I.G.! Moshidora is done by I.G.!
Kana: Sorry!!
Hikasa: JC is for JuiCy! The reward is chocolate!

How in the world does JC lead to chocolate. For that matter, how does “juicy” lead from Middle school girls?! EDIT: Apparently JC stands for “Joshi Chuu Gakusei”/”Middle School Girl”, that’s where the connection comes from :O

– The two of them had no intention of answering correctly at the start lol. They answer questions like “What do middle school girls do to relax?” with Hikasa: “PUNCHING MACHINE!” Kana: “SMASH A COLLARBONE!!” ahaha. They did answer the last two correct though lol. One of them was doing an imitation and the other was “What’s a special trait of elephants?” A: Nose. What’s with that free question?!

– Hikasa’s written message and drawing as a BluRay extra.

Kana: Yeah you drew a picture too. It’s really cute!
Momo: Yeah it really is!
Hikasa: This… Took a really long time to draw *laughs*

Momo came dressed in the Hodokubo High School gym uniform lol. The two fawned over her quite a bit.

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